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16 October 2014

Island Threads - March 2008

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broken window update

I was getting very fed up with the 3 planks of wood that covered the hole where a window should be but I had looked in the shed and no pieces of wood large enough, then after some very strong gales when I had a wonder around to see if things were alright I found the gales had delivered a piece of wood that was plenty large enough and suitable for my hole where a window should be, so I took off the planks and the beading to get all the glass out and cut the wood to fit, I have slapped some paint on the outside but left inside as it is only a temporary fix……..

I started to write this 2 weeks ago and I have just realised it’s over 2 weeks since I posted, well on the Wednesday (over 2 weeks ago) the door window was finally measured by the glazier and he said he would order the glass when he got back to the office, they do not keep opaque toughened glass on the island so it has to be ordered from the mainland which takes 2-3 weeks, hopefully it is or will soon be on the island, then when the glazier gets time he will fit it but they are very busy so I am not holding my breath but hope it is done this year……

Posted on Island Threads at 18:59

ness art group

I have still been going to the art group on Tuesdays and persevering with bleeding acrylic paints, though there were times when that phrase had another meaning and sever tone……

to get me started another member of the group showed me (on my paper) how to lay in the first wash, so sorry but I forgot to take a photo (I’m really quite mad with myself for no taking a photo of it), at home I made a start then decided to wait till the group met again to check I was going in the right direction,

I was told I was so did some more at the meeting,

I didn’t get any more done at home so took it with me this week and (hopefully) finished it,

I still have lots to learn but it is a great improvement on the first one I did last month,
I am very grateful to the art group because it is due to going and all the help and support I have had that I have been able to do this, thanks.

Posted on Island Threads at 20:26

Ness art group ~ we’re official

The group had their agm today, the first so now we are official and guess who was cornered into being on the committee???? I have never been a committee member before so I hope I do not let anyone down, it was a good friendly agm that went well, if anyone would like to join then we meet at the Comunn Eachdraidh Nis (Ness Historical centre) every Tuesday 11am – 1 pm, please come along, it is £2.50 a morning for visitors so you can see if you like it before deciding to join, you do not have to live in the Ness area we have people coming from further along the Westside, so come along from where ever you are you will be made welcome we are a very friendly helpful group,

I am still pursuing bleeding acrylic paints, this time I used a tonal sketch I did a few years ago, it was done on the sand dunes at Lionacleit, Benbecula, looking north across Benbecula towards North Uist, the time of year was September so I used the greens, browns and shades between that are on the island crofts then, the painting as it was when we finished at the meeting,

finished at home,

I am thinking of doing another with more colours, not like mysterious ness, more exaggerated machair flowers,

I have some photos of textile work to blog but haven’t done the writing to go with them yet will before the end of the week, promise, in the meantime I have played a bit more with the tyvek I cut into it then applied heat,

Posted on Island Threads at 22:00

I’ve been remiss

I didn’t take photos and post pics of the twiglets and snowdrops I also had from afar, the first batch were planted when we had the good weather a couple of weeks ago and I was very worried about them in the gales, hail and snow of the past few days but today I went to see it they had survived and they have, not only that but the ones I gently tugged were stuck fast so they have started to root….wweeeee… I’m so pleased, here is a photo of them in the grass free sheltered area at the side of the house, from left to right ~ bush honeysuckle ~ flowering current ~ honeysuckle (woodbine),

I was so excited about the twiglets that I forgot to take a photo of the snowdrops, they were doing well but the recent weather has made them droop,

And this is the second batch, these twiglets are more tricky, they are NZ daisybushes, the plant in the pot is already rooted and I am keeping it in the pot inside until it is much bigger, the little card was with the first batch it is a tasteful photo by Jane Glue, the other photo is a touch appropriate (thought I’d say it before someone else did), I think I will put some of these tricky ones in pots and some in the sheltered front garden, fingers crossed…..

Posted on Island Threads at 21:19


look I have glass back in the door

and they put new glass in the inner door panels too

Posted on Island Threads at 20:44

cave symbol 1 (feb journal)

I blogged about some cave symbols I made rubbings of which this piece is based on,
still using tyvek I painted this then hand stitched with embroidery threads the symbol, then I cut away some of the tyvek before applying heat, if you want to see it grow from the start then click the last photo first and count down,

when looking in Gwen Hedley’s book and wondering about the base fabric, I was interested in making plastic fabrics, then I was looking through Creative Quilts by Sandra Meech and there is a bit in that about making a plastic and fabric sandwich, so that’s what I did, but the first one was too light,

so I had to use a darker fabric under the plastic, I put some silk fibres in the middle and then after heating it I gave it a wash with some gold paint, again if you want to see it grow from the start then click the last photo first and count down,

I joined the symbol to the base with machine stitching and that is where I am now, I can’t decide if it needs more machine stitching on the base so I am letting it sit until I decide…….what do you think?? all Constructive criticism welcome,

Posted on Island Threads at 10:33

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