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21 April 2014
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I started to write this last week but didn’t get past the title and a few photos, so here goes again, the rabbit is still around the garden and has been keeping the grass down just outside the kitchen window (photo taken through the window),

garden assistant

interesting on the radio Scotland Beechgrove Potting Shed prog this Sunday, a lady asked the team for plants rabbits do not like and they suggested hairy leaves (yuck) and scented plants :o) now I know why the rabbits do not touch my herbs, rabbits do not like eating scented plants, I love, love, love scented plants so I have lots in the garden (I can get quite heady when weeding), they also said that baby rabbits do the most damage as they are trying plants out to see what they taste like (just like people babies), the rabbit is cutting down the heather for me, it keeps tunnelling through it so cutting it off, saves me a back breaking job, the only thing I have not seen any evidence of is rabbit manure, if it is eating my grass I want the fertilizer!!!

This wonderful little red rose that I planted in a better position last year has had a second flowering this year, I hope this is because it is happy and not a last fling……

I finished 2 more tast stitches last week and have not started the next ones so behind again, I have not even looked up to see what the next ones are, these two were both new to me which was nice, on the left is barred chain and alternate barred chain, on the right up and down buttonhole stitch,

no I had not heard of either and could not find them in any of my books not even Mrs Christie, so I checked Sharon’s stitch dictionary for them if you are curious click the links
Barred Chain and Alternate Barred Chain stitch
Up and Down Buttonhole stitch

I am not impressed with alternate chain but do like the Up and Down Buttonhole stitch and think it will be used again,

A couple of weeks ago I saw my blog friend Conni was offering an ATC (artist trading card) swap so I asked to swap with her and this is the beautiful ATC she sent me from NJ,

Conni Jenkins ATC

as well as beautiful embroidery and lovely photos of rescued kitties on her blog Conni makes beautiful Santa’s check out her website link on her blog,

I am still going to figure drawing classes and last week there was some black paper so I used that with pastels and really enjoyed myself which for me is what it is all about,

Work continues on the back room, the joiner turned up 10 days ago so I now have plasterboard with insulation behind it on the outside walls….hurray and without any warning the plumbers were banging the door down at 10 o’clock this morning (tues) to finish moving the kitchen sink into the room, it was a bit of a scrabble as I tried to clear the cupboard under the sink while they were starting work, if only they had thought to phone that they were on the way I could have cleared it before they arrived…..or is that expecting to much forward thinking for plumbers? I am not complaining thought just amazed (or us some would say ~ totally gob smacked) that they arrived so quick and it is DONE…….hurray……now when will the electrician arrive???

Posted on Island Threads at 20:36


Wow, IT, so much to comment on! I have a townie's fondness for cute bunnies although I know they are regarded as vermin in some quarters... The shaded buttonhole stitch is very effective, quite a useful stitch I would think. And I couldn't resist a look at your friend's kitty blog :-) Her artwork is lovely, too. Thanks IT, great blog but I'm a bit worried about the semi-naked man :-)

Jill from IT

As long as his elastic remained staunchly firm...You're getting really good at the human body IT, I like his left leg particularly. Brave man. The Stromness Drawing Class is Fully Clothed about 99.99% of the time...the models...not the entire class...they're 100% fc all of the time...The shaded up&down buttonhole stitch would be good for landscapes.

Flying Cat from always fc

Lovely work--you are so talented! Your friend's card is very nice as well. I am sure FC is thinking about all that lovely thread, sitting in baskets, waiting to be attacked by her and Marmers...

thelovelyOutlander from wish I was talented...

I'm sitting here thinking about several boxes of lovely thread sitting doing not-very-much here in Anorak Towers and wondering why Someone doesn't DO SOMETHING with it! Errrrm...Lovely Outlander, I am a HE cat!

Flying Cat from with a masculine miaow

NIce rose, romantic rabbit, and the guy (how brave thou art!) is hairy (and why on earth is he not wearing boxer shorts?!). Have a good weekend y'all.

mjc from IN, USA

lovelyoutlander:how could you even dare to think FC was a "she"-someone so handsome,so lithe could only be a "he"

5 cat gang from chateau de st dez

Well of course...

Flying Cat from smug mode

I left this comment Thursday evening but now it is Friday evening and it is not showing so I try again, Thanks for nice comments, Jill I know I should try and post little and often instead of nothing for ages then all at once, Jill where is IT? you on holiday? Fc perhaps Someone is too busy looking after you and marmers to have time….. thanks for comment on drawing, our model didn't turn up this week (new model who forgot) so our tutor had to be model instead, she did well,

island threads from lewis

mjc he is wearing swimming trunks and yes he is hairy,

island threads from lewis

An "it," not a hit (mutterings ...). King of the road that cat thinks it is, even dreams of being lord of the flight paths and air corridors. From Finstoon, and yet eats frogs' legs (in fact, frogs entire).

mjc from IN, USA

"From IT" was a mistake, I was getting my wires crossed there! Still in EK as you can see. There is only one IT and you are IT!

Jill from EK

Island Threads is Lewis's It Girl!

Flying Cat from a tara-diddle

Gosh, IT, why is he wearing swimming trunks inside the house?! [by the way, my reference to "it" above alluded to some catso from Stromness, not to IT from Lewis].

mjc from IN, USA

mjc don't you knock FC on my blog, Jill nice to hear your safe at home but I had hoped IT was island tourist and you were coming our way, lewis's it girl lol, thanks both for warm words,

island threads from lewis

What, me? Knocking FC off your blog? Jamais!! Hard enough to try getting her off her stride.

mjc from IN, USA

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