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16 October 2014

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embroidery and schools

last weekend I finally did my tast samples of Fly stitch and Cross stitch, as I am now way behind with my sample stitches I did the 2 on one sampler, I haven’t been very creative with these (must change that) so I used a paper with interest, I am going to cheat a little and also show a sample I did about 23 years ago for my C&G studies,

Cross stitch on the left and Fly stitch on the right,

Cross stitch sampler on even weave furnishing fabric in a variety of threads including ~ 20 crochet cotton, perle cotton, 2 strands of stranded cotton, 3 and 4ply wool, wool slub knitting yarn, cotton slub knitting yarn, other decorative knitting yarn with mohair, raffia and unknown shiny thread bought cheap as label was missing,

was pleased to hear the news this morning that a stay of execution has been given to the local middle schools, Lionel in Ness being one of them,

Posted on Island Threads at 12:25


You are so clever, IT. It's amazing what you can do with the simplest things - that sampler on the red fabric is really good. And what are the triangles on the paper of the first samples? Was this paper that you made yourself?

Jill from EK

Lovely colourful stitching Frances.

Julie Mackinder from lincolnshire uk

Looks lovely! I especially like the red one as well.

thelovelyOutlander from admiring your work

Thanks Jill and Julie, the triangles are pieces of fabric which were sprinkled on the paper when it was wet and still in the mould, so when the paper is pressed they are pushed into the paper and stay, though I find when stitching from the back to the front I sometimes dislodge them, yes I made the paper a long time ago, this brown paper is made from old brown envelopes,

island threads from lewis

Thanks for the tip, I am also way behind due to illness and holiday so will dig out c&G sample book to see if I have anything- still feels like cheating ( just a little but we can catch up properly later)

guzzisue from Nottingham, UK

I really like the piece on red!

Sarah Ellis from Waxahachie, TX, USA

thanks for your admiration thelovelyoutlander, thanks Sarah, Guzzisue I have done the tast cross stitch so I am not cheating, I just thought as the earlier cross stitch sample was out I would show that too for interest, I see you have caught up now on these 2 stitches, I still think your cross stitch looks like rock strata (sp?), if anyone reading is curious click the link in my righthand sidebar to GuzzieSue's blog - travel, fibre and thread,

island threads from lewis

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