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17 October 2014

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Island landscapes

as I wrote in some earlier posts I paid someone to put up a windproof fence along the side of my garden that gets the strongest wind, I paid nearly £1,200 for this fence, a lot of money but I ‘thought’ once it is done I will be able to grow more plants as they will have protection, as I could not find someone by recommendation I contacted someone who advertises in the Stornoway Gazette and lives just a few miles from me,

the first strong winds we had last winter the fence started to come down,

he came and strengthened it?!

the next strong winds we had the fence uprooted and moved across the garden, I phoned him and waited……and waited……..and waited,

then we had another gale and the fence started to break more, so I phoned again and was told he was busy!!!!!!!!

then eventually he put the fence up for the THIRD time,

there were gales before Christmas and the fence is starting to fall down again,

I am not contacting him again but I am posting this information so that hopefully no one else will get ‘done’ as I have been,

be very cautious of ads in the gazette offering island landscape gardening, fencing, etc.

note: it has been brought to my attention that some may mistakenly think our resident island blogger workman may be responsible, HE ISN’T, because of the beebs no names policy I can’t name and shame here but I have in my comment on a relevant post at the new website, the work was done in July 2007 before our resident man offered to do work for people, infact I answered the ad in the gazette in May 07 when said resident man was still in the deep south of England, I hope this clears up any mistaken thoughts,

Posted on Island Threads at 14:31


I have just had such a shock reading Arnish's blog, I have been reading some blogs but not ibhq and so have only just seen that the beeb is dumping the blogs, I have left this comment on the ibhq blog


the island blog theme could continue as a ring,
that is when people all have their own blog as we do here and they are joined by a linking ring from one to another instead of a page as we have here,

the main difference is that on the page the blogs with new posts appear at the top, with a ring you would have to go around it to find the recently updated blogs,

the person - people incharge of the ring can say who is allowed to join,
so for instance - only people who live on the islands - as with the current IB and the ring could be called - Island Blogging - or - Scottish Island Blogging - for more definition,

if anyone wants to see what I mean then there are 2 rings on my island threads blog at IB,


they are in the righthand side just click 'next' to see how it goes around to the next blog etc.

regarding blog software, I have found blogger (who have been taken over by google) easiest, I like wordpress but during this year that I have been regularly using it for my photo blog I find I sometimes need to know HTML which I don't!!!

there are others out there but I have not tried them so can't comment,

looking to an island blogging future, cheers to all IT x

Posted on Island Threads at 17:34

IB v blogger

As I said I would, Friday I wrote a post saying why I was in Edinburgh, I got it finished and clicked publish in the early afternoon, I made a special effort to get it posted in time as I know ib closes down in the late afternoon Friday and doesn’t re open until Monday morning, when the post had not showed I logged in to see why (bearing in mind the post I put up Tuesday evening took nearly 24 hours to show), there was the big bright red notice saying Publish Failed……it could not be published because I was advertising, was I selling was I advertising a multi dollar company……no was I advertising a private money making company…….no was I advertising a government owned organisation… was I advertising something on the right side of the tracks….no was I giving details to a textile art exhibition….yes was I giving details of a community lead project….yes was giving details of something on the wrong side of the tracks….yes

As it was late and I wanted the info to go out so anyone interested who was in the Edinburgh area could go, I deleted the offending post and wrote one saying I was transferring the post to my blogger blog and the info could be seen there but when I looked later Friday evening that had not been posted either, when I logged in there was the big bright red Publish Failed again this time it told me the problem was because I had included a poster……well I included a poster in this ib blog post too and it was fine, so please will the BBC make up it’s mind what is and is not acceptable, I think the BBC is being a snob, the poster that was allowed is for Painting Art and in a property owned by Historic Scotland whereas the poster that was not allowed is for Textile Art and in a Community lead project in a working class area of Edinburgh, IMHO projects like this should be supported by government own businesses like the BBC not shunned,

I have posted details of at least 3 textile exhibitions on my blog all owned by private individuals and all charged for entry, these were allowed yet a free exhibition is banned, am I alone in seeing this as unfair, I have given details of BBC radio programmes with links to listen again and this has never been banned as advertising….which it is,

If you wish to read the banned blog post you can find it here

This has been a last straw for me, I am fed up with posts not being published, disappearing after they were published and comments disappearing, so I will now be posting on my blogger blog, I started with blogger and then deleted the blog in May 2006, when I started blogging again I decided to go with the BBC IB but I am tired of the fight to get a post published, I will visit to read blogs (I have several of my favs on bloglines) and I know most IBers only read IB blogs so will not follow me to blogger, my main reason for blogging is my textiles and there are many, many textile bloggers on blogger and wordpress, I’ve enjoyed IB for the people, I just think the BBC has gone backwards with it’s blog technology, things were never this bad last year,

take care IT

Posted on Island Threads at 14:57

busy busy

I've been busy and away, will post more when I have time mean while here is a photo from where I have been,

thanks for concern mjc
Posted on Island Threads at 22:05


the next 2 stitches were Couching and Knotted Cretan, again I have put both together, the Knotted Cretan stitch is the row of green sticks at the top, I did not like it much, too ridged, making the knot in the middle of the stitch prevented the flow you can achieve with Cretan so I only did one row and will not be doing any more,
Couching I do like and had already done it on some of my other samples so here I have not done lots of different stitches mostly just straight stitch to couch down the thicker thread, the top is couched sequin waste, ribbon, ricrac braid and double thread, the middle is traditional blocks of formal couching and the bottom is free motion couching with a variety of threads, this is the bit I like best,

have a nice weekend,

Posted on Island Threads at 15:38

weekend skies

saturday morning

sunday morning

Posted on Island Threads at 19:26


I started to write this last week but didn’t get past the title and a few photos, so here goes again, the rabbit is still around the garden and has been keeping the grass down just outside the kitchen window (photo taken through the window),

garden assistant

interesting on the radio Scotland Beechgrove Potting Shed prog this Sunday, a lady asked the team for plants rabbits do not like and they suggested hairy leaves (yuck) and scented plants :o) now I know why the rabbits do not touch my herbs, rabbits do not like eating scented plants, I love, love, love scented plants so I have lots in the garden (I can get quite heady when weeding), they also said that baby rabbits do the most damage as they are trying plants out to see what they taste like (just like people babies), the rabbit is cutting down the heather for me, it keeps tunnelling through it so cutting it off, saves me a back breaking job, the only thing I have not seen any evidence of is rabbit manure, if it is eating my grass I want the fertilizer!!!

This wonderful little red rose that I planted in a better position last year has had a second flowering this year, I hope this is because it is happy and not a last fling……

I finished 2 more tast stitches last week and have not started the next ones so behind again, I have not even looked up to see what the next ones are, these two were both new to me which was nice, on the left is barred chain and alternate barred chain, on the right up and down buttonhole stitch,

no I had not heard of either and could not find them in any of my books not even Mrs Christie, so I checked Sharon’s stitch dictionary for them if you are curious click the links
Barred Chain and Alternate Barred Chain stitch
Up and Down Buttonhole stitch

I am not impressed with alternate chain but do like the Up and Down Buttonhole stitch and think it will be used again,

A couple of weeks ago I saw my blog friend Conni was offering an ATC (artist trading card) swap so I asked to swap with her and this is the beautiful ATC she sent me from NJ,

Conni Jenkins ATC

as well as beautiful embroidery and lovely photos of rescued kitties on her blog Conni makes beautiful Santa’s check out her website link on her blog,

I am still going to figure drawing classes and last week there was some black paper so I used that with pastels and really enjoyed myself which for me is what it is all about,

Work continues on the back room, the joiner turned up 10 days ago so I now have plasterboard with insulation behind it on the outside walls….hurray and without any warning the plumbers were banging the door down at 10 o’clock this morning (tues) to finish moving the kitchen sink into the room, it was a bit of a scrabble as I tried to clear the cupboard under the sink while they were starting work, if only they had thought to phone that they were on the way I could have cleared it before they arrived…..or is that expecting to much forward thinking for plumbers? I am not complaining thought just amazed (or us some would say ~ totally gob smacked) that they arrived so quick and it is DONE…….hurray……now when will the electrician arrive???

Posted on Island Threads at 20:36

morning light

woke up to a line of light on the horizon this morning but it was gone by the time I had got the camera, then these pictures appeared over the course of the next half hour, just after seven by sun up winter is a coming, that means the sun rose over an hour later than in the photos I took less than a month ago, as you enjoyed them I thought I would share these, on another note my thoughts are with all those people in the uk who have suffered flooding,

Posted on Island Threads at 09:08

embroidery and schools

last weekend I finally did my tast samples of Fly stitch and Cross stitch, as I am now way behind with my sample stitches I did the 2 on one sampler, I haven’t been very creative with these (must change that) so I used a paper with interest, I am going to cheat a little and also show a sample I did about 23 years ago for my C&G studies,

Cross stitch on the left and Fly stitch on the right,

Cross stitch sampler on even weave furnishing fabric in a variety of threads including ~ 20 crochet cotton, perle cotton, 2 strands of stranded cotton, 3 and 4ply wool, wool slub knitting yarn, cotton slub knitting yarn, other decorative knitting yarn with mohair, raffia and unknown shiny thread bought cheap as label was missing,

was pleased to hear the news this morning that a stay of execution has been given to the local middle schools, Lionel in Ness being one of them,

Posted on Island Threads at 12:25

day out

Friday I went to Point, this is what the weather looked like as the bus crossed the causeway over to Point,

the lighthouse,



Looking down on the lighthouse from the top of the hill,

The coast from the road,

Posted on Island Threads at 22:05

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