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16 October 2014

Muness Views

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Forever Autumn

The summer sun is fading as the year grows old; And darker days are drawing near... The winter winds will be much colder .....

So lets re-live the long, hot, hot summer of 2008 in Fetlar.

A summer when the cafe served 1115 people, the sun shone for more than 3 days in a row, temperatures peaked at a barmy 22 degrees, the wind forgot to blow, tourist signs appeared all over the isle, people sat out and ate (without thermals) and Lerwick had over 135 hours of sunshine in August.

We actually had more sunny days than even the toon as we saw very little fog.

Here's a few snaps:
Delicious melon in the cafe.

A starter in the hall cafe during a Sunday Lunch.

An abundance of different colours of Heather this year.

Inaugural World Hnefatafl World Championship held in Fetlar this summer. Next year its on August 1st.
Nae school

School was out on the day this was taken in July. The school has 2 pupils now.
Sailing away fae Fetlar

A couple of days after the killer whales.
Beautiful weather

Sun & lots of it.
Clear sky

Another good day beckons after this sunset.
Throw the ball then!

Mac enjoys Tresta (& the ball).
Yummy ice cream

Another excellent course from the Fetlar Cafe: homemade neopolitan ice cream. One of 4 delicious flavours.

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

Posted on Muness Views at 16:16


Great photos from the Fetlar Riviera and gourmet restaurant. And of course, no photo sequence is complete without at least one of Mac...

Jill from EK, not Yes...drat!!!

Flying Cat from mem'ries...what mem'ries!

Lovely pics--glad you had such a nice summer! I recognize the collie staring obsessively at the tennis ball :) But what in the world is Hnefatafl ?????

thelovelyOutlander from admiring your photos

LO, it's the sound you make when you've got a bit of a cold...

Jill from EK

Great blog but once again the local terms boggle outsider understanding; such as "Hnefatafl". It looks like an advanced form of Ludo ... explanation, please! What one can learn on IB .... better than a distance course at the Uni, any day. "Guga", that shell thing, Fank: a whole new world is revealed (except of couse most of it is an old world). Peace be with you.

Barney from Swithiod reaching for the encyclopedia

Gugal it!

Flying Cat from bored game

"draughts" barney(i've really no idea)don't look so hard as chess so----

carol (the french connection) from here

Maybe a nice autumn but I saw in last Sunday's Observer that the Met Office have officially confirmed that the summer of 2008 was the wettest in recent decades (what about last year then, do i hear someone muttering?). It was certainly my wettest summer for decades. The Altalntic synoptic chart shows the Mother of All Highs will drift SE and then SW leaving you all right in the path of autumnal depressions again. Enjoy the sun whilst you can!

Barney from Swithiod a contented smirk

But, as we in the Northern Isles keep banging on, we have had one of our best summers ever. This is no exaggeration. Parental Units have been able to go walking once a day every day for two months without recourse to outerwear. It has been truly memorable in many ways!

Flying Cat from Summers of My Liff

we've had the sunniest and warmest summer....

scallowawife from sunny sunny shetland


Barney from Swithiod almost unbelieving

well FC - have the parental units had to wear any UNDERWEAR this summer? we here in shetland have been able to discard the damart....

scallowawife from in the top drawer

Scallowawife, do you really really really want to know the answer to that?

Flying Cat from furryknickers

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