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16 October 2014

Flying Cat - October 2008

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Feline Relaxation Techniques

In these purrlous times, you bipeds need all the help you can get from the very best Relaxation Technique Expurrts in the business. To state the blindingly obvious, that's us. To wit (there's no shortage) Marmers Figgy & Effcee (hereinafter to be referred to as MFE) Ltd.
In order to bring the very best illustrations to you, our admiring and needy public, I have been prowling the highways and byways of Orkney with digicam. We do hope these peerless images will prove helpful as your unfettered capitalist system (which, might I point out, helps to keep a roof over my and Marmer's heads, not to mention the supply of whiskas) circles the drain ©USA. As we say here in Rolling Acres, Que Sarah, Sarah.
Now, before you feast your eyes, Soaplady had a QI idea - that we should all start our postings with a classic 5-7-5 haiku.
AUTUMNAL (for mjc)
I have a foreign
policee: I can see Russ
ia from my yard.
Having introduced the Concept Of Calm with the above, here are some paw-picked images to reinforce your deep warm fluffy feeling of Chill Out Bigtime.
Position 1
A true master of relaxation, my pal Marmers soaking up the rays in the Sunroom of Eternity
Castro 2
Position 2
NB look closely to see the very slight change in paw positioning
The Flying Cat 1
Position 3
Bovvered? Am I bovvered? Do I look bovvered? (me not worrying ma furry heid aboot the heidlines)
Loki cute close-up
Position 4
Do not try this one without a padded surface.
FC@full stretch
Position 5
This pose incorpurrates some elements of Catha Yoga©. Not recommended for arthritic cats.
Figgy 1
Position 6
Magnificent Figaro Incarnate (©Jeelie Piece 2008) This is my sofa and I'll purr if I want to.
Figgy 2
Position 7
Flat-out cat with head-lift.
Position 8
Not one for the faint-hearted, Figgy and his Lilo. As long as your lilo knows its place, no problem.
yogacat 1
Position 9
A rather energetic form of Catha Yoga©. It takes years of sitting at the paws of a master to achieve the Basketflip with 380º Necktwist
yogacat 2
Position 10
OM...(Off Mousing)
Nothing whatsoever to do with anything, except we thought, if shortlegsthesheep popped by, she might like to see an Orkney yowe in its native habitat. This troglodytic example has a toilet roll up its bahookie, which is original you must admit.
Disclaimer: No yowe was discomnogurated in the making of this bog.
Posted on Flying Cat at 17:21

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