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16 October 2014

Flying Cat - April 2008

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Sand Geo Fishermen's Huts and Marwick Moods

You'd be forgiven for thinking the sun always shines here, but perish the thought! (Perishing weather!) However, on one of those rare sunny days, the senior bipeds hopped in the old heap and drove out to Marwick, parked o.h. and took the short walk along the rain-sodden path to the fishermen's huts. On the way back it was felt necessary to 'just take a quick wander along the shore in case there are any groatiebuckies'...more in hope than anticipation really, as it is a well-battered rocky place and most of the shells are pulverised to pieces, but it takes more than a few well-aimed Atlantic rollers crashing on the shore to finish off a groatiebuckie or ten!
sign to sandgeo
unsmiley sign
fishermen's huts from the path
sg gable
sg infoboard
weathered information board
sg mpu
mpu sets off down to the geo
sg mpu below
ahoy below!
sg view from
the far horizon
sg 2 huts
two des res
sg door
sg hut outview
from a window
sg hut inview
interior - LL-B wuz nevur 'ere, thank goodness!
sg old boot
a colourful old boot
sg mpu lookout
mpu looks out from darkness to light
sg lintel
well-bored lintel
sg noust
boat noust
Your Country Needs You! Aye right!
on the way back to Marwick - Kitchener's Memorial
marwick to head

marwick head
Marwick Head
marwick green rocks
green rocks
marwick sandy rock
frozen-in-time sand
marwick sun rocks
into the sun
marwick gbs in situ
two gbs in situ
marwick 5p trove
treasure trove X10

Posted on Flying Cat at 12:31

I am a cat, and I WANT MY OLIVES!

As an epicurean pussy, I have tried so very hard over my lifftime to get my share of the olives in Anorak Towers. Until recently, my efforts were fruitless, a state of affairs which jarred on me, but up with which I put, so as not to be labelled 'out of my tree' or 'borges terroristi' or 'stone mad'. The best brine in Rolling Acres (mine {it hardly needs saying}) had been pressed into use and pitted against those of the bipeds - to no avoil. Stuffed! Foiled! A pretty pickle! Things were looking black. "Just green and bear it" says I to myself, "Oil live with it!"
But I never gave up trying...
olives in box
first I tried in the recycling box...
olives in box +
...but only a faint sniff of brine was my reward
olives on table
then I tried on the table, but you cain't always get what you want
olives on table +
...and all that remained were the stones
olives wed anniv 1
then I tried on a sunny evening when the bipeds were a bit mellow due to some kind of anniversary...
olives wed anniv 2
...but all I got was a tantalising sniff of the empty bowl...
olives we anniv 3
...ooooooomeaow its driving me mad
olives wed anniv 4
its almost more than a cat can bear
olives wed anniv 5
pleez can I has olives???
olives wed anniv 6
olives wed anniv 7
mmmmmmm it tastes soooo good - I is a ecstatict!
Posted on Flying Cat at 09:22

Old Friends... was one of those Simon & Garfunkel moments... My dear chum Marmers was snoozing on the highly desirable recliner of fpu, when I decided to join him for a bit of schmoozing&snuggling. At first all went swimmingly, and we were well snuggled...and schmoozled, when suddenly, for no reason at all, Marmers took a hissyfit, and I was vanquished in a most humiliating and undignified manner (you don't get to see the vanquishing bit because someone wasn't quick enough with digicam.) I was not best pleased I can tell you...
FC&M 1
Old bookends...
FC&M snuggles
Errrrm, I'm not so sure about this, fpu...
FC&M snuggles 2
I say FC, goany no dae that??
FC&M wallop!
Look, I warned you, no hanky-panky or else!
FC&M wallop! 2
FC fights back...
FC&M wallop! 3
did anyone ever imagine Marmers could be so athletic?
FC&M wallop! 4
Lissen fatso, I'M the Flying Cat round here, not you!
FC&M wallop! 5
Owww!!! I'm going, okay?
Posted on Flying Cat at 22:48

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