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16 October 2014

Flying Cat - March 2008

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Blue Loo

I don't know what it is about things lavatorial, but somehow they seem (almost inevitably) to lead to thoughts of iB's Ancient Ryhmer on Lewis. So when, over the course of a twelvemonth*, the parental units made bland and tasteful a bathroom which had been inhabited by a suite the colour of Mrs T's directoire knickers (imagined) since time immoral, and painted to disguise same if at all possible, fpu felt moved to vandalise a song lyric in the now time-honoured fashion.
(Even F Sinatra can't make a {vengeful} comeback from beyond the grave...we hope)

Blue Loo
You heard me gasp and then moan
With such a pain in my heart
Upon your hideous blue throne

Blue Loo
You didn't know what I was there for
You didn't know that I was planning
A bathroom suite that I could care for

And then there gradually appeared before me
The sort of décor that's not bold
I heard something whisper "Please adore me"
And when I looked you were a joy to behold

the start of the lavatorial reformation
bottom shells
bottom plaice
silver darlings on north wall
seahorses on north wall
bass shoal
bass up close
small carp on south wall
Big Carp on south wall
lying in the bath gazing up at the underside of a sole
mpu in all his hirsute glory
the Magnificent Mirror of Jeelie Piece
oh its so tasteful I could weep
the Magnificent Mirror of Jeelie Piece back where it belongs
*The reason it took a year to finish. Patience with favourite local gallery/shop paid off, and the desired cabinet arrived almost exactly twelve months from placing the order. Quite quick really.
Posted on Flying Cat at 18:24

First Frogs

What a lousy day! My fur's wet; my dainty paws are wet; my nose is wet. And yet...somehow it doesn't matter, because, on being set free from the Sunroom of Eternity this morning, I spied with my very sharp eyes...FROGGIES!
They've been around for a week or two, chirring and purring in the undergrowth, but they don't like it breezy, my leetle froggie cheums. It's a 'soft' day today and they've been quite busy since dawn's rosy fingers stole over the Orphir Hills. Not that you would have seen her in the unremitting greyness...
I wants my frogs
Don't look at me like that, I'm just keeping an eye on them...altruistically...
Ignore that camera, we've a lot to do and not much time...I've been looking at the synaptic charts and they're all to pot
stay still won't you...
just hop off willya!
oh just sod off you sad bunch of voyeurs!
we can work it out
this is a bit of a guddle...
I told you to keep a lookout
ohforgoodnessake was no-one looking?
we gotta get outta this place...all three of us...yes, I said three, you got a problemo with that?
heigh-ho another shitty day...

Posted on Flying Cat at 10:41

Upspringing and Twiglets from Afar

There have been signals of Spring in Rolling Acres for over a month now, but it has rather been one step forward and two back. The crocus thomasiana were in full bloom on February 19th; narcissus Minnow came out earlier in the month and snowdrops bloomed in mid January, but all the other daffs, including narcissus Tête-à-Tête, are only just venturing into bloom now. Every time the sun shines and fpu gets all fired up to be energetic, clouds mass, the wind gets up the party's off. It's been a case of blink and you'll miss it, but there has been time to take a few cuttings for other islanders and to prepare a nice snug bed for Twiglets from Afar.
Pretty purple and electric blue primulas are in bloom, but some of the native yellow variety and cowslip/polyanthus hybrids have been flowering all winter.
Frogs first ventured into spawning on March 6th and by the 9th had mostly hopped it, the shortest window of opporchancity since records began (four years ago...), but in that miniscule slice of time they produced a respectable quantity of possible future amphibians. No-one here knows how long it takes for a frog population to bottom out; each year more and more return to their natal ponds and, with renewed enthusiasm, contribute to their continuation. Luckily Mr Hegri took the hint(s) and didn't return, otherwise there might have been one very plump heron and very few ditto fornicating froggies.
A big splodgy black&white Tom has been making incursions into my territory and Liff has not been easy, but I'm being a brave little ever.
feb tomas
crocus thomasiana
Whassat? Is it a tree?
mama mia look at the thighs on this one - crack us a walnut while you're there!
One - two - three oopsadaisy!
Pardon me!
I'm just doing my's important to keep fit.
Super-lucky double rainbow.
frances twigs1
A parcel came from afar, containing precious twigs.
frances twigs2
frances twigs3
...and NZ Broadleaf (which has got fpu all excited, as they're an Unknown Quantity)
And, best of all, they came wrapped in these strange papers, which are drying in the Flying Shed in order to be read, that we may learn of exotic lands far away.
the box1
On a recent visit to the Garson shore, the parental units found two new fishboxes and this is one of them, full of best earth, grit and soil conditioner, all ready to receive the Twiglets.
Happy sunny faces of Primrose.
Coltsfoot growing out of a wall by Sands of Aikerness, Evie. Yesterday the pu's went for a stroll along the sand and found 5 groatiebuckies. It only rained once...
There is a minor disagreement to sort out here. We need a Shetland person to referee. Are these 'hentilags' (fpu) or 'hentilegets' (mpu)? If you know which side your bread's buttered...
holy place
man with no
Following in the tracks of an unshod pony, a d.o.g. and a tractor, man with no hands hunts the elusive cowrieshell.
Tractorman collects the tangle o' the isles.
Two swans pass mutely by.

Posted on Flying Cat at 18:32

Oestre Bunnie and the Staff of Liff

Marmers and I now suffer from a paranoid convinction that Tws on Lewis is clairvoyant, he has the sight, our lingas are linked, he's supersensible...oh wait a minute that's going it a bit...anyway, we were about to do a song alteration, in the time-honoured fashion, when he just darn well goes and plonks a comment on our last post and bgurrs up our karma bigtime!
We hates the North wind in Rolling Acres...and the South-east wind...and the North-east wind...probably most winds to not beat about the bush, and had quite decided that what it is saying today is...
"Save all your curses for me,
Save all your curses for me..."
So we are saving every last one just for Mr North-east wind and the cruel icy blast he is visiting on our dear little Tête-à-Tête. Just in time, Oestre Bunnie hopped along and saved a bunch, and here she is giving it a Big Furry Hug.
oestre bunny
Oestre Bunnie in Anorak Towers' ancestral kitchen, leaning against the breadmaker.
staff of liff
This is one of the loffs that come effortlessly out of the breadmaker.
Of course, what we would really like to hear Mr North-east wind sing is this...
"Now the time is moving on
And I really should be gone...
So long Bunnie so long..."

Posted on Flying Cat at 14:03

Doom&Gloom Stalk Rolling Acres

Ah Easter Monday, Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, joy to the world and so on. Bah Humbug! Mr Northwind, not content with daff-flattening on Friday, decided to bring along his friends Ms Snow and Master Ice as well, so now 2008's future froggies are shuddering under the accumulated weight of several hail showers, and every clump of narcissi in Tree Circle is flat to the ground. I hiss&spit on those who say, with that sort of smugness that means to convey their garden's greater exposure to the elements, "Of course your garden is SO sheltered..." Aye right! And I'm carrying a litter of kittens...
Under here in Pond 1 futurefrogs
Pond 2 futurefrogs
Daffodils leaning on Nature's zimmer frame
In Tree Circle, every clump is horizontal, so *when* the weather warms again, the slugs will crawl out from under and munch all the buds. I bet the weather in South Indiana (bar the odd 1000 year flood) is more conducive than this!
Never seen before (and not-very-hopefuly never-to-be-seen-again) in RA - budding snakeshead fritillaries sitting in snow.
Just as my dainty paws were flitting across the keys like furry lightning, a voice came from the ancestral sittingroom, "If you go out now you'll catch that shower going through", so, being nothing if not an intrepid puss and obedient to boot, off I trotted with digicam to capture the passing flurry.
RA weather as of 11:43am. My paws are damp. I've done my bit for Posterity and now I'm away to do my bit for posteriority instead.






Posted on Flying Cat at 11:20

Spring Sunshine Walk

Twenty-sixth March; sunshine; these boots were made for walking; the frogspawn is turning from fullstops into commas - barebraes was right, they were cryogenically frozen; meltwater was running off the hills and the sap rising in the leather, so fpu took her boots for a walk...and as usual, they chewed holes in heels...who is breaking in whom here? Perseverance can be painful!
It wasn't much of a walk - up Cairston Road, along the track by the repeater station, into the Sandwick turnoff, left onto the original Sandwick 'road'; down to the junction with Hillside; up past Enfield and the garage; over the hill and down to the graveyard and home via the coastal track and Hellihole. Digicam came too...

past the cat house
up the track to the repeater station
view West
looking west
signals from afar
latter-day smoke signals
Sandwick road-end
Sandwick road-end
from Sandwick road
looking nor-nor-east across Deepdale to Stenness Loch
muddy track with sparkles
mud and meltwater
empty house
old and unloved
lived-in house
not-so-old and still loved
new house
a new love
renovation project - marked on the map as Millhouse. Surely it must have had another name?
spot the pony
camouflage (spot the pony - this is NOT a competition!)
snowy fenceline
stone fence, snowy shadows
sodden field
it doesn't matter how much the drainage is improved on this field...
ugly hoose
looking south
Sandy Hill horse
Hoy from just past Kitty and Sandy's seat (it was occupied - no rest for the wicked)
coastal path
along the shore path looking towards the Battery, where Stromness Dragon exposed hidden treasures
War Department sign, possibly to do with communications line to Stromness Battery
rocky colour picture show
tired feets
just what the weary walker needs, a rock to sit on and a bottle of something...or other...

Posted on Flying Cat at 14:01

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