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16 October 2014

Flying Cat - February 2008

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A Busy Day at The Pole

So... the snow all you bipeds were on about has arrived, and I hope you're satisfied. It doesn't do much for me, nor Marmers, and it means extra rations for my little feathered friends at the Pole, but people who like this sort of thing will find it's the sort of thing they someone once said. Oh don't ask me!
It's Much Moaning in the Slush here in Anorak Towers as, despite the best heroic efforts of the airport firemen and the chaps and chapesses in the tower, the paper plane cried off and the parental units may well be reduced to playing Scrabble all afternoon. "Read a book" we said to them "Goodness knows there are enough of them and more ordered from Tam." Feline words of wisdom oft fall on deaf lugs!
Part One. At The Pole.
snowclearing 1
mpu does his snowclearing duties
snowclearing 2

birdfood prep
filling the seed feeder - Sunroom of Eternity in the background

Pole tall
The Pole with customers
Pole mid

starling flight
starling on final
dove flight
one collared doo on takeoff and one on hold
doves ground
collared clappy doos on the ground with spiugs
doves flight
a fleggeration of doos
doos hoochmagandie
for goodness sake, this is no time for hoochmagandie!

Part Two. Me. Being, as it were, magnificent.
FC Pond 2
having boldly prowled on Pond 2, I climb out, unscathed.
going up
think I'll just do a quick 'lookit me' pose up there...
windowledge pose
'is this my better side do you think?' (posing on the windowledge of Nuptial Chamber)
on stone bench
no more posing now...I've decided to come down
had enough
right I've had enough of this wet stuff...
heading for the steps
...I'm going in and you can't stop me

Part Three. The Paretal Units go for a short walk...
dainty pawprints
...and follow in my pawprints as any sensible biped would
end restriction
up Hillside Road
RA from afar
Roling Acres from afar
Hoy form Downies Lane
 Neil and Sarah
close on the seaward side of town
You all can think what you like (it's a free country so they say) but the sooner this is over the better as far as I'm concerned. And there's no use arguing, Marmers agrees with me. So there!

Posted on Flying Cat at 14:41

Carol's Great Bg New Zealand Adventure Part Three

Carol's Big Adventure is drawing to a close: here at EffCee&Marmers Posting Productions Inc, we are proud and happy to present Part Three of it.
However, there is just one small thing, one teeny weeny insignificant hardly-worth-mentioning thing, that we would like to just...mention, en passant. Someone got a bit over-enthusiastic about clearing out her inbox, after downloading all Carol's photos to iPhoto and fiddling&twiddling, so all the vital information as to who/what/where? is floating about up there in the Big Trash Basket in the Sky. Therefore, the labelling will be sparse.
But...should Herself (that's Carol Herself, not Herself @ The Croft, Lewis) could ever find time to elucidate, the pictures are numbered for ease of reference.
1.Auckland and the unmissable Big Pointy Tower
2.Big Gun at a Point
3.A Very Pretty Bay
4.Big Bridge
5.Big Bridge reveals A Sign
bridge 2
6.A Celebration of Tugboats. No don't laugh. It's a way of passing the time. Perhaps we could do it here at Scapa, before half the crewmen are made redundant...
tug day 2
a tug
8.Other Watercraft - gin palace
gin palace
9.goodness me, has Nellie travelled so far from Orkney?
10.big yacht
big yacht
11.A Bit of Kulchur -al fresco orchestra
12.breezy - is everyone watching the young singer's skirt?
13.The Old Boys. Bless! (The Searchers, for anyone old enough to remember)
old geezers
16.The Golden Couple
golden couple
17.Hunk Series - three heavenly behinds
shiny behinds
18.Carol and three very handsome young things
Carol&The Hunks
19.Carol's Very Own Hunk
20.Cheers! from Ao Te Aroa
Disclaimer - EffCee&Marmers would like it to be known that Carol gave her permission to publish Full Frontal Fotos of her fair self and His Fair Self in this blog. The authors hold no responsibility whatsoever for any unauthorised use by others unknown. Thank you for your attn.
EC&M PP Inc.
Posted on Flying Cat at 10:59

Smoking Waves and Peerie Mootie Shells

I sent the agèds out with digicam as we enjoyed yet another stunning day here in our earthly paradise. There being no other, it was carpe diem and carpe pictem (apologies to all Latin-barking dogs).
From a western shore...waving but not drowning.



Big Spot The Groatiebuckie Competition.

finder wins a prize

Having great confidence in the multi-talentedness of iBloggers, EffCee&Marmers Productions Inc proudly present this competition, for which there will be a small but purrfectly formed prize, to the blogger or afficionado of iB who a) finds the groatiebuckie and b) finds a way to send EC&M proof that he/she/it has done so.
In the event of multiple entries (I mean, is it likely, I ask you!!) names will be put in a bin.
Yours Inn Anticipation,
Flying Cat and his Marmalade Chum.

in a stew

frenetic activity

We were just pure cream-crackered after all that hard work and each, in his own way, found the remedy...
Erratum: The phrase 'names will be put in a bin' should have continued 'and a draw will take place.' We just can't get the servants...

Posted on Flying Cat at 17:20

Skaill Rocks!

skaill wide

sea-heaved boulder beach
protecting home and hearthstone
a fine line between

lime render mod.

as it was before
the kirk stands rendered unto
all who choose to see

shiny rocks

awash with light the
dancing waves delight the sun
argent flashing gold

small rocks

elephant fragments
laid out, washed clean, sea-scrubbed en-
shrouded by spring light

golden rocks

golden treasury
rocky horror jumble sale
elbows akimbo


see the handless man
as he climbs into the light
don't put a foot wrong!

close rocks

such firm round boulders
two in the hand remind me
of something other...


stormcast seabird skull
cradled in an open kist
ploughshares into waves

Posted on Flying Cat at 10:26

Barney Wins The Great Big Groatiebuckie Competition!

With kind assistance from Schrödinger's Cat in the Deep South, me and Marmers are delighted to be able to post proof positive of Barney from Swithiod's outright win. Said feline has wielded a red pen, the like of which we fondly imagine Jill from Eeek utilising virtually every working day.
No appeals will be allowed and the Organisers cannot be held responsible for any delays engendered by spam fritters or other technical hitches down at Auntie's gaff on Pacific Quay.

winner - small

winner - big

Posted on Flying Cat at 11:24

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