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16 October 2014

Flying Cat - January 2008

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Carol's Great Big New Zealand Adventure

Just in time, with a sort of pierhead leap of the blogosphere, Carol has very kindly sent photos to Anorak Towers for me and Marmers to post - how very exotic! (I said EXOTIC Tws dearie, not...) The parental units are off to the Granite City tomorrow and fpu hopes to have this posted in the same way she hoped that many comments might have been posted over the festive blackout...*sigh*...anyway, here they are.
queue here to be redeemed. vouchers accepted no doubt!
only androgenes need apply
shiny tree in Singapore
house in Franklin Road...could be Singapore...not sure...certainly not in Franklin Road, Stromness, tho' things are getting worse...
shiny hoose
waterlilies, Singapore
Bethells Beach NZ
NZ scene

NZ scene 2

NZ scene 3

NZ scene 4
jellyfish and sinister shadow...the jellyfish's nemesis...we're a' doomed!
(don't even mention the size of that pawprint, SHUDDER)
New Zealand greenlipped mussels...have you SEEN how much people pay for extract of this thing in so-called healthfood shops!!!
miracle mussels
those Kiwis have pinched one of our oystercatchers!
oyster c.

oyster offsky
leaving Auckland Harbour
NZ harbour
Russian square-rigger in Auckland Harbour
NZ harbour 2
NZ scene 5
dolphins 1

dolphins 2

dolphins 3

dolphins 4

dolphins 5
looking over the Coromandel Peninsula
NZ scene 6
Kahu Island
NZ scene 7
Tiritiri Island
NZ scene 8
Waiheke Island..."Hello Dawn!" from the parental units
NZ scene 9
a Big Bang from the Skytower just before midnight 2007/8
Apologies for any strange spellings, but we couldn't find all the names in the atlas to check up, so any visiting Kiwis, all corrections will be acted upon. Meanwhile, there's a bit of a gale howling outside and the pu's are feeling mellow after a visit to friends at the South End. And would like to publicly apologise for drinking all Jenny's Highland Park in the wee small hours of Tuesday morning. (But in extenuation m'lud, would like to say she left the cork on the table...'send us a sign oh lord'...and he did!)

Posted on Flying Cat at 13:53

Mr Hegri's Stalking Holiday

It really is not what self-respecting own-business-minding pusscats expect to be confronted with upon being given this day their daily freedom. One moment you're trotting along, humming a little hum, spraying a little spray, beating the bounds of Rolling Acres, the next...Meeeeoooww!!! Wozzat???? There's a shooge overgrown clappy-doo on stilts with a beak like Lady MacB's dagger lurking beside Pond 2! It's not DOING anything that we can make fact it seems to be admiring its own reflection in the THIS what Narcissus looked like? Because, if it is, I can't see why he was so besotted.
Come on Marmers, let's give it a cat's chorus - "Skinny malinky longlegs big banana feet went tae the pictures and fell through the seat!" No, it's not listening. What is going on? Oh miu! It's not on the qui vive for free frog dinners? How very dare it! Still, them indoors can't expect us small defenceless moggies to tackle a thing like that..., me and m'Marmalade Chum decided that discretion was the better part by far and are now having a well-earned snooze on Other Persons' Chairs. Always best.
We did send fpu out with digicam, but its a lousy grey day and her camera shake was something shocking. Tsk! Can't get the staff y'know. Mia will tell you.

mr h to p2 l-r b
Mr Hegri approaches Pond 2
mr to p2 r-l

mr h p2 wide
Mr H casts his beady eye
mr h p2 crop

mr h in p2
Mr H gets his stilts wet
mr watches&waits

mr heads aff l-r
Mr H says "Wozzat?"
mr h thinks
Mr H has a little think...
mr h has enough
Mr H realising the stalker has become the stalked, stalks off
mr h calling card
Mr h leaves his calling card in Rolling Acres. How very kind.
Some days later...Mr Hegri is now being actively discouraged. Having decided that a human waving its arms about is not conducive to peaceful pond dipping, he takes flight towards the shore where he belongs.
Mr H pops off
"Ha det bra, Herr Hegri!"

Posted on Flying Cat at 13:36

Carol's Great Big New Zealand Adventure Part Two

These are pics Carol took before the Great Camera Crisis of 2008 which has now been resolved. Anyone who finds any sort of symbolism in these images of waves crashing on the shore, a giant erection and a hunky liffguard on rubber needs a cranial spring-clean.
waves crashing...
big rock
mini Ailsa Craig
keeping an eye out for Carol just in case...
...and this is Carol's big bowl of mussels...mmmmmmm...
The collection is nothing if not eclectic and faintly reminiscent of Marischal College in Aberdeen, which in turn was like a tiny pale version of the Pitt Rivers Collection at the Ashmolean. Loads of stuff pertaining to "our Maoris" as a Pakeha Kiwi friend once condescendingly referred to that proud warrior seems to us that the NZ greenstone tiki should be in the hands of a tribe or chief, not stuck in the white man's museum. (See, we can do rants on Orkney too!)
museum portico
Auckland Museum
one for Arnish
Maori face
Maori face 2

woven wall
Maori huset it a marae?
Maori gable-end
wish we had a posh gable-end like this
my preciousss
gorgeous tiki...we wants one...
trapped heffalump
stuffed jumbo
stuffed pussy
rather worryingly stuffed kitty
fang farrier stuff
scene from a torture chamber
bizzarre ootfits
as Carol remarked, a strange juxtaposition of garmentage (well she didn't quite say that, but the gist is there. I mean...garmentage???)
mr hegri
a bitterny-herony sort of bird
so this is what happened to that oystercatcher in C'sGBNZA part one

big tree
Under The Greenwood Tree
all because the lady loves a big tray
how our wee froggies would love these giant lilypads!
des bananes
have-a-banana, have-a-banana, the song goes
fan dance

a sign

an especial construction for Muness from Carol
Rab the Spitfire
Rab the Spitfire
kilt stool
mpu found this image on a yachtie website, every kilt-wearing Scot on Burns Night should have had one of these...
Thanks to Carol fae France in a land downunder (soon to be back chez elle, and re-united with Oor Wullie and Cinq-chat-gang) for her heroic photo-taking and emailing efforts. FC&Marmers.

Posted on Flying Cat at 15:05

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