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16 October 2014

Flying Cat - August 2007

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Cat Art Collection (CAC), Galleria Fricardo diMarmo, Rawskate Shed, Rolling Acres

I, Artie Fricardo, and my collaborator Fartie diMarmo, are pure chuffed to be able to bring to a wider public than heretofore, our collection of conceptual and installatory constructs. Here at Galleria, we have been pushing hard for our highly individual, original and some might say, carnivorous, oevre to be toured in the Anorak Towers Chariot: however, due to dogged resistance from certain vehicle license-holders (you know who you are, philistines!) this was a non-starter.
Happily, due to the tyreless efforts of Anne@IBHQ and her stellar cast of several, we are at last able to share it with you, the discerning adherents of ib (without whom...etc...etc...blah-de-blah...chuntering on...)
We would like to thank our sponsors, Frogwatch Annual and The Daily Volecatcher, and express regret at the lack of interest shown by the Dear Arts Centre and Porterhouse Gallery, both of whom we approached and were turned down by, due, they averred, to the dearth of elephant dung and pickled sharks in our work. Vole droppings and sticklebacks in brine are not acceptable substitutes seemingly, so we decided to plough our own lonely furrow, knowing that one day we will be up there with the greats - Leonardo da Finchy; Wan Van Eeck; El Gecko; Bacon; Fried...and so on.
Recent work.
first catch your material
first catch your raw material - 'VoleHole' (photograph)
work in prep
Fricardo at work on his oevre
'Blood Island' (vole secretions on coir)
'Feed The World' (offal)
L at work
work in progress
diMarmo noses
diMarmo lends his nose (and is persuaded not to eat the raw material)
bright eyes
the finished work - 'Bright Eyes' (fur and beads on bone and flesh frame, with Lady's Mantle)
Fricardo adds a certain je ne sais quoi to one of his favourite compositions by fellow artist, Angusina Links.
From the back catalogue
'Frog&Bone' (rana temporaria on stone with sunbleached bone, objets trouvés)
'Bunnet' (seven mystical feathers woven into scarlet papaver orientalis, representing a 'special relationship')
'Shriven' (sorex laid on glazed terracotta sign)
Please feel free to leave a small deposit in the box provided.
Posted on Flying Cat at 11:40

Pineapple the SNOW Leopard Goes on Hodilay - Part 1

It's a day of winter here in Stromness, lashing rain and howling wind, just perfect weather for blogging and other indoor pursuits.
The last of the 'summer' visitors have departed. Babybiped1 and cub accompanied Pineapple the Cloud Leopard onto the Sheltie last night, for the journey down to Aberdeen and thence to the Great Wen by train.
While they were here, they visited many exciting places and had Big Days Out (and also small ones): on one of the former, they took the ferry to Sanday; had lunch in the sand dunes (with a great crowd of eager flies); walked to Start Point (well almost, the tide was a bit in); visited Orkney Angora, where cub got a pair of warm fluffy blue socks for her chilly tootsies; made an appointment to see Dominique Cameron's studio, lovely stuff, she's going to get a website done (someday); skipped stones on a beach until senior bipeds noticed a baby seal on the pebbles, which bb1&cub were walking towards, all unawares..."Don't go near that baby seal! Look out for the baby seal! STOP. BABY SEAL!!!" They also visited the new veggie caff at Backaskaill (cub had cleverly spotted a small insignificant notice on the Varagen, advertising this eighth wonder of the modern world) and had coffees, danish, scone/jam/cream and tomato soup with homemade bread (but not everyone and not all at once); they were served by Julie Walters' wee sister (oh alright I made that up, but she could have been) and she has a restaurat upstairs for evenings and does B&B too and you've all just GOT to go there, it's ace. It was so good it may have been a mirage...but it seemed real at the time. There was a rather urgent visit to the public loos at Kettletoft, via the shop at Lady, which was a darn sight better than DiggySands' local shop for local peeple, which gave Pineapple time to admire the harbour and hear tales of olden days when the ferry landed there, and people watched their cars being slung onto the quay in nets..liff just isn't the same since ro-ro. But I'm loth to grumble. That's progress.
It was a rather longer journey back, as the Varagen had to call in to Stronsay on the way, and the family was or is it were? jolly glad to get home to Rolling Acres and feed me and m'Marmalade Chum...better late than never...about 8:30pm I believe...I'm not long as they enjoyed themselves...
old car
it was a busy day on the Varagen...
a little vision of heaven - Kirkwall Regatta
a massive vision of Hell - one of two multistory floating prisons in Kirkwall harbour
Pineapple all at sea...
...looking for whale spouts
skipping stones...
...until they spotted baby seal, at which they vacated the beach
babybiped1 and cub on the path to Start Point
Start Point Lighthouse
at Kettletoft, waiting for bipeds to have comfort stop
delicious tomato soup at Backaskaill Vegetarian Café. On Sanday. No, they couldn't believe it either
Coastal Path and Windylight - one of three by the ferry terminal at Loth
looking over to Papa Stronsay Monastery - transalpine redemptorists
the hard-pressed crew - just a few of them - working to rule for more money
Whitehall, Stronsay
Pineapple rests after a long day
true beauty
and finally, the best bit of all, me.
This is the best bit because I'm real - I'm not saying Pineapple isn't exactly but...well...he is slightly stuffed in a 100% percent polyester sort of way...I hope he's not reading this...anyway, that is the first of his hodilay-in-Orkney bits done. I need to gather my strength for the next one.
Posted on Flying Cat at 18:09

Pineapple the Snow Leopard Goes on Hodilay - (Part Two)

This was Pineapple's first visit to Orkney, so he felt he had to rush about a great deal and see as much as he possibly could.
His Ring of Brodgar experience was somewhat marred by the presence of 6 (SIX) coach loads of people being there at the same time, but this is all part of the cooncil and their rich chums believing that parking massive prison ships in Kirkwall Bay and bussing the disgorged contents to all the major archaeological sites in a 'it's Wednesday it must be Orkney' fashion is A Jolly Good Wheeze.
P@Brod 1
snow leopard at Brodgar
P@Brod 2
snow leopard on Brodgar
...and later, enjoying a steaming bowl of Babybiped1's veggie risotto (I use the word 'enjoying' loosely here, as bb1 must have forgotten the meat)
Pineapple admires the bronze age boiling pit at the Tomb of The Eagles.
s blue
Small Blue butterfly on the path to the Tomb. Rolling Acres Digipix apologise for the low standard of the photo, but the bloody thing wouldn't sit still!
Pineapple and some inexplicable ectoplasm at the entrance.
Brave wee leopard inside the tomb, having used the trolley method of entry as being easier for a quadruped than the kneepads made from recycled car tyres.
sky burial
Sky burial stand-in. Fortunately, no eagles.
Tomb of the Eagles, being a) a step too far for most coach tours, b) still owned and run by the Isbister family and c) therefore not in the clutches of Hysteric Scotland, is one of the best ancient monument experiences on Orkney.
A sneaky mis-use of digicam which had been entrusted to certain young know who you are.
On board the ferry to Hoy...young bipeds and P went over to the high island for the day (with plentiful supplies of food) and did a bit of walking and a bit of scrambling. Digicam went too.





They were very lucky with the weather, this being the second of two consecutive lovely days. Fpu went to the Dounby Show and couldn't take any photos...which was a bit of a shame but never mind.
Pineapple went for a stroll along the street in Stromness and stopped to admire the view from the museum beach.
Fpu took all three to the County Show and lost them for a while but found them again in the Craft Tent where she failed to recognise Hermit...duh!
A new friend for Pineapple, Coconut the Mouse, from The Woolshed stall...if you think P is well-stuffed, just look at this!
A visit to Corrigall Farm Museum and Pineapple says hello to a feathered friend. Due to mass hysteria about hygeine, the North Ronaldsay sheep are no longer allowed into the yard, nor onto the grass roof of the byre; they are shut in a small adjacent park with some seaweed. Alcohol rub is available for handcleaning. Heaven forfend that anyone should actually teach their kids to wash their hands with soap and water. More plastic to add to the waste mountain.
Pineapple meets a fellow feline in a cat's cradle, and stops to chew the fat in front of the peat fire, above which cuithes are drying..dearie me, how unhygeinic...
By kind invitation of certain denizens of the South End in Stromness, mpu, fpu, babybipeds and snow leopard enjoyed a magnificent buffet and Pineapple met just a few of the family.
Looking for a nice fresh crunchy lettuce (ptui! stop making me SAY these things) in the veg plot at Rolling Acres
Mpu had a day off and took the three of them down to the Gloup. Yes it is a big hole...
He also took them to Maeshowe where they made sure to book, having had an unfortunate, cruise-ship related non-visit previously. Independent travellers beware! You need to book Maeshowe at least the day before, likewise the tour round the upper regions of the Cathedral, which they missed in the end.
If the tourist 'industry' wants independent travellers (who pay for accommodation, food, gifts, tours, art...) to have a good experience, ban any cruise ships (whose passengers, having paid for the trip 'all in', don't) that are too big to tie up at the piers, and allow only one on any one day, otherwise the very thing that people come to Orkney for will be ruined. But then, the harbours department wouldn't rake in the harbour dues, and Rapsons oh sorry Orkney Coaches wouldn't make a killing (they sometimes have to bring in extra coaches, from Buckie in one instance. Explain the economics of that).
Right, I'm away for a snooze on someone's knee. It fair takes it out of you, all this ranting. The soapbox is put away. Until the next time...

Posted on Flying Cat at 11:27

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