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16 October 2014

Flying Cat

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Fully Functional Un-patented Voletube

parcel tape; scissors; marker; kitchen roll innard.
1. first catch your tube
2. cut a strip about 6" long from parcel tape and, using tube as template, mark circle on roll
3. cut circle out and stick to strip - sticky side to sticky side
4. place tube over circle and stick strip down...sticking it over the circle is quite important from the rodent point-of-view as otherwise its fur gets caught and you end up with a slightly balding vole...
5. whip more tape around tube end
6. eeek -squeeky white moosie poses at mouth of tube for purrposes of illustration only
please don't be concerned - no rodents were harmed in the making of this blog...worse luck!
It was a narrow squeak...
Posted on Flying Cat at 20:51


OK, now we know how to make voles go bald, a by-product apparently, so what is the voletube used for???

Barney from Swithiod stumped

Are you after a Blue Peter badge? I don't think they give them to cats, only heroic dogs get Blue Peter badges, and anyone who bids on *bay. Where was the "sticky-back-plastic?" Were the last 2 pix, ones you had prepared earlier? If a picture paints a thousand words, what does this blog say to me?

Tws from A Better Place

FC, Then you eat it. Mmmm.

CVBruce from CA, USA

Nice instructions but for what? I thought you already had a volecatcher - maybe two? Are voles so stupid they go into tubes out of pure inquisitiveness? Enlighten, please!

Barney from Swithiod scritching his heid

Alright, now show us how to make a cat-in-tube using same materials. Once the cat is in tube, call the neighborhood hound in. Then action pics. Thank you.

mjc from IN, USA

Isn't it obvious??? Could there be a small prize for whoever gets it? And as for you mjc...I'm sharpening my claws as we speak!

Flying Cat from a hard stare

ah ha, must let madlamb know you've released your pu's secret plans.....

Mia from looking at an errant sunbeam

only friskies for me, thank you. and a couple of roaches. and a few teenie tiny lizards. *prrr*

Eevee from KL, Malaysia

EffCee, I have previously not had any reason to regard you as an intelligent cat, nearly up to us kings and queens of the globe in savvy. Can you not read, Cat? Is the Queen's ENglish now beyond your catprehension? O cat, if I wrote that I lacked enlightenment then it is true, from my end of the telescope. What is the purpose of a voletube, apart from making a nice subject for a blog? If this comment seems a trifle catty it just could be because of the goose party (Google: Mårten Gås) yesterday evening and half the night.

Barney from Swithiod complaining and moaning

I'm guessing that the Tube is for picking up voles (dead or alive) to rescue them from your good self? Like a non-electric version of those spider-catching tubes. If the prize is a dead vole, I'd just as soon not bother... :-)

Jill from EK

I'm sure I gave Jill 10/10 yesterday but, as per usual, nothing appeared. You were just in time to stop me popping down to the PO with your prize...

Flying Cat from nicely ripened vole

"Flying Cat from nicely ripened vole" - with a dash of coarsely ground asafoetida? Only the best for Jill from EK of course.

mjc from IN, USA

Absolutely! Though it is possible if I dress it in Devil's Dung, Frankie&Louie next door might rip it from the helpless hand of the postie before it reaches her door...

Flying Cat from currying favour

Thank you, Jill!

Barney from Swithiod chastened

I was hoping he was going to make Vole Cake with it - it would travel better, mjc. I could eat it with Stinking Bishop cheese...

Jill from EK

nice one fc.whose ready for nz adventures? i m away to book to go to great barrier island for a few days rest so wil start snapping--love to you allxxx

carol from just arrived in auckland and b****y knackerd

Hello Carol, have a great time in NZ, thanks for reminding me today is niece Calire's birthday - 43 - unbelievable!!

Barney from Swithiod greeting the Antipodean Carol

You must be mistaken Barney...

Flying Cat from transposed digits?

Regrettably not, EffCee. But she is of course called Claire and lives along NOrth Shore.

Barney from Swithiod with feeling

Nah, FC, the digits were not transposed by Barney. He is the youngest by far, and his sibling had Calire (Claire? transposed letters, Barney?) rather early. Barney would not be the first uncle younger than the nephew/niece. Ask me, and I will tell you no lie! (You owe me a big one, Barney old boy).

mjc from IN, USA

A volescoop? You don't need one of you've got a loopy hound who is desperate to get his jaws on one and give it a thorough shaking! But don't post any to me please. Sorry to join the party so late here, I'm having trouble with life in general.

Jeelie Piece from Roond the bend

thanks barney,this place is so GOOD. sadly have to leave tomorrow,go back to auckland and buy a car then off to whitianga-i'll be sending first lot of photos soon..xxxxxto all on ib

carol from on great barrier island

Is it a form of birth control?

Flying Cat from I've got mine...

Carol, Whitianga is OK, too, great fishing. Mjc, you have a lively imagination but are not too good on facts, but then you are probably nearer my vintage than niece Claire's. Come on the Geology of Mull yachting trip that MM and I are hatching for next summer and I will certainly see you get a big one, and I don't mean a knuckle sandwich.

Barney from Swithiod again and again and again

Now, Barney, do you mean that we would hop from island to island under your captainship and the baritone of MM in search of that elusive rock? Now, I have got to admit that the prospect is awfully attractive. Guga sandwiches, eh (but of course there would be menu choices? I hope?)? Waiting for the details.

mjc from IN, USA

Can fpu come up with a larger version? MC triumphed with another dead pigeon this week. Unfortunately it was when the mother-in-law was MC sitting in our absence. She kindly ignored it so her son had to deal with a wet and decayed offering on the lawn on our return. Still, MiL did a great job in catering for MC's every whim though it took her two stints to get the hang of it. The first, for five days, was a bit frantic while she realised MC's nocturnal clock is skew-whiff and he sees no reason why yelling for a 3am exit is a problem! We returned for three days to find MC had been active in the boxing ring prep for 2012 and had a limp that required a dreaded visit to the vet. mpu and vet came off lightly apparently - I needed to be 100 miles away, shame really. Anyway in the last stint, a long weekend, MiL and MC managed to negotiate a settlement and actually enjoyed each other's company by the end. Wondering if MC is regretting our return this time - he had treats at every opportunity - though no-one tell him one of those was a trick to get him to take his medicine. Love to all. xx

Madlamb from attending to MC

Some cat, Madlamb! Not a tomcat named Sue, by any chance? I would be willing to cat sit for a weekend, if I am able to bring my electric collars, remote zappers, and all (hello there, GrannyE?!, and FC).

mjc from IN, USA

Poor MC. Its tough down there where you have to fight your corner at every opporchancity. You know those huge rigid tubes that vinyl comes wrapped around? A bit of one of those would do the trick for larger victims... Difficult for parental units to get thier paws around though...have to fit a handle...this is still in the design concept stage... DID YOU SEE WE'RE BEING MADE HOMELESS MADLAMB?????

Flying Cat from we're a' doomed

Barney don't give up on the circumnavigation of Mull idea now that IB has decided to cut us all adrift. Not able to commit at present but definitelty interested. Do I assume that you are taking a fallback option on the sale or otherwise of Beatrice?

Hyper-Borean from The pier head

Whaddaymean "being made homeless"? I thought you were going on a resting cure in the big box, with Marmalade, white the bipeds go gallivanting around.

mjc from IN, USA

'tis the end of the road, FC (as per IBHQ). As Willie Nelson sang: "all good things must end." I suggested on IBHQ that if any soul were to want my email address, a request could be forwarded to IBHQ for kind transmission to me (I don't expect many, and so this should not tax Carol's kindness too much). No, I am not on Facebook, thank you.

mjc from IN, USA

I do protest - it can't be allowed. IB must live for ever - bet it has something to do with job cuts. Poor IBHQ people out on the streets begging for their next cappulattechino. We must complain to the highest authority. Who's with me - say meow. [though don't know what FC will *actually* do about it, snigger]

MadLamb from a slight faint

What is this, EffCee, are you a victim of Northern Rock(sic) or what? Homeless in the ORcadian night, my thoughts reach out into the darkness; maybe a giant-size voletube as a temporary residence?

Barney from Swithiod toll for the homeless

Mjc, will communicate all details as they become available via Carol at IBHQ. Send me some dates that would suit you, also via Carol.

Barney from Swithiod swashbuckling into 2009

Barney, what are you talking about? Soon, there won't be an IBHQ, and Carol will have been tranferred to the Dubai desk (or some such). Carpe Diem, old b**er!

mjc from IN, USA

All the best, MadLamb. Keep MC on a leash - thereby keeping some control over the veterinary expenses. So long.

mjc from IN, US

I know am up to date aobut homelessness, etc. I support every effort to create a "new" IB for IBers. Mjc, will be in touch via Carol instantly, Hyperborean by existing e-mail, AND ANYONE ELSE WHO IS INTERESTED IN A GEOLOGY TRIP AND MULL CIRCUMNAVIGATION mail me through long-suffering Carol, to whom we shold all sing a hymn of praise before it is too late.

Barney from Swithiod seen the dark

My new home for anyone sad enough to return here in a lost-oh-how-I-wish-we-were-all-still-together sort of way, is:- Happy 2010!

Flying Cat from out in the ether

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