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16 October 2014

Flying Cat

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Friday 26th October. Indoors - a scene of tranquil domesticity in the throbbing heart of Anorak Towers, Rolling Acres, Stromness, The World, The Universe....
Mpu seated in front of iMac, aged one year and two months; fpu reclining in the Sittingroom of Serenity doing a Very Simple Crossword. Outdoors - one of several sleet/hail showers batters on the windows.
Suddenly and simultaneously, one blue flash, one tremenjuous thunderclap, one mighty leap of fpu from horizontal to vertical, one squeak, "The computer!"...
Alas too late it was, too late. The blue flash had emanated from the posterior of iMac: this was an ex computer; it had fallen off its perch; it was no more; it had ceased to be.
Two weeks later...
Fpu and FC sit side by side in front of Shiny New iMac, purring with joy, for it is indeed a thing of Great Loveliness and, for a mere £25 extra, has twice as much RAM than iMac Deceased R.I.P.
It was darn lucky that the insurance company paid up so speedily and that BT sent the new wireless hub (free) and Apple the SNiM with amazing promptness, because at least one of us had practically forgotten how to use the thing.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if bipeds could be upgraded with such painless ease...
Posted on Flying Cat at 18:05


Welcome back, FC, you were badly missed by myself and Tws... Hope the lightning flash didn't make your fur stand on end!

Jill from EK

Sorry to read of your troubles. Did it get past your surge protector? I always wonder how much trust I should have in them. Dramatic rolling thunder here yesterday with lots of hail.

pondhead from Tobermory

Great to have you back! You were missed.

Ruthodanort from Unst

Goodness me, a whole fortnight without the internet! How did you survive, FC? (Though what a lovely apron fpu has! At least, I'm guessing it's fpu...)

Pineapple from chav central

So yer back then ? woopi dooopi dooo. This comment was brought to you by Sarcastic! We all need a bit in our lives.

Tws from In Continent

Aw shucks. Merci mes petits cheums! The surge protector was fine, but the lightning fried the splitter, router and 'puter, so now we are wireless it should be okay. I hear there is now a surge protector that takes in the phone line also, but that is what I think you bipeds call hindlegs...or something. (I have noticed just how much Thatwhitesettler has missed me, thank you Jill ...*gurr*

Flying Cat from a near-empty email addressbook...

Welcome back, cat! I missed you. Do wireless connections protect against lightning strikes? Are you sure? I recommend that you see to it that Mr. Marmers sleeps in the line of fire until several lightning bolts have struck around RA and said Marmers is still with us. Then, and only then, can you relax.

Barney from Swithiod surging with emotion

that is soooo Tom and Jerry - the slippers, the black legs.... dang that cat...

scallowawife from down memory lane...

Maybe my comment has been tossed into the SF, maybe it will emerge. Trying again: Welcome back, EffCee, lightning in the Islands seems a serious issue. Get Marmers to check that the wireless connection is lightning-proof....

Barney from Swithiod jumping the SF?

Welcome back oh mightiest of Felines. Same thing happened to me, I was blown out of the water. Love the Nora Batty look, are you orf to a 1940's do by any chance?

Squidgy the Otter from In sympathy with FC

Will you tell your fpu to give her granny back her clothes, or whatever granny she got them from. To think some poor auld OAP, sitting in just her undergarments in front of a one bar electric fire, ooh no I'd rather not, but get them back to her.

Tws from Loo Is

good to see you back on form FC, love fpu's flowery pinny, sorry about the gaget loss, what has Barney got against poor Marmers........

island threads from lewis

The costume was especially assembled for the occasion and will never, in its entirety, appear again! Tws, you dirty young man!!! I was kind of hoping that if we got struck again (but lightning never strikes in the same place twice does it?) only the hub would get fried and not the lovely computer...please tell me this is so... Thank you scallowawife...

Flying Cat from plugging m'plump chum into a socket

*purr*, welcome back, I've missed your insouciance.

mia from content in front of a fire

Insouciance? *PURRRRR*

Flying Cat from swaggering

Glad you are back, with brand new upscale iMac. Aren't you glad you had insurance!!? I am glad you yourselves did not all end up as toast, with Anorak Towers lighting up the Stromness sky.

mjc from IN, USA

you had me fooled there.....just catching up on postings after having no puter for a while and after reading your most recent post thought this one would be about a mouse in your house, especially with the very tom and jerry picture. Other half thinks all i-macs should be fried in a similar fashion LOL

tanith from lewis

FC-your fpu's baffies are out of this world: 5 cat gang say hello from their den of captivityxxxxxxxx

carol from on great barrier island

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