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16 October 2014

Flying Cat

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Come Day Go Day, How I wish it were Cruaday

I wouldn't thank you for the buttermilk every day of the week except Sunday, and, as a sensible feline, I try to go easy on the whisky too. I can't speak for my parental units, but one does ones best to restrain them. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions! And possibly quite a lot of Orkney's nicer urban footpaths are paved with slabs from Cruaday, home of the famous Sandwick fishbeds. The Fossil Centre on Burray is home to fishy fossils from here.

information board
a big hole in the hill
a rocky hard place
dragon's tooth marks - far too huge for a Stromness Dragon, thankfully
awaiting sculptors
finished product
giant's bookrest
Ophelia's hair
Swedish colours
all washed up
a thinker's throne (for Tws)
scanning the horizon...

Hoy in the distance. If you can't see Hoy, you're going the wrong way...

Posted on Flying Cat at 17:07


well done,FC:another good blog. I see the pu's are enjoying their leisure time:-only one thing two tings are mising above--a picture of your fine self and of marmelade chum!

carol from over here

I agree, Carol, but that doesn't look like a good place for cats to me. Too hard and angular... What an interesting blog, a good one for MM I think. Is it possible to find fossils there still?

Jill from EK

FC, what is that photo of the Swedish Colours. It's a lovely colour of blue and very unusual. Very interesting and intriguing photographs too!

Squidgy the otter from pondering about the pond

Well Squidgy, you know me, I don't like to criticise the pu's, but that blue thing is pure mental, sorry, metal rubbish! No cats seen, but hordes of troglodytic bunnies. I've been dying to use that phrase...then Someone forgot to include it. After all my hard thinking too!

Flying Cat from one photo missing's not bad...

super photos Fc, is that rust I see on the swedish colours? thanks

island threads from lewis

Hey Flying Puss, you've been around a bit lately! By any chance have you seen my little black Brodgar-puss? She's been missing for a month now and we'd love for her to come home. We know how much cats LOVE to wander and all... If you happen to see her while on one of your wanderings please pass on the message that her parental units are awaiting her return!

Moo from Hallway

Limestone slabs, some with fishy ancestors embedded? Only footpaths? No houses cladded with them? 3 and 5 down could be from Nuevo Mexico.

mjc from IN, USA

Thank you FC for the explanation, that trog word is sorta long for an otter to understand but me thinks it means old bunnies living there. Lovely colour though !!

Squidgy the Otter from Rabbiting on and on and on

Hard tack for a cat, methinks.

Barney from Swithiod pre-stone age

Living in caves...

Flying Cat from BunnieTrogs

Oh Yes, I know, like that pop group the TROGS. Cavemen, that sort of thing.mmm. Now what did the Trogs used to sing??? I'll be thinking all night now.

Squidgy the Otter from Rockin and a Rollin

squidgy::it was "WILD THING" wild thing,you make my heart sing-you make everything sing,etc etc:

carol from the french connection

And it is also the specific name for one of my favourite birds, Troglodytes troglodytes, the wren. Incidentally there is a sub species of wren endemic to Shetland, T.T. Fridariensis.

Hyper-Borean from The nest

Oh...they're playing my song... If the pu's ever come across a small wandering black cat in your area Moo, they'll let you know...though how you're going to tell the difference between one small black kitty and another, I'm not quite sure. Any distinguishing marks?

Flying Cat from shake it shake it Wild Thing

size perhaps fc,certainly not colour!!what having a "black" cat is puffrectly satanic as is anything black!

catey from cat-napping

A thing is only satanic if you believe in such stuff and I don't . Having a black cat is well-known, however, to be very lucky, especially if it crosses your path...unless you fall over it... And, to be pedantic (because its my blog and I can) Brodgar could have distinctively coloured eyes...

Flying Cat from black-stripit

Take me word for it, catey matey: all cats are satanic, not just black ones. Lordy, lordy matey catey, are you politically incorrect!!! Next thing, you'll be raving garlic about black mass: hard to please some folks.

mjc from IN, USA

FC and MJC: I love ALL cats,heedless of race and colour!

catey from not cat napping

I refuse to rise to this slur on the feline race...

Flying Cat from manfully keeping schtum

Grrr...I thought we had you better trained by now, mjc. We're superior and good for your stress levels! Slight us at your peril.

mia from in charge

Brodgar could have distinctively coloured eyes... Flying Cat from black-stripit # Red, white and blue on the left, stars and stripes on the right, et voila, presto, un americano. If only cats were dogs, they would respond to their name, at least when the name is up to snuff.

mjc from IN, USA

Quite right mia. So glad you're padding by and keeping a sharp eye on things. Fpu recently started Quite Ugly One Morning and is very impressed by the quantity of bodily effluent so far...very entertaining and unputdownable!

Flying Cat from Sgurr na Ciche...

Mia - surely being on a cat's hit-list is no way to reduce a human's stress - my idea is much better. Leave a dead pigeon on the door mat for them to find having returned from churchly duties. They were so impressed they had ate it by the time I returned later (I think- well maybe not!!)

MC from Pigeon placement R us

Delighted to hear it catey, and do hope you'll pop by again. I need all the allies I can you can see. A well-mannered puss would have left you the feathers for a pillow, mjc.

Flying Cat from coo-coo-coo-roo

Female staff reckons that Brookmyre has been heavily influenced by Billy Connolly, his books have that distinctive Scottish humour (scatological as well as satirical). As for you MC, we are not so crass as to bring dead animals to our staff, much better fun to bring them in alive and watch the staff try to catch them. Butterflies are especially tricky *snicker*.

Mia from contemplating the bookshelves

For small rodents my pu's have devised, and all-too-often used, the un-patented Vole Tube.

Flying Cat from Spoilsports Rool KO

WIsh you would ruffle more feathers, FC. I can't do it all by myself - though I must admit I claim to do my fair share. Barney has gone awfie civilized all of a sudden. And no one can get a rise out of Malkie any more unless some insult is hurled at his favorite soccer team or at the Western Isles. etc etc. Murdo John has been in hiding for quite a while now, and so has Donald (or maybe he is busking on Crete with MaryChrissie).

mjc from IN, USA

FC I think I may need to converse with the pu's about the 'vole tube' it sounds ideal. You can catch some of MC's antics on a popular web space site noted on my Island blogging pages. Perahps a post about the 'vole tube' may be appropoiate!!

Madlamb from clearing up MC's donations

Good idea Madlamb. I have another blog posting in the pending tray, but the Voletube Construction Pawual will have to wait until the latest kitchen roll runs out! I do hope this appears.

Flying Cat from thanking madlamb...or trying to...

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