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16 October 2014

Flying Cat

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This Train

The last Sanday Sunday of 2006. Who was to know it would be the last chance saloon for hitching a lift on the Sanday Light Railway? On a whim {so I leave you to guess whose idea it was:-} the parental units drove onto the ferry on a dull damp day at the end of August, anticipating An Awfully Big Adventure. They were not disappointed...
SLR shed
Sanday Central
SLR signal box
Sanday Central signal box
SLR signage
signage and a Lewisian lamp post (as in CS, not Isle of)
SLR gate
Level Crossing
SLR diesel leaving
'This train is built for speed now, this train'
SLR track
'Rockin' rollin' ridin' out along the bay
SLR station
'Maybe it is raining where our train will ride' How true. It rained so heavily at one point on the road to Sanday Angora, the wipers were outdone and mpu had to pull over until the shower went through. So unlike this summer...
SLR station bench
Northern Lights platform. Alight here for the Brief Encounter Tearoom...where Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard briefly encountered one another, with gloriously stiff upper lips and buttoned-up emotions, on an endless loop in the Waiting Room.
SLR sig box on loop
'The switchman knew by the engine's moan...'
SLR in shed 1
back at Sanday Central
SLR in shed 2
'This train am bound for glory, this train'
SLR in shed 3
Sanday's own Casey Jones, assisted by a teenage Foden, ran both the diesel and steam units from the engine shed to the Northern Lights halt and the welcoming (and warming) pleasures of the Close Encounters Tearoom. This is where the pu's would have taken bb1 and the Cub+Pineapple the cloud leopard the following year, but alas, by then it was no more. Fortunately the restaurant at Backaskaill more than filled the gap. But no railway to delight children of any age...'There's a new world somewhere they call the promised land' and I hope Casey Jones has found it wherever he is now. Shame it wasn't Sanday...

Posted on Flying Cat at 10:59


Finally!! Whoa! Hold your horses.

mjc from IN, USA

Wow, how cute is this place! Hours of fun for the curious! Look at the old post box. And is there really a Tea Room? Can you ride on the wee train? (not you, of course, FC, not your cup of tea at all, I imagine).

Jill from EK

No! Help Carol@IBHQ! This is the unedited version. How did it pop up so quickly? HELP!!!

Flying Cat from distress signal

what a great blog the photos , fc are super as are your comments. i hope you and marmers had a couple of saucers of fresh milk to quench your thirsts. somehow man on the right of the top picuture seem familiar--i wonder who he is??

carol from still here

Oh what a shame, FC, now that I can read your comments. I would have loved to go there! And ridden on the train and taken tea... What happened to all the railway stuff?

Jill from EK

Blimey. That was quick! Either that or I've been here too long. Fpu's away and so someone has even more time on her paws than usual... The pu's did ride on the wee train (wild horses etc...) but that was then and this is now and Sanday Light Railway is no more, Jill. (We don't like milk Carol, it has an unfortunate effect rear-end-wise)

Flying Cat from superfast blogging engine

I think that should have been me not to know my m from my f!

Flying Cat from pawsinaraffle

What a dear little train--what happened to it? Ok, FC, no cream, so what do the pu's give you & Marmers for a treat?

thelovelyOutlander from just wondering

Real good phototes FC, but some body swiped the photo that Carrol from France commented on, so a little in the dark following the thread so to speak.

roy from Sofala.Oz

Well LovelyOutlander (which is, if I may say so, a stoatir of a name) apart from the odd bit of accidental steak, me and Marmers are rather in the habit of arranging our own llittle treats. Sometimes flying, sometimes hopping and sometimes scurrying,,,

Flying Cat from alive alive oh

ROY:no-one swiped the photo--i was wrong--its the fifth one down! FC: i know,i know,only testing

carol from over here

It was a bit complicated LO, but 'Casey Jones', who was also the Sanday Registrar, wanted to 'marry' a well-known, locally-based composer and his boyfriend at their request: he was not allowed to. Registrar from Kirkwall is the only one authorised to carry out such hitchings... Also, petty bureaucracy was making his little trains very difficult to open to the public elf&safety wise (p/b loves elf&s as it gives them many opporchancities for f*****g up people's lives) so, what with one thing and another, he took a major huff, dismantled the whole caboose and caboodle and sailed off into the sunset, lamenting.

Flying Cat from Sanday Historical

Is there a vacancy for a Fat Controller?

Chrissie Mary Morrison from Isle of Lewis

Yes, I visited Sanday about 6 years ago and had a peedie shotty on the railway myself. It was a great experience and I'll not forget it. I think, if memory serves, that the folk that ran it left the island. Please correct me if I am wrong.... (I'm well used to it by now....)

Ruthodanort from Unst

Had to look up "stoatir"' FC (and I think it is compliment?) and those of us not fortunate enough to be cats have to use creative usernames... I guess treats that are caught/ captured are best--really fresh, at the very least.

thelovelyOutlander from looking up Scottish words

Thank you Carrol for clarifing the matter,as amucth younger person, I did a bike ride throught the Coromedale a very happy fealing to put ones roots down again, but if you have a need to travel back to europe, the flying hours are very tiring.Best regards.

roy from Sofala.Oz

thanks Roy,i know how tiring the return flights are,but flying back visa Los angeles is less tiring than the return via singapore-sadly i fly through singapore both ways as i fly singapore airlines as i've found them to be the lost comfortable,friendly even in eco class(this times its business class)frequent flyer points--wow sadly (for aussies,i flew only one by qantas and it was a nightmare,old plane and staff very unfriendly) air tahiti nui are very good also as are emerits:byexx

carol - from still here

forgot to ask-what were your impressions of the coromandel,roy??

carol from here

Between your visit and ours, Ruth, the family that ran it left for Sooth and came back again, before finally leaving...

Flying Cat from confused? you will be...

I thought that I'd already made a comment here, maybe I never though. I love the wee trains, or the wee old steam train lines that are dotted about the country. I remember as a young lad, the noise of the steam and the wheels of the train sounded like music to my ears. " We're all going to Aberdour, we're all going to Aberdour" was going through my young mind. Nice blog EffCee ( that's words I never, ever, thought that I'd say ( although I'm not saying them, I'm typing them) but I have ) for a mangy cat........

Tws from The Wrong Platform, but The right Station

MANGY? MANGY? Grrrrrrraaaaaaarrrrrrr!!! I'll gie ye mangy so I wull ye goggle-eyed settler ye!

Flying Cat from tired of holding horses - can I let go now?

Nostalgic pleasure - enjoyed reading your great post and viewing the amazing photo's

island poet from Mull

What a shame that the railway wasn't preserved. You can see that a lot of love and care went into it.

Carol from IBHQ

tws:ah the silver sands at aberdour,sniff nice beach for tiny tots,then out in the dingy up the coast and go fishing just off elie,st;monans and burntisland:wanna go home,wanna go homeeeeeeeeeeeeee

carol from remenising

Eh, our Carol's a Fifer, no less! Come awa', ma wee lassie!

Barney from Swithiod the lights go up

When the winds are just right, the lament can still be heard all the way on Mainland (Orkney). FC, is the composer still somewhere in Orkney? Any recent compostion for the Magnus Festival? Not a swan song yet, surely?

mjc from IN, USA

Sniffing beaches is a new one on me...

Flying Cat from hev ye hed your peh?

The railway's website is still up and functional. Google for Sanday Light Railway.

Bruce Fletcher from Stronsay, Orkney

Barney:no i'm not a "fifer"born in montrose ,lived most of my young days in perth-fell deeply in love(with hubby)in st.andrews

carol from still here

Thanks for the link Bruce. Ridiculously over the top though most of it is, there's enough truth in amongst all the unnecessary verbiage to make me hope 'Casey Jones' wins his case. What do you call a person from Montrose? A Montrossian?

Flying Cat from scratchin' ma heid

in my case----an utter b****y nutter!

carol from over here

I must keep that in mind when we finally move Sooth...especially were I to find myself in Montrose...I can see it now "Hello neighbour, you must be an utter b****y nutter". It's bound to break the ice!

Flying Cat from a hard stare

well fc-i think you should no know me by now!

carol from over here

FC; we hope you wont get your hopes up to much,but pu's have got you earmarked for auntie dawn's on waiheke island-lucky yous

5cat gang from over here

Over my dead furry corpse!!!

Flying Cat from lost comments bin

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