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16 October 2014

Flying Cat

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Liff's a Beach...Up To The Wire

Bliss was it in that dawn* to be alive,
But to be feline was very heaven!
As the poet once said, with minor improvements. And, speaking of improvements, what with the sun shining day after day, and only the occasional shower to kiss Rolling Acres awake, renovations have been going on apace: the trailer-loads of secondary jungle, land-and-pondweeds and other detritus that have been driven to the dump you just wouldn't believe. I'm quite exhausted just watching...well, you didn't expect me and m'Marmalade Chum to join in...did you? (The correct answer is "no".)
The beach of Pond1 came in for particular attention and has been restored, without recourse to lottery monies, to its former glory, from this weedy mess...
beach before this
beach after

near beach
The accidental rockery has had the treatment too
accidental rockery
and, naturally, after such a strenuous afternoon, fpu had a bit of a sit in The Lost Sitooterie...
and I came along just to show my very fine tummy
loki pure dead gorgeous
However, like another garden before it, there is a metaphorical serpent in the grass. How could any biped do this to two cute kitties? We have been seriously deprived of one of Liff's simple pleasures - birdie hunting - surely a Feline Right. The French would never stand for such an infringement! Jamais! Aux armes kittoyens!
Sadly, our purrtests fell on deaf ears...the Anti-cat Device is now in place, beside the Bird-feeding Station of Opporchancity
anti-cat device
Like a cat on a wire/Like a drunk in a midnight choir/We have tried, in our way, to be free...but to no avail (and, believe me, my chunky chum has done his best)
anti-cat chickenrun
knotted at the top
string of doom
stapled at the bottom
anti-cat staple
but in the end, the sun set on Anorak Towers and we were just happy to be alive...and so are the bl**dy birdies!
*any resemblance to any purrson living or otherwise, is purely unintentional...
Posted on Flying Cat at 18:05


Your fpu must have been toiling from dawn* till dusk to achieve so much. What lucky kitties you and Marmers are to have such a gorgeous garden to live in. However, I can see that it is but a gilded cage as far as you are concerned now that your feline rights have been breached in such an outrageous manner. I think if we took a vote among cats, humans and birdies, though, you'd be seriously outnumbered. Nice tummy, BTW! Have you ever thought about modelling?

Jill from EK

FC please don't take this wrong but I am pleased to see the birds in orkney have a sanctury from a fearless hunter like yourself, rolling acres is sooo nice now your pu's has finished working for you, they do such a grand job would they like a working holiday on the beautiful isle of Lewis??? ;o) thanks for the photos,

island threads from lewis

Thinning, trimming, weeding - life's pleasures without end. I am impressed by the artistry that went into the bird feeding effort: I must admit to solving the bird feeding (all senses) problems by taking the biblical birds in the fields statement to heart. Saves me time, money and I don't interfere with nature's nasty ways (I am eco-friendly: it's a jungle out there and so, let it be, let it be). # Roof looks good, the walls in good shape, windows in excellent trim: and the sunroom is a delight to the eye. I assume you can see the garden from there. What else? Hoy? Can you see it from the sunroom when the ferry to the mainland hoists the Jolly Roger?

mjc from IN, USA

What a lovely garden, rather impressive, I can't imagine how much work it took to transform it just for you and Marmalade. Maybe you can contact the RSPCA about your feline rights being stomped on--unless they are in with the birds...

thelovelyOutlander from dreaming of highlands and islands

Marvellous efforts in the garden by your fpu should seem to fall on unappreciative ears, EffCee. Try taking the larger view of liff? And where have all the froggies gone, a long time ago??

Barney from Swithiod silent admiration

love the garden FC,,pu's do work hard:barney-where have all the froggies gone,long time passing,where have all the froggies gone,long time ago gone in fc's tum,everyone,when will they ever learn--etc

carol from over here

I'm sure I answered Jill from Eek re modelling (furcoat, five years, paid in wh****s) but its a no-show so far...Dear IT, its very kind of you to attribute the work in Rolling Acres to both parental units...mpu will be chuffed! Mr Barney, we have frogpoles with backlegs, thumbnail froglets and adult froggies of all sizes. I know which I purrfer... unfortunately, so does the fpu. The psychological damage done to a cat who has just hooked a juicy amphibian and had it removed is incalculable.

Flying Cat from catwalk sashay

when me complained to old dear about her taking things that fly about and little furry playmates off me--she and man with had the gall suggested i go a hunger strike!!!! something to do with me furry time almost touching the ground-they sa'ys!!! hmmp s'not fat just i have loads and loads of fur mmmeeeps

gabby(of 5 cat gang) from purrectly understanding fc

FC modelling, Jill? At an aeronautics show? Personally, I would like to see FC (bungee) jumping off a bridge (send pics!). # iblogging from Argyll and Clyde Islands seems to have come to a standstill (apart from OG this week).

mjc from IN, USA

Take no notice of mjc's rude comments, FC. You are above all that now, because you're a star! Featured blog! Fame at last! Will you still speak to your old friends who knew you when you were nothing?

Jill from EK

hello Gabby, guess your staff and mine have similar attitudes about our svelte silhouettes! I get threatened with hunger strikes too... and just cos Socks has to go to the vet I had to wait for breakfast! *humph*

mia from furry and content

whats up with socks?? we hopes its not serious,,,gabby says babinettes tum tum is bigger than his,so hiss to man with magic fingertips!!

5 cat gang from in the shade

nothing wrong with socks - he's 6 months old so was getting the 'necessary' op (ok FC you can uncross your legs now!). At the moment he is still a bit punch drunk from the anaesthetic, so quite funny to watch

mia from in charge

The lovely photo of your tummy on the page for the Northern Isles will surely bring you more readers and more sympathy about the fpu not allowing you the wee birdies...

thelovelyOutlander from admiring

ouch!! we've been thru this mate --all our thoiughts are with you!mmmeeepppsss

5 cat gang from symathising with socks

This is the third time I have tried to respond to comments ON MY OWN BLOG!!! Not the BBC's Flying Cat, MY Flying Cat!!! Poor Socks, no sweet little pairs of mini-Socks will ever see the light of day. *SOB*. Thank you LovelyOutlander, you do know just the right things to say...*prrrrr*

Flying Cat from uncrossing legs warily

us would like to see photo of little "socks"please!!

5 cat gang from oot o the rain

I'm thinking that your fpu is going to turn Rolling Acres into a wild-life sanctuary/park/habitat ( not the shop with all the cane furniture) and is well on her way. You and Marmite were the start of it. You don't think that people will pay good money ( and some not so good money) to come and watch what you and your fellow creatures get up to? This could be a super operchancity for us to make some dough, once Dodgy Dave gets that small misunderstanding with the taxman out of the way ( another couple of months still remaining ) he'll be more than willing to assist us. Oh one last thing, the last pic. Sunset @ Karona? Was that one of those translation errors?

Tws from I'm sure I left A Comment Somewhere

A slip of the paw obviously...

Flying Cat from a hard stare

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