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16 October 2014

Flying Cat

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Picture This - Natural Blondes on Show

Well, what a disappointment! Not a sign of known bloggers at either the Dounby or County Shows. The sun shone on Dounby and the rain rained on the County. However, undeterred, my parental units sallied fourth to bring back these pics. Very disappointed not to have been able to make the acquaintance of Hermit, having bottled out last year...especially as her flowing golden locks would have made a very nice contribution to this blog. And we're far too honest here at Anorak Towers to go pinching pics off other bloggers blogs...unlike some!
As I'm sure you are all aware, out there in the massive FC Fanbase (counted on the claws of one paw) there is a very strong Orkney connection with Blondie. I need hardly tell you that Debbie Harray is a Dounby lass...
alpaca blonde
at Dounby - an Andean blonde
false&sheepish blondes
and some bottle blondes...surely that's not natural? And yet...its hard to get to grips with the idea of a husky Orkney farmer clarting on the clairol...
barely blonde
this one's been around a bit too doubt Hanging on The Telephone...
butterly blonde
utterly butterly blonde prizewinners at Dounby Industrial Show
curd blonde
mmmmm...lemoncurdy blonde...Heart of Glass
bogstandard blondes
queueing blondes
straw blonde
stray blonde
a very pretty moo-blonde
sunbleached blonde...rather how I imagine Squidgy...
holy blonde
Skaill Kirk lime rendered blonde
sweet blonde in a meadow
maaa&baby blonde
at the County Show...Pretty Baby...goatee blonde
fetlock blonde
hoofing it with blonde feathers
strawberry blonde au fonde
blonde on blonde
Cats Protection Dog
oooo duckie!
blonde chick...I know he's a he, but one could hardly say blonde c**k, now could one? Standards have to be upheld...
probably pushing it a bit to call this one a strawberry blonde, but it would really stretch the bounds of credulity to include my very lovely self...
Aupres de ma blonde...qu'il fait bon dormir.
Posted on Flying Cat at 12:02


ooooh, FC you are a one !! Cheeky, cheeky, cheeky. I'm a wondering, well trying to figure out what those ** represent underneath the blonde chick. And I think the photo which represents me best is the Strawberry Blonde Au Fonde. Clairol Nice'n'Easy No 67. complete with roots touch up kit. I am the most unnatural blonde ever!

Squidgy the Otter from the quintessential dumb blonde

A blonde moment indeed, FC - several of them, in fact. Lots of big blond b*ms on display here. I'm intrigued by the Cats Protection dog - how did this dog demonstrate its credentials? And poor old Marmers: I will send him a new bed for Christmas, fancy him having to make do with a kitten bed. His poor wee cramped toes...

Jill from EK

Moo blonde: is there a picture missing? I looked, and I looked. Where are my glasses?

mjc from IN, USA

Forgot to ask, but is that Barney looking through the cage in ooooo Duckie, just askin that's all.

Squidgy the Otter from All I want is 20:20 Vision

Ah, FC, I'm sure I spotted your FPU at the County Show lurking in a crafty corner eyeing up the North Ron cushions. A small detour to the SNH tent would have revealed a tamed Dragon making badges for little kiddie-winks. The shame!

Stromness Dragon from In the SNH tent

My my Squidgy, you do have an eye for a snowy thatch! Sorry the pu's didn't venture into the SNH tent SD - I'm sure fpu would have been delighted to snap your endeavours on a caring-sharing basis! Jill the kitten bed was a Red + purrchase - I bought it as a present for sundry small kittlets, but have put the handover ceremony on hold for now.

Flying Cat from blog tweaking

Mjc, today Wednesday, the mooblonde finally appeared. Worth waiting for. Hope you see her too. Squidgey, may I suggest that future mention of the B***** word is subject to a 1 month moratorium? I sense IBs are tiring somewhat. Now that holiday times are drawing to an end there must be more to comment on than a wrinkled nut...

Barney from Swithiod I got it

Dunno whether you got it or not, Barney from Swithiod, but I certainly got taken for a ride. Of course, the iblogger for this site could have lost nerve at the last minute. Happens to cats.

mjc from IN, USA

Shame that wrinkled nut was singular...I thought we might be in for some steamy Rev A Lations just for a moment there...

Flying Cat from here we go gathering...

This isn't really the right place for the following comment but the right place has disappeared. Squidgy, I am sorry if I have upset you with words like "moratorium" and "anonimity". I and obviously many other IBs and IB commentators have vastly enjoyed your blogs and our exchanges. Don't stop just because of a wrinkled old nut.

Barney from Swithiod sadly

Whatever happened to Carol from yonder (southern France)? Hope you are okay, Carol. Let's have a sign.

mjc from IN, USA

My comment of last evening plunged bottomlessly into the Spam Fritter...Carol-from-France has been severely messed about by her internet provider. Obviously I can't name and shame it here, suffice to say, the words telecom, france and a brightly coloured synonymous citrus fruit may be pertinent...

Flying Cat from gazing into Spam Flitter with murdelous intent

If there are any more instances of the spam filter getting hungry and munching on comments, please let me know.

Carol from IBHQ

Maybe it's the end of summer, but iblogging seems to be running out of fizz. Some blogs, promising in their wackiness, suddenly go silent. Others, promising a good rumble, end up with nothing but a wimpy sanitized burp. Maybe Barney should settle on St. Kilda and blog from there. Maybe ...

mjc from IN, USA

I think some just drift off to blog where they can have more autonomy over what they produce. If a babybiped would accept the offer of spondulicks to set me up in my own website , I'd be off like a shot. It's hard work islandblogging, and, unlike me, some folk have other things to do with their time.

Flying Cat from plodding on thanklessly

Other IBs have indicated that sites like Facebook, etc. are more attractive. But surely there is great value in having island-related blogs on the one site - it gives one a real perspective of what it must be like to be a genuine IB-er, and by no means a bed of roses either. Slog on, IB please, slog on! You are leaving a cultural foot-print of value, I'm sure.

Barney from Swithiod don't stop!

Ahem. Pawprint, if you don't mind, Cap'n P, Cultural Pawprint...

Flying Cat from not on a monument

I didn't expect to get a mention on the blondes' page, as I'm a tasteful ash grey, but of course if there's a Spam Flitter around these parts, it has to be me, having flitted more times than most folk have received spam...

Jeelie Piece from I AM the Real Spam Flitter

I can provide you the techneriffical experience you desire. It's really a lot easier than you think and no renumeration shall be required.

Schrodinger's Feline from Fox Watching

But it would be proffered! Gladly.

Flying Cat from piggy banking

So what do you call a smart blonde? A golden retriever. Seriously, love all the pictures. Wish I could have been there, especially to sample the lemon curd, wouldn't think that cats like lemon...

thelovelyOutlander from a lovely brunette

LovelyOutlander, I can admire the colour whilst sticking to whiskas and various small mammals...

Flying Cat from tabby with highlights

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