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16 October 2014

Flying Cat

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Frequent Blogging Alert! Angry Cat!

We - me and fpu - we hates the weather up here at times like this. Mpu and m'Marmalade Chum are more philosophical...karma beings. Lookit this. May. Nearly summer. Evening. Force 8 gale. Tender new bits of Rolling Acres flying hither thither and yon: gunnera hates wind: all the whitebeams, rowans, willows and rugosas are head heavy with early summer foliage and flowerbuds: we remember June 2001, when two well-grown whitebeams were ripped untimely - one survives as a shadow of its former self, after being staked through its roots in desperandum: why bother transforming a boring grass desert - and a pox on all you who don't even try! - into a magical artist's garden of circles, curves and ponds, with nectar flowers, hidey-holes and insect liff galore, for this to happen? We gotta get outta this place.....
tree circle
Tree Circle
gunnera 2
Pond 1
Pond 1
Well, que sera, sera: I'm off to Big Cage in the morning and the parental units are off to Isle of Man for mpu to dribble over big throbbing machines and fpu to .... er ...well anyway, rant over, thanks for reading if you have been...
Posted on Flying Cat at 21:09


aye, the weather has been a peedie bit scary last night! I also discovered that sheepskins strung ontae frames in high winds act like gliders.......

Hermit from drying oot

I was out this morning picking up all the bits and pieces that the wind had blown all over the croft. The solar lamps were in a right mess, we're down to the last 3 now, ( we had 6 ) and they don't have the same lamps in the shoppe, so will have to wait until another one goes then we will buy 6 different ones and it won't look so bad. Herself's gnomes were all down, I had to break the bad news to Herself when she got up, as one was broken, beyond repair. The outside temperature thingy was blown off the shed, and is now in the bin. I reckon that it has cost us about £50, give or take a fiver, but the rose bushes are still ok ( although there is no roses blooming yet, wait I better check, don't want to give out false information now do I ? Nope, just green leaves) but now it is lovely, and I feel fine, tell your pu's to have a fantastic time on the Isle of Man. Tata for now FC,

Tws from Sunny Lewis

Your garden looks lovely even in the wind, and you are to be congratulated on your efforts to repopulate Orkney with trees. You do seem to have tried many different kinds, what a great thing to do! It looks like the kind of garden with lots of good hiding places for cats and their friends...

Jill from EK

FC:- which PU takes the photos?? they are a!lways brilliant

carol from in awe and admiration

Very nice pictures. A wind like that can freshen up the air quite rapidly, I should think. At least in Orkney, you need not fear coconuts flying around looking for targets when the wind blows. Tropical islands are not all they are cracked up to be.

mjc from NM,USA

Enjoy your rest and relaxation in the big cage. Hope your bipeds have a good time also. Big throbbing machines: locomotives? Hope your fpu finds nice jewelry and apparel shops, even though it is the Isle of Man, not the isle of ... (yes, mea culpa: pretty terrible play on words, but ... the devil made me do it!!).

mjc from NM,USA

So when is the remake of 'Wind in the Willows' - Orkney version - going to be on general release? (like Erik who was let out yesterday)

Annie B from the usual

MJC: i think it it would be more""big powerful 2 wheeled engines"rather than locomotives!! maybe a nice little HD

carol from over here

mmmmmm....fpu saw many leather-clad men (a lot far larger than they ought to be in all dimensions!) and there were comments about twintubs versus Triumphs etc... It means nothing to me.... It's her what takes the photos mostly, with Wee Digicam.

Flying Cat from in limbo

Oh we're not back to no comments again are we? I posted several on Sunday 10th June and they still haven't appeared today, Monday. It's not yet another bank holiday is it?

Flying Cat from in a fluff

Oh well, at least it wasn't your pu's that was in the incident, I was so worried, that I............

Tws from Wherever

Carol: we don't do little HDs in Nuevo Mexico. Only monster sized ones will do. But both local and tourists can buy baseball caps with fake pony tails glued to the back. De rigueur when you are riding the big bad growling beast. For the faint of heart, there are also a good choice of fake tattoos for all part of the bared anatomy. Ole Route 66 goes right through Albuquerque. So, come on over y'all. HDs can be rented too: you won't have to bring your own. I suspect FC could be dropped in the bike bag, or a small cage could be appended to the HD rear.

mjc from NM,USA

You expect a sensitive feline to breath in all those nasty exhaust fumes mjc? Grrrrrrrrrrrrraarr! I'll have a sidecar if you don't mind. Parental units saw several very classy rigs on the island...and many REAL ponytails. Thank you SO much for your concern Tws......

Flying Cat from happyhappyhappy

FC I'm way behind reading as usual but just wanted to say love the garden pics and understand COMPLETELY about the wiiiind......I usually cheer myself up with chocolate I guess a good bit o' fish would be your equivalent, I think your bipeds are doing much better with their garden than I am with mine how long did it take for the trees to get that big??

island threads from lewis

Miaowee Island Threads, nice to see you here. The trees are all different ages, but the oldest whitebeams/willows/rowans/alders are about 13 years old. They were all very small and nearly all bare-rooted and not staked. The main thing is to know that grass is Public Enemy No1 to young trees and keep it away for at least a foot in any direction. So many people don't believe this, but it is true.

Flying Cat from Rolling Acres

ahhh I often take a peek to see what fc has be doing but don't always get to leaving little messages, to many blogs to read with islands and art blogs increasing all the time,

island threads from lewis

grass is public ememy number one in any garden, I do not like most grass but it likes my garden so this year very tough measures are being taken, the war is on, apart from the lodge poles already here I planted bare rooted one year old trees all around the garden feb '03 some are growing well some have been done for by the wind, public ememy number two but I am hoping to 'hinder' it before this winter, thanks for the tips eef cee

island threads from lewis

You just leave a little message any time you like IT. Me and m'Marmalade chum are forever leaving little messages around the 'hood......and we know how much they are appreciated!

Flying Cat from a scented garden

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