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16 October 2014

Flying Cat

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A Big Day Oot

Last July, when fpu asked Mandi at visitshetland to book accommodation in Lerook for the Folk Festival, little did they know that, thanks to Northlink, they would have a day to spare....but I bet the FF Commytee were not feeling like thanking Northlink, when they anounced their refit schedule. If the parental units had a tenner for every utterance of "P&O would never have done this to us", they might be commenting from a much bigger island on the backside of the world! Anyway, one volunteer organising committee's loss is another tourist's gain, and the pu's boldly went on the bus to Scalloway for lunch. At Da Haaf restaurant. En route, they recorded some of the sights/sites of interest, as you do. so here they are....
abandoning Hope
abandoning Hope
something fishy afoot
something fishy afoot
The Castle
The Castle
The Chippy
The Chippy, where, some moons ago now, all four bipeds encountered a dignified, elderly, quietly-spoken Norwegian man, who, as it came out in conversation, was one of the Shetland Bus men of WW2. Sitting on a bench in the evening sun with living history. And fish suppers.
going downhill
heading downtown
towards lunch
looking towards the promise of lunch
The Booth
The Booth. Something to do with "purple sweetie colours"...don't ask me, I'm only a cat.
The Museum
The Museum. Where fpu purchased, for a small sum, a pair of fingerless Fair Isle gloves with the pattern done in "purple sweetie colours". *sigh*
Shetland Bus
Memorial to the men of The Shetland Bus: there is also a list of names and the stones come from the men's home areas in Norway.
Shetland Bus boat
steel model boat on top of the Memorial.
new secondhand bookshop
the new secondhand bookshop...VG.
hands accross the sea
hands accross the sea
kirk window
kirk window
fpu's lunch....catfish. Am I to believe this? Did it ever look anything like a cat? And mpu had monkfish....honestly, the things they expect a cat to believe! Do I look like I came up the Clyde on a bike? No! (before anyone says anything to the contrary and you know who you are)
And, speaking of Tws, I would like to take this opporchancity to thank him so much for directing iBloggers to his Other Blog, because it led me to this one - Thank you Tws for your continuing interest in and support for felines. Bless! (Never mind the printed matter, just look at those pictures!)
Posted on Flying Cat at 23:40


You tricked me FC, I'll get you back for this, once I stop shaking. Is the Scalloway Museum where Scallowawife lives?

Tws from Shaken and Stirred

you are a very brave man tws!!

carol from worried for twswhen scallowawife gets holdof,him

Balamory is getting a bit scruffy looking, maybe afew coats of paint are needed. Get Super Scallowawife onto the job,.

Tws from A Far Place

I like the castle pic. I`m a castle wifie on a bothy budget, me.

Hermit from Sanday

The pic. on the featured blog, is like the poor man's Balamory, what's the story in Scallowmorry, you wouldn't like to know. What's the story in Scallowmorry, what a rotten show. Scallowmorry, scallowmorry.

Tws from Scallowmorry

Did you really have to book so far ahead, FC? Great photos, I like the mosaic, and the memorial is really well done. The idea of using stones from Norway is very good. BTW I checked out that Katkin blog, what incredible pics! All those gorgeous cats and that super dog! The nicest cat I ever knew, now sadly no more, was a black Oriental bred from Havanas. He was no cat, he was a human in a cat suit! Still miss him!

Jill from EK

Well shiver me timbers, I'd never have guessed. Fast life in the big city. I'll bet it's lit up at night like Broadway. Now I've got a problem. Can't make up my mind if my next holiday will pay a visit to the Scalloway museum....or the Smithsonian. :-)

Mark from USA

It's a no-brainer Mark! Hermit, is a bothy bigger and better than a but'n'ben? Jill, it made sense because they ended up in a brill. wee flat a mere stagger from Central Command aka Islesburgh. Well worth it! I tricked you Tws? I? FC? I don't think so....after all it was you who mentioned your OtherWhitesettlerBlog and I only follows orders like a good little kitty. There's no point trying to sook up to SS after your first comment, and I'm not one to pull a blog under any circumstances...anyway, I trust Anne to Do The Right Thing.

Flying Cat from trying to catch up

it looks brilliant - is that where I live ? think I must go for a walk in Scalloway. second hand bookshop? - must visit there. last time I looked it was a plumbers shop. how fast things change. I go to the folk festival for a weekend and a bookshop opens n Earl Patrick moves out of the castle..... did your pu's look in the shop - they have everything in there.

scallowawife from outside scalloway

I love the colours of the houses and the Booth.

Barebraes from Shapinsay

Love the pictures, really love the plate with food on it, but the catfish could have been cooked a little bit more.

Miss Tamela Ruth Payne from Lynwood, CA

I think I received your message clearly (maybe mistaken) but Anne does not allow me to blog. however I was tranported at an early age, and did revisit the midlands some years ago and the transpotation was correct. I have room upcountry to spread my arms and the air is clean. The only problem is the 7 year drought, clay drying out and accompanying foundation failure but thats a minor problem. I do like what you post.

roy from Sofala Oz

Gosh, you've been doing a lot of travelling lately Eff Cee. And that last photo of yours has my tummy rumbling - and it's still another hour until suppertime! *faints with weakness*

cub from chav central

FC, the only problemo I kin see is on a direct route the only choice for gittin thar would be to parachute in. But that's not the trouble, it's......gettin out, there's the rub. Isn't it always and forever tha way? They got any launchers there? Maybe when the time comes, I can rondezvous with the mother ship if I aims it just right.

Mark the Spark from The Flying Ark in the dark

Wentto Scalloway this weekend myself FC, didn't see Scallowawife though. Did buy Mac 6 tennis balls though in the shop. No shop in the north isles has the right balls. Is there a shortage of balls? Mac was like a dog with nine balls.

Muness from Fetlar

Merciful Heenins! A dug with two is scary enough....actually, and being a cat as I am, Arithmetic is not a strong point...does this mean Mac has three of his own???? Probably on balance, better than being like Goebbels in the song....Ta-ra, ta ta-ta tee tee tee...etc. Not sure about speling either....Scallowawife - s.h. bookshop was just opened and 'fairly tasty' proprietor had a postal vote for his previous gaff. S.N.P. fpu was fairly sure...look out for lions rampant!

Flying Cat from Rolling Acres

If you were the only cat in the world, and I was the only dog, life would carry on in the same old way, you could post a comment any old day, if you were the only cat and I was the only DOOOOOOOOG.

Tws from Crooningnotmooning

a bothy is a bit peedier than a but n ben FC, and is nowadays usually tucked up in Scottish hillsides and open tae hillwalkers tae bed doon for the night. Mind you though, modern bothies are a fair bit mair comfy than the bothies o` me youth.

Hermit from Sanday

I suppose comfort is relative if you come upon a bare shelter in a fpu's opinion (of which she has many!) youth hostels and suchlike 'basic' accommodation are becoming far too comfy and are no longer character forming.....that explains a lot....You can keep your scratchy army blankets and sewn-up sheet sleeping bag, I like my duvet...or anyone's duvet.....Please carry on crooning Tws. I'm trying not to think of the alternative. Too much....

Flying Cat from snoozing&snuggling

TWS: you should be able to do two things at one and the same time? Remember what they taught you in pre-kindergarten? In this case, you should be able to moon and croon at the same time.

mjc from NM,USA

Bum, bum, bum, de dum, de dum, The moonlight becomes you, it goes with your teeth, they come out at night too, da, dum de bum,bum, bum, da,da de, de, dum de bum,

Tws & Got from Crooningforlife

It's getting better than eurovision in here...

Flying Cat from lost in admiration

I'd like to sing Getoffthe's favourite song, thank you...... Ba Ba black sheep have you any wool, yes sir yes sir 3 bags fool, one for the master, and one for the taxman, and one for the Flying Cat that lives down the lane. tatatatatatatatata...

Tws & Got from Serbia

Will it be enough to re-insulate the loft?

Flying Cat from rhyming&scanning

" Nobody does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest, nobody does it half as good as you, ( what is it ? I don't know, but rest asured that I will have my best hounds trying to figure it out, whatever it is? Or does it not matter? )

Thewhitesettler from The Lewis

You've more than one???

Flying Cat from under a duvet

Dio mio, I have a photo of picture 7, taken with me own hands (I did have a good Irish teacher in my English language class, appearances notwithstanding). I had a heck of a good time in Scalloway, particularly a conversation with a local in a restaurant: I could not understand a word he said, and I hope he understood what I spoke. I sweated it out, but it is amazing how one can have a gracious conversation even when you can't understand what the other guy is saying. My wife could not understand him either, and we both swore he thought he was speaking English. He could have been speaking Gaelic or the Shetland dialect: if so, he was doubtless astounded that two Americans could understand him so well. Or perhaps he thought we were two idiots who did not make sense, and he was humoring us. In any case, memorable experience. Only in Scalloway.

mjc from NM

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