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16 October 2014

Flying Cat

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The Eyes Have It!

Agent Fpu slid unobtrusively from Room 16 Central Command, mind-blown by Aestaewast. Suddenly, a calm quiet voice, that of ib's favourite Agony Aunt, Shetland Agent Scallowawife, spoke in her right ear, "This is the earring?" and thus first contact was made between two ID-protected bloggers. I'd like to say that Fpu made a really witty reply say, perhaps, "Pee You, Eff Pee You, secret cleaning agent, licenced to scrub," or some such, but I'm an honest cat and cannot tell a lie. SAS continued, "Ruthodanort isn't here tonight." (Poor soul, she's still trying to work out if this was some sort of special code. Good grief, I try my best, but sometimes...) I can only put Fpu's unaccustomed inarticulacy down to an excess of enthusiasm for the tremenjous selection of real ales on tap in the bar...wide-eyed but not legless! Following a short exchange, SAS departed with sundry agents disguised as members of a drumming group, having completed a successful mission.
The next day.....les agents parentals were seated in the atrium, keeping a watchful eye on the passing throng (boy, when they throng in Shetland, they do it properly!)....fpu sees a pair of strangely familiar eyes, (last seen peering over the top of a Norsk newspaper, on an Unstan Blog?) Was it? Could it be? The Eyes pass over the unremarkable features and EARRINGS of agent fpu without a flicker of recognition.....perhaps she is mistaken? The owner of The Eyes and her two Junior Agents rise and walk away....fpu alerts mpu to her suspicion and he casts a piercing glance their way and clocks....on the retreating back of the tallest one, a picture of....drumroll....Scallowawife, drumroll please...thanks!... The Swan!!!!! Too late! SAR had left the building.
Later the same day....pu's, having left Clickimin early to avoid further disappointment by 'Headline Act', arrived back at Central Command Bar to sample some more fine ales (all in the line of duty, natch) ....another day, another voice....The Eyes, accompanied by Junior Agents B and ? (Look, I do apologise for the poor quality of my agents, but me and m'Marmalade Chum just can't get the staff...) manage to make contact at last. Information changed hands. Junior Agent B has a very promising career ahead of her, either as a Private Eye or a jeweller...
Here are some photos, of very similar quality to my agents:-
Shetland youngsters
Shetland youngsters at the Youth Concert
irritating mc
Steve Cousins, MC and fire-eater and owner of the most irritating giggle in the known universe...especially two nights running!
Terra Folk
Terra Folk - "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.." surely Slovenia's answer to Lordi but without the makeup: a must for Eurovision (if they haven't already been there.)
Can you see what it is yet?
That Drummer
That Drummer from Lazy Boy Chair. It is wrong to delight in other's misfortune. We know this to be true. But, when Gavin Firth broke a guitar string, and it meant fpu had an unobscured view of TD at the Legion, I fear some delight was felt. Tut!
La Cadiera Coixa
La Cadiera Coixa. From Aragón. Someone wants the cd. But Someone forgot to buy it. Estupido!
Posted on Flying Cat at 09:54


i take it most undercover agents met up in shetland and had good fun??

carol from sarkoland

It happened exactly as FC says! I would have liked to have had another yarn wi the PU's, but I lost them in the throng at the Lazy Boy Chair session. Oh well, another time, another pair of earrings.....

Ruthodanort from Unst


Barebraes from Shapinsay

Well your pu's looked like they were having a good time. I was reading a blog by Digital Sands ( very short one, the blog and not DS, although I haven't met him/her so he/she may be short, or not very tall ) about which Island Blogger you would like to meet and there are, not one, but two comments from you FC, blabbing who you'd really love to meet, and not a mention of me, just as I was going to comment that I'd like to meet you, but no, I held back, I am hurt FC, deeply hurt, you have stuck a dagger in my back and twisted it in. Was it the Island Wars that upset you? Look somebody had to be the bad guy, and I thought that you could handle it....

Tws from Idon'twanttomeatyoueither

ah tws is still with us-why have you been so quiet????

carol from sarkoland

He's been hiding oot lickin the wounds that FC has left.....

Ruthodanort from Unst

Ruthodanort you have just got the golly-gee-whizz-bestest ideas! (so sorry can't think where that came from) Fpu is seriously considering revisiting Roger and Jo at Fluke Jewellery, in order to acquire a pair of special FF earrings for next year! And maybe a festival pinny too.....someone could suggest it to the committee.....but not like the 'I LOVE LEWIS but I wouldn't want to live there' T shirt which fpu just happened to be wearing last Friday, when she sat down beside. a. man. from. Lewis............NOT AMUSED!!!!!

Flying Cat from unnerabunnet

TWS: Sorry you were hurt. For clarity, I am 6 foot 3 inches. Tall.

Digital Sands from Berneray

had another look at pu's photos-fpu is right the drummer is not bad and his mate----aaaahhhhhhhhhh

carol from just got surnbunt

Six foot three inches. Tall? How do you fit onto Berneray? It must be bigger than I imagined....

Flying Cat from Cheshire Grin

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