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16 October 2014

A dogs life - January 2006

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Back to work

Mam went back to work yesterday, so me and Maggie are stuck out in the shed all day, but we're not on our own, you see she work's in the shed, she makes something called Burra Bears, from old woolly jumpers.
It's not so bad, the shed is quite small so we can't run around so much, but it's really warm and cosy and we have a bed each.
We have to get up really early as Rob is back at school and everyone is up and dressed before 9, so no more lie in's!

I was going to tell you about our cousin's in Whiteness, Mak and Millie. Mak is a black lab (still a bit young and hyper like Maggie), Millie is about the same height as me (she's really old thought) and is what you human's call a mongrel (we don't like to think of ourselves by that name), the vet thought she was a cross between a Jack Russell and a German Shepherd (Yeh, I know what you're thinking????), but anyhow, she was a street dog in Glasgow and came from a Rescue home, My Mam's, sister's lass took her up here to live and now she has a huge garden and a lovely house, but still has a bit of a problem with food (all those years on the streets), and she can be a temperamental now and again.
Mak is still quite young about 8 years (or 1.5 years in human years), he came from Yell as a puppy.
I don't really see much of them, especially now Maggie is here, as I don't get to go in the car very often (only when we go to the vet).
Posted on A dogs life at 16:47


Soooooosie came along today, she visits every now and then with one of those things on wheels that you plug into the wall and it makes a really loud noise, and just when you thought that was bad enough, it makes all the furballs that roll up and down the passage simply disappear. Now I quite like this machine, you human folk call it a hoover, I like to play with it and bark, cos when I do that it comes after me and tries to get me. Maggie is not quite so keen, she greets and runs away, but she is getting more brave, and she loves Sooooosie.
Anyhow, I was glad Sooooooosie came cos my feet are getting itchy again (it's my dust mite allergy), you see my Mam doesn't really like housework and she doesn't take out the hoover as much as she should do, so thank da loard for Soooosie Shine, even thoough she calls us the 'Four Legged Furballs' (I'm sure she means it in the nicest possible way).
I have to give a weather update as I know how much you humans are obsessed with it. It has been pretty hellish lately, not that it bothers us dogs, you know we are happy to go out in whatever the sky decides to drop on us, it's only hellish because that's when you think you cannot bear to take us outside, even though you put on jackets, scarves, gloves, boots and whatever else you can find to cover yourselves in, were not bothered, what's wrong with a furry coat and no shoes, never did us any harm - think about it!!! Although I must admit, Maggie nearly turned in to a kite dog the other day, it was a bit windy and she was on her extendable lead at the top of the Muckle Road, get the picture?
So here's hoping for a better day tomorrow (God, you've got me at it now, dogpseak, dogspeak, dogpseak).
Hey Floyd, keep up the comments, Mam thinks I can't work the computer either, stupid humans eh!
Posted on A dogs life at 00:23

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