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16 October 2014

isles pictures

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Maybe catch a glimpse or see a name..

liniclate drowning in sunset flames
Consuming vision, concealed from sight
In darkness moth drawn to the light
No signpost to the path most bright
Which wisdom way to leave the night
Benbecula cottage
Creeping, seeping, through the veins
Feel stomach churning once again
Knowledge search drives minds insane
Maybe catch a glimpse or see a name
Through next dimension window pane

Hecla & Bheinn Mhor, South Uist
view from Dunganachy, Benbecula
Old Church, Iochdar South uist
poetry excert from HebrideanHomelandPhotography poem 'Hunger'
Posted on isles pictures at 14:04


I love the third picture with the blue shades, and also am fascinated by the birds on the roof of the house. Do you know what they are? They seem to be waiting for something...

Jill from EK

It was a blue kind of day when i was looking at the mountains light wise, not mood wise! the birds are starlings, and they were gathering before roosting for the night, probably in a nearby barn or similar.

isles pictures from grimsay

i've already replied to this blog but as its been no doubt gobbled up-here we go again:As usual lovely wording se of by beautiful photos:thanks

carol from over here

carol, yourself and jill always leave lovely comments on my blog, thank you. I am very familiar with EK (presuming it is East Kilbride), but where do you mean when you say 'over here' or 'over there'? - and are you the same carol as ibhq?

isles pictures from grimsay

Hello IP. Let me explain. Carol from 'over here' or 'over there' resides most of the time in France. I'm from IBHQ which is not another planet but is in fact currently located in Glasgow. Previous to this, IBHQ was to be found in Aberdeen. If you'd like to know how Anne, the former resident of IBHQ is, see this blog:

Carol from IBHQ

Oh no. There are Two Carols, as if one wasn't enough, IP. You don't get out and around Other Peeps' Blogs enough! Carol's 'over here' is France and she's the utterly nutterly Carol, unlike C from IBHQ, who is eminently sane. (I have to say that...)

Flying Cat from Corrections&Clarifications Inc

IP--i am a scot who has lived in the south for the past 32yrs(is it really that long?)As Fc has so cattily put it,i am a complete utter nutter,read FC's blogs late december 2007,jan and feb 2008 for more info as regards my sanity

carol from explaining myself

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