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16 October 2014

isles pictures

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Purple Heather

O the summer time is comimg
and the trees are sweetly blooming
and wild mountain thyme
grows around the blooming heather
will you go, lassie, go

from the song Wild Mountain Thyme/Will you go Lassie go. I don't know who the originator of the song is, but i've heard at least two versions.
Blooming Berneray Heather
langass area, North Uist
Two taps in an art feature at Berneray Harbour
Berneray Harbour
Berneray Harbour
Berneray shore
From inside a ruin in Berneray
Summer sunrise in benbecula

Posted on isles pictures at 17:49


It may well be traditional although a lot of supposedly traditional numbers turn out to be surprisingly recent. It has certainly been a favourite going home time song for folk clubs for nigh on 45 years to my certain knowledge

Hyper-Borean from The back room at the Black Horse

Great pictures again. Thank you.

Amanda from Tyne and Wear

Lovely photos as ever, IP. I like the one with the blue boat in the little cove (3rd from bottom). And is that pampas grass in the last photo, or were you lying on the ground looking through ordinary grass?

Jill from EK

Hi Jill - it is pampas grass. The photo was taken through the kitchen window and the pampas grass was covered in small birds which had cleared off by the time i snapped the shutter. There is loads of gardens with pampas grass in the isles- it is a beautiful plant, but very hardy also.

isles pictures from grimsay

Gunnie Moberg, photographer and artist, used pampas grasses as a windbreak in her garden in Outertown, where the westerly gales rage in unhindered.

Flying Cat from Stromness gardens

Hi, This is the first time I have opened your blog. The pics are amazing, I like the contrast of colour and black and white, I have now opened your previous columns and again enjoy photos and your opening song or poem.

Harryd from Canada

Thanks, IP. What a shame you couldn't get the birds! Does the grass provide seeds for them? Also, I know it's quite hardy but I thought maybe the strong winds might have been a factor against it thriving. I know you get the odd breeze in the islands :-)

Jill from EK

I have that on a CD ... and upon reading your blog hunted it out ... am playing it now! It says the composer was McPeake. Thanks for bringing it to mind; I love it. Wonderfull piccies!

Plaid from Nowhere near the heather

I think pampas grasses grow on the open windswept plains of Chile or somewhere South American, so they can stand any amount of windage.

Flying Cat from gazing at fallen fennel

Hi, loved the pics, the song too. Opened your blog by chance but will find you again each week. I live on an island too, much hotter than yours with no rain since early April, send some over here please!! Despite the surname, I am Welsh and proud of it. The Dragon.

sandra mcgregor from Kalymnos Island, Greece

Beautiful pictures--love the heather and the last one especially.

thelovelyOutlander from dreaming of Highlands and Islands...

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