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16 October 2014


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History Repeating Itself - the BBC Clearances

With the closure of island blogging by the BBC islanders are once again being thrown out of their homes and having to move to new sites - it's the clearances all over again! Fat cat lairds at the BBC in Glasgow are clearing the site so they can up sticks and come grouse shooting and set up their wind farms on our beloved islands. As we speak The Corries,Runrig and Andy Stewart ( some mistake surely) are all busy recording protest songs against the cyber clearances and BBC Alba are planning a Christmas Special on the subject headed by that thin Barra fellow from River City and the platinum blonde woman who is on practically everything else. How come Arnish Lighthouse hasn't even whimpered ( has he accepted the Beeb's shilling) or white settler not written a protest poem? Chrissie Mary Morrison (Miss) is the only one allowed to take things lying own - the rest of you where's your spirit gone and Donald says he knows where his has gone! It makes my blooboil when I see you all posting on this new hyphenated site - hyphens are so Hyacinth Bouquet!
I'm going to keep posting until, like that litttle Pepperami there is nothing of me left.

Posted on calumannabel at 21:44


The offer is still there to help you with migrate your blog calumannabel, whether it's to the new Island Blogging site or elsewhere on the web, as initially mentioned in the 'Next Steps FAQs' posted by IBHQ. If you want to get in touch, either leave a message here or e-mail

Carol from IBHQ

Seconded. What if we were to drop the hyphen?

Les from the hyphenated place

The hyphenated place is different. Sure it is frustrating to set up, some bits work really well, some just go round in circles, until you work out what button you'd forgot to push. And the people may be the same, but it seems to have got more cliquey, which I quite like, it makes my mates more mine.....But I'm listening to BBC4 folk and protest songs at the moment, I'm not sure modern bands can do them as well.

Nic from Coll

Damn. I forgot that comment won't go live for two and a half days.

Nic from Coll

Aww Calum, we all miss ye soooooo. I did write to Eek Salmond, but they lost the email between his up north office and edinburgger!!! I agree with your statement, however miss your banter more than the fight. Gonny at least comment on my site, I'm feelin kinda lonley and need the info about the Dell Fank, poor 4X has even taken pity on me...poor boy, he has no idea what he could be lettin himself into!!!!! Or contact uncle les, he is very good, Les stop laughin, you know I'm inept, its not my fault I'm dispepsic! I tried to get you via your yahoo thingy but that didnt work either, gwan, you know you want to.

grannye from lost in space

Our Spirit has gone to a Better Place! Look, I can't even post a smiley here. Or live links. Come on calum show spirit yourself and take advice from Those Who Ken. It's too early to offer concessions Les, next you know, it'll be beer and sangwidges in smoke-filled rooms and then where will we be...

Flying Cat from Numpty-but-not-Fearty

Poor FC and her smiley obsseshun, d'ya think we could incorperate smileys into this years Dell Fank to appease her. Dont know about you but smoke filled rooms with beer and sangwidges sounds good to long as its not in the Guga smokehoose. Lookin desperatly fur yur guid sel' ower the other side.

GrannyE/effin granny from On the Other Side

FC is a HE!! But coming back here is like moving back to a third world country without the quaintness.

Nic from Coll

Smileys will be the order of the day at thsi year's fank. Donald, Chrissie Mary and myself will make sure it passes into the articles of association of the fank movement at our next meeting. I told Donal we will need a Quorum so he's ordering one from the catalogue.

calum from No Hyphen House, Habost

Good news Calum, the co-op is having a fire sale oh QQQhoir, yon vegie mincethingy, but one get fifteen free!!! Should make for some interesting dishes al buffet. Is this the kind oh top quality nosh yous is lookin fur? cheerie

GrannyE/effin granny from enroute

Calum, I whimpered when we were served with notice to quit - but the hyphenated site has now been DEhyphenated. No excuse now!

Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway

At least you got a chance to blog the rest of the country was not as important

john from here

This blog is now closed and we are no longer accepting new posts.

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