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16 October 2014


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Fed up to the back teeth with Word Press

Reregistered under a new name - cannot access my blogs or open the comments and worst of all I seem to be getting spam messages coming through so in the words of Lyndon B Johnson 'Include me Out'
I am not a total numbskull with a computer - I make my living writing on one for goodness sake but this new site is past a joke...
Oh and a happy new year everyone.
Posted on calumannabel at 22:34


You are THE one blogger without whom our community will simply not be the same. I Beg, (and c'mon, I'm weegie, we never beg...ever) you use all your powers to attempt to come over and join us. What about say openeing up another email with your service provider, I've had to do this with some work stuff. Orrr if all else fails open a blog with somewhere else for a while until things calm down and give us your new adi and we will stick it in our blogs as a link. Well, I say we, I ofcourse mean Les or Jay, I sent you an email/messanger thingy, not sure if you got it, all I'm sayin is ew. We miss you so much, please please please I emplore you, get over to oor side somehow or other. Cheerie

GrannyE/effin granny from Chitterin in ra wind

I'm with you. I am only a visitor and not a poster, but I do like this site much better. It is so much easier to read and navigate. I don't understand why they are shutting it down. It seems to be such a wonderful service for the islands.

Gale from NC, USA

Using the confuser as my ancient Aussie friend calls it is not the same as getting to grips with the new ib site! Without the help of Les on 'Help Me Blog' I never would have got there. Its still confusing, but the spam was stopped by activating Akismet (spam-blocker), an action which I found so confusing that to this day, I have no idea how I got it right (a slip of the paw purrhaps). Maybe some day...

Flying Cat from keeping our end up

Have to agree, Calumannabel, that Wordpress is not userfriendly.

Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway

Was that gugaboy which you then deleted or are you saying you signed up again? I have offered to help but you haven't responded. I'll happily email you direct with my phone number and talk you through the process which is NOT hard - it's just different - but I'm not going to email you without your say so. The first time I used the wordpress software was when I learned the BBC site was closing and I wanted to set up another site. Someone else beat me to it but now - from scratch - I am writing the Help Blog and answering everybody's questions and generally doing all I can to encourage and help people who find it difficult. I've found using wordpress to blog is actually very easy. If anyone asks I will help them but I can't help someone who doesn't ask. The new site is no more difficult to use than this one but is still in its early days and is improving all the time. I have spent hours and hours of my own time working on it and I don't even run it! Any spam you are getting has nothing to do with the new site - there is no way spammers can pick out your email address from the database so please don't use that as an excuse. Everyone seems to want you to join in and the offer of help is there but it's up to you. I would be interested to hear from Gale from NC just what makes this site easier to use because improvements to the IB site can always be made if needed.

Les from Help on the new IB site

It is different, and set-up is always tricky because you only do it once, so no-one can remember. I had trouble finding my blog, but you click log-in under the meta tab, then site admin and then it starts to work. I thought moderating comments would be a pain, but once FC is approved his comments appear and he can be ignored (never!!). The big problem is that because it is live it is much more addictive than here. Les, how do we send you chocolates as a trhank you??

Nic from Coll

I prefer both wordpress and blogger because on these sites my blogs are posted when I click publish unlike this site when my posts were frequently going missing and some went missing after they had been published, I will add this never used to happen only during the last year, I also like with the other blog software that I can have the comments on my posts e mailed to me so if someone leaves a comment on a post I wrote a while ago I still see it without the hassle of going back through all my posts all the time, Calum as you sometimes work for the beeb are you just a wee bit predigest.....I was, well am surprised that so many fled the beeb so fast giving the beeb even more reason to close this site there aren't many fighters out there,

island threads from lewis

Nothing worth fighting for here...and nobody was going to listen to little wurums like us anyway. It hurts my head every time I learn anything new on teh new ib site, but the sense of achievement, and knowing all the braincells aren't yet drowned/pickled, make it worthwhile. It's genuinely interactive so it is. Thanks Nic!Nic!Nic! I'll take that as a compliment. The best bit of all about the new blog is the Total Control. I love it!

Flying Cat from The Other Side

I guess your right FC nothing worth fighting for, I love being in control of MY blogs too and not having to rely on the whims and fancies of others as I had too here, my only concern with the new site is the small amount of storage space 10mb, I post a lot of photos so know I would need more,

island threads from lewis

Yes I find that a problem too IT and I am struggling with the need to save space on the one paw, and the desire to show a whole raft of photos on the other. Must try to get to grips with slideshows, Flickr, links to...

Flying Cat from as technologically challenged as ever

I tried and failed too but maybe that's because I shouldn't be there in the first place. I just kept getting junk mail from it but couldn't find my blog. If I can't neither can my readers so a bit pointless.

Sunny from Cyprus

Oh and Happy New Year to you all too!! This site is still working. Have they given a shut down date yet?

Sunny from Cyprus

Hej, Callum, give it one more try with Les holding your hand. You owe it to Chrissie Mary, Donald and all the other Fans of the Fank. We want all those filthy details without which life is so DULLL.

Barney from Swithiod come awa' ma' wee Geordie!

come on calum-even i get a log on wordpress

carol from whitianga

Sunny, we can see your blog on WP. Although the site is closed to off-islanders now, you and Carol-from-NZ and effingrannie are already there, so I fur one would be thrilled to see you get to grips with the new site. Always ask Les if you're stuck, because he can explain anything to anyone, even cats. I see you've got time on your paws just now...

Flying Cat from happily re-homed

This blog is now closed and we are no longer accepting new posts.

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