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16 October 2014


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The last post

I'm finding the new site a little difficult to master so I think my contributions will be reduced to the occasional comment from now on. I did post the idea of a cyber works do at Christmas but the post was disallowed as I mentioned a brand of lager by name and that would have been my swansong. I've enjoyed the occasional sortie into the surreal and enjoyed posts esp from Flying Cat, mjc Bof B and of course Sunny. I think the bbc was the glue that held the community together and feel that it will be difficult to grow the community on Word Press. I may even start my own blog in '09. Happy New Year to one and all - au revoir
Posted on calumannabel at 20:57


Calum don't you dare fall out of the new ib just because its a bit different and challenging to the technically bereft like me!! Dammit. What sort of a spineless Niseach does this make you!! Nice Uncle Les has posted tutorials in Help Me Blog that even I can follow...and anyway this place is 'like a morgue' as our American correspondent once said. Stop hiding in here and pull yourself together. I mean, you can't even put smileys in its so primitive. This was your womb, now its time to be reborn. Purrleeeease...

Flying Cat from deep shock

come Calum, I agree with our dear eef cee, goodness if I can manage a photo a day on wordpress for a year then you could master it in a fraction of time, anyway please let us know your new url if you blog else where, re the 'disallowed' seems the beeb has become very bossy and humourless of recent times, happy 2009,

island threads from ness

I've had another go at this other site and I applied for my password as I couldn't remember the difference between my password and username - I got what looked like a quadratic equation which I typed in several times and each time I was told my password is incorrect. I am losing the will to live.....

calumannabel from in a pickle

don't you dare stop blogging or else i won't turn up at the fank--i've even taken photos of another place to hold the fank if the weather in lewis is bad-i'm trying to find out how to post the damn things on the new site. have a good new year!

carol from in whitianga

Get you backside over to the new hoose. It took me six attempts. Just try a new name and reapply, somthing exoctic perchance!!! I have faith that you of all people can come up with somthing. Honest boss, it will be worth it, and I NEED that Dell Fank application.

GrannyE/effin granny from Auchenshuggle, saltin the veranda

Got another mesage on email asking me t accept a message on this new site. Can I get in to read it? No chance

calum from ness

You resize them to max 300 pixies on the longer side, then download them onto your desktop or somewhere else then upload them onto your new blog, but not too many don't get carried away I hope this helps and Happy New Year Calum for goodness sake get a Young Purrson to help you I'm going spare in that WordCupboard without you. EffCee xxx

Flying Cat from The WordCupboard

Aiee, Don't give up the ghost. Charge. Good luck. Someone will help you. Happy New Year. John Morrison

john a morrison from Chicago

If you'd like someone to give you a bit of 1:1 coaching on getting underway on the new site, let me know.

John (x333xxx) from Isle of Lewis

set up another account, it took most of us quite a few tries

GrannyE/effin granny from Auchenshuggle (home of the Commonwealth bowls)

The reason I started the Help blog on the new site was exactly to help folks who might find the transition difficult. If I was on Lewis I would happily come round to your croft and share a bite of guga whilst giving you one on one lessons in setting it all up. Trouble is I won't get to Lewis for another 18 months or so. I'd happily talk you through everything on the phone if you wanted to give me a call (have to sort out the number by email). I can't agree at all that 'it will be difficult to grow the community on Word Press'. I'm working my butt off behind the scenes to make it a great community with every blogger able to do as much or as little as he/she wants and quite a few folk seem to have found their way with just a little help. The new site will feature far more than this one for those that want it but if you just want it simple that's okay too. AND you can mention as many brands of lager as you want and even tell us how much emporioalanjohn charges for his little blue pills! Freedom awaits - make William Wallace proud!

Les from the new IB blog

Please don't give up with Wordpress, we can't live without Tales of the Fank... What about this film then? I didn't get my invite to the premiere, I'd bought a new hat and everything.

BoB from Lewis

The BBC was quite obviously not the glue that held us together. There is a whole raft of old, new, borrowed and blue (you can guess who that is!) bloggers over there and most of us are coping. I am never too proud to accept a genuine offer of help kindly given. Would it be different if Les was a woman? OH STOP SULKING!!!

Flying Cat from Danderup Cott

This blog is now closed and we are no longer accepting new posts.

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