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16 October 2014

Ruthodanort - March 2006

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Introducing Henry

My oldest lass said that he looks like a Henry.
Posted on Ruthodanort at 14:35


This is the second pic that Kevin Spencer has sent me, the first was Babsie-Anne, ripe for the Fank.

On the road to Muness.  It didnt work, but a tractor did the trick tho!
Posted on Ruthodanort at 19:42

More Snow!

Had five days home in a row noo, went sledging yestrerday tho, it wis great fun. Used sheep nut bags, you go like a rocket, but my childhood memories would have me believin the bags used to be bigger! Woke up this mornin to anither half foot o snow, but it was falling in a downwards direction, what bliss!! (as opposed to in a horizontal direction.) However, the wind has picked up again noo, and everythin that wisno cancelled before definately is noo. Here's a few pics I've been takin to while away the hours.

Posted on Ruthodanort at 14:03

Introducing Vincent, Henry & Tom's bridder

Although all our snow is now melting I feel obliged to post one last pic of a snowman. Vincent was made by George, anidder member o staff at the school, and I am sure that by blogging his pic Vincent will now be immortal, along with Henry and Tom. Long live the Snowmen!!

Vincent, een o da Baltasoond Bridders, now immortal on the blogs.
Posted on Ruthodanort at 19:23

I, too, had a raging torrent.

After Damadcoo's latest posting I feel obliged tae post a few pics o my back garden, which was engulfed in water when the burn overflowed during the thaw. It wis actually drainin doon tae the foonds o my hoose through the air vent in the wall.

Posted on Ruthodanort at 21:04

Friday night in Whalsa!

Scallowawife, two other friends & mesel spent a very pleasant evening in the Oot Ower Bar on Friday night, had a lovely meal and played a few games o pool.
The following day we went for a tour o the island and found a couplo o things we thowt Calum & Donald wid find of interest for the Fank.

Damadcoo thowt a circular conveyer belt may be an improvement.

Bessie Mary fae Papa Stour thowt she wid go tae the Fank, so we reckoned a bath wid come in handy.
Posted on Ruthodanort at 12:55

More sub-standard wellie boots

My daughter's wellie boots have suffered the same fate as Damadcoo's! I was suitably annoyed but we'd had them just longer than a year, so didn't return them. Maybe I should've!

Posted on Ruthodanort at 18:44

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