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16 October 2014


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Bobby's Bus Shelter

The Unst Bus Shelter (we have more than one bus shelter in Unst but this one deserves the definite article) is known locally as Bobby's Bus Shelter. It is one of Unst's premier visitor attractions, and the visitor book is well worth a read, usually studded with the witty comments of many well travelled tourists. Frequently throught the summer months you can see people posing inside for a photo that will bring back memories of Unst's quirky sense of humour.

It's a great place for a rest, even if you don't have a bus to wait for. You can relax and have a meat pie from the hot snacks counter, or sit a while and watch the tv. At Christmas time it's a fine stop for a peerie sit and a dram, and you will be cheered by the festive lights in the cold night.

The award winning website for the shelter is currently undergoing some tweaking, but will be back with us soon. For some more info on Unst, and some great photos, go to

Yes, there is no expense spared by the Unst Bus Shelters Interior Design Team

This Spring brings a feel-good theme to the shelter.

INSERT Locals and tourists enjoying Bobbys Bus Shelter together.
Posted on Ruthodanort at 11:58


That bus shelter is furnished better than my front room.

Tws from Lookingatmyfrontroom

nice pics but is this another gag??

carol from in rainy france

On Lewis that would be a showhouse

calum from lewis

Carol, its just as you see it. Just a mile up the road from my hoose actually. The bus shelter web address is, but as I said, its out of action just now.

Ruthodanort from Unst

I think an earlier comment from me may have disappeared into the ether, but I just have to say that I've seldom seen a more amazing sight! How often is the seasonal decor changed?

Jill from EK

Nice to see you enjoying your holiday at the local bus shelter, most people choose the beach!

Hazel from catchin up at work before monday

That's surely the best it's ever been. Such taste! It truely is the alpha and omega of busshelters....and Carol doesn't believe in it.....

Flying Cat from trying to believe one impossible thing.....

Ah, the thought of being there for a peery sit and a wee dram at Christmas time takes my breath away, lass!

Guy from Central Coast of California

ok ruthodanort, i believe you,its really funny, over here it would be vandalised in under five minutes-not in our village we don't get any buses -well only school ones.

carol from whereitspeltingdownwithrain

I noticed that Van Gogh dropped one of his paintings on consignment.

mjc from NM,USA

Happy Birthday Ruthiebaby.

Tws from Lewis

Gratulere med dagen! Goodness, just look at the view on Muness....

Flying Cat from an admiring glance

How come Bobby doesn't get pestered by double glazing salesmen?

calumanglian from lewis

Is it for rent? I could live there!

Plaid from The Outback

We passed the bus shelter today but didn't stop as it was raining (& we were late). We were selling timetables shop to shop. It looked really cheerful though.

FetlarSchool from Unst

Plaid: not only is the sofa lumpy, but the food you order on the internet for delivery by bus or rickshaw/jalopy arrives late and cold. I would think twice if I were you. You might need some kangaroo hides to keep you warm, and I would not worry too much if the hoppers don't have a plaid pattern. Things may not be all they are cracked up to be at that lonely bus stop (service to Ronaldsay, once a week; service to Bobby's bus stop, once a year, on Christmas Day, devout Christians permitting).

mjc from NM,USA

Tusen takk, FC

Ruthodanort from Unst

I've always been a view.

Muness from Fetlar

Neste gang du besøker Norway, come and visit me and my family. Vi bur ikke langt fra Stavanger.

Dag from Norway

And modest with it...

Flying Cat from remembering sixpacks

takk for invitasjon, Dag! (I am making some o these words up and hoping they are norsk.) I got your email address from IBHQ, I will get in touch. Kjaeresten min bor ikke langt fro Bergen, men han har en seilbot og vi skal reise pa det i sommeren, maybe then we can come see you. Hope my terrible norsk makes sense to you!

Ruthodanort from Unst

Your terrible English never makes much sense either, Ruthie babe.

Tws from Dictionary Corner

roughly translated: thanks Dag I will always be grateful for even the sniff of a trip to Norway. my dearest lives not far from Bergen but has a sailboat which I will endeavour to make sure he uses to come across the North sea to visit me, take me back to Norway for the summer or else I will have a tantrum the size of Unst - and then I shall visit you . And my Norske is terrible - OOPS sorry that bit is already in english...

scallowawife from in norske dictionary

Wow! Tws does like to live dangerously...

Flying Cat from an admiring glance

Oh to be back on the island

Leask_in_Exile from Mainland

fc: since showing us his lovely body tws is afraid of no-one or anything-it would be nice to have his confidence,sigh

carol from usual place

But not his body surely? There must be a limit to what one covets....thou shalt not covet thy blogging neighbour's ass, for instance, seems very sensible to me. All things considered.

Flying Cat from a burning bush oh if only

Specially if the bod has no spine. Can you imagine? It would just be a blog, oops no I meant blob.

Ruthodanort from Unst

I was born in bonnie Shetland and on a recent trip my parents took me to this bus shelter!! Wonderful idea and adds a smile to many a passing face!

LerwickLover from Inverness

Lerwicklover, are you related to LerwickStreet or LerwickTrevor?

Ruthodanort from Unst

Hmm, Ruthiebabe stop all this caring, sharing funny girl nonsense NOW. Give yourself a good hard slap ( if you can't manage that I believe that there is a large queue forming, of peoples willing to lend you a hand ) and snap out of this. It's not you, where is the Ruthodanort that we all loved and feared? Is she gone forever? Has she hung up her boxing gloves, baseball bat, knuckle dusters etc. for good? Or is this just a phase that Ruthie babe is going through?

Tws from The Shedlands

Ruthodanort I can't say I know LerwickStreet or LerwickTrevor!!! Just love Shetland!!

LerwickLover from Inverness

Oh well, nice try Ruth....could have been interesting.... Boyohboy Tws you are really trying!

Flying Cat from anudge&awink

Attaboy: he's just a lover, not a fighter. Italian ancestry no doubt (yes, yes, Anne, I am kidding. I love Mussolini, Berlusconi, ravioli, spaghetti, etc. Mama mia, I am in for a long time in purgatory!).

mjc from NM,USA

Ruthodanort is being nice. Can't anyone just accept this?

Muness from Fetlar

Very trying! Ruthodanort brings cake to those in need. We've had experience of this. Kind, caring, what more could someone wish for?

Muness from Fetlar

Sorry I missed your birthday. Gratulera så mykje med dagen og ein klem frå meg( hope your dear one don't read this)

Dag from Norway

It appears that someone has been commenting on Ruthodanort, some rather unkind, and without foundation, and posing as myself. Well let me set the record straight, I have not, and indeed would not, besmirch the name that is the great Ruthodanort ( a tv series called The Great Ruthodanort, would be a sound idea, maybe along the lines of Wonderwoman, like by day She is a School Teacher, but at night She is The Great Ruthodanort, you could use Bobby's Bus Shelter to change into your Great Ruthodanort gear, although that bit needs a bit working on, but I feel a blog coming on ) well it wisnae me, although it might have been. I have no knowledge of these comments m'lord, I have no knowledge of quite a lot of things, but my sincerest apologies to you Ruthiebabe, if you were upset in even the slightest way by any, or none of my comments. They were not intended to be nasty or malicious. I am trully SORRY.

Tws from Unknown

Tusen takk for klemen Dag! Men kjæresten min sporte hvor bor du? But it's ok, cos I told him you live in Sweden, and he doesn't like it there.

Ruthodanort from Unst

Fond greetings from the Northwest side of Chicago - where a charming and cozy shelter like that would be picked clean in minutes. Peace!

Marcus from Chicago, Illinois

gawd bless you Marcus from Illinois, this blog has now reached the magic 40! And greetings to you to, from Unst.

Ruthodanort from Unst

Caught the bus south from this remarkable shelter in May 2007, mid-way through a walking holiday on Shetland. Well done & greetings to all.

John Macrae & Bruce Curtis from Springfield Cricket Club, Essex

Great place to bring all you friends (well, all MY friends would fit in there!). But how do you stop the rain from damaging the furniture and fittings? Answer carefully as there are a load of bad-a**ed bikers in America awaiting your reply, as well as 1 or 2 RUBS in Wales :)

Apehanger from South

Just found the site - we visited in Mat '06 - when the spacemen were there - Ace! Hope to come back soon....

Linda & Henry from Pershore, Worcs

Apehanger - Rain? What rain? It never rains in Unst!!!

Ruthodanort from Unst

We left you a new York bus map a few years ago - did it help the Unst buses at all?

Liz from NYC

I have just been today to Unst and saw the bus shelter clearly on the return journey from Hermaness. I got off along with an entusiast of this shelter and stepped actually inside it.... pretty purple was the colour of the day...with tv, keyboard, light...and of course a seat! Found it all Unsts know how keep the humour going.....Keep up with this.

Daniel from From London on holiday in the Shetlands

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