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16 October 2014

Arnish Lighthouse

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Final post

Arnish Lighthouse has reached its third anniversary on BBC Island Blogging, and that's where it will end - that is to say, on the BBC website.

I think Island Blogging was a wonderful idea, linking people from all the Scottish islands together, and I've had a whale of a time. Apparently, I'm the most prodigious of bloggers in the Western Isles (510 posts), which bears out my enthusiasm. Looking back, I enjoyed putting up my many pictures (current collection has grown to nearly 18,000).

I seem to have become drawn into to controversial subjects like the proposed windfarms, the health board and the fabrication yard behind my alter ego, the lighthouse at Arnish. Things did get a wee bit nasty at times, when I believe I rattled a few cages that those inside did not appreciate. Nonetheless, I hope I made a contribution of sorts. Even if some of my comments were a bit off the wall. And of course I should not forget the fun at the Dell Fank.

As the rain clatters down on a dark December night, I'm drawing the curtains over Arnish Lighthouse, BBC style. Arnish Lighthouse will continue on an external site, as do quite a few other blogs. Come and have a look.

To all my readers and commenters since December 2005, many thanks.
Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 22:10


Ave atque vale, AL. A fitting end to your blogging activity. Did you send a complaint to the BBC? I did and got what I expected - no action will be taken. I think it's a great pity, but the new blog seems to be going very well.

Jill from EK

Just had a look at your new site and must say how impressed I am. Very sad though that all the bloggers are having to vacate this site which just has such a "family" feel about it. Good luck and best wishes for Christmas.

Squidgy the Otter from Very ImPRESSed

I will miss you at this site and have enjoyed your posts. I do not understand why the BBC is shutting this site down.

Gale from NC, USA

I've bookmarked your new site, and will continure to visit your there. Thanks for all of the posts on IB.

CVBruce from CA, USA

Just visited your new site, very impressive. Will continue to keep up to date with island life. Many thanks. Merry Christmas.

Amanda from Tyne and Wear

I hope you will visit all of us CVB! And Arnish - I have never found your comments 'a bit off the wall'.

Flying Cat from standing to attn.

Yours was the blog with the most interesting content. I will change my bookmarks to the new one. Hope you manage to save the Isles from the scourge of windfarms.

Graeme from Vienna, Austria

Best of luck on your new blog Arnish. Thanks for all your contributions to Island Blogging over the past few years. Keep in touch. I might come and visit you on your new blog. All the best.

Carol from IBHQ

thanks for everything,night,god bless.

pat egan from blackpool

See you on the other side!

IL from harris

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