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16 October 2014

Arnish Lighthouse

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No Sunday Sailings

Once again, Calmac have denied the residents of Lewis and Harris the opportunity of a direct mainland ferry link on a Sunday.

I invite any intrepid soul in or out of the islands, to take Calmac to court over this issue. Such a challenge will be successful, as there are planes flying in and out of Stornoway airport. Furthermore, all other islands in the area of Comhairle nan Eileanan Siar have a Sunday ferry service, but not Lewis and Harris.

It is possible to travel to the mainland by taking a ferry from Leverburgh (Harris) to Berneray, driving 10 miles to Lochmaddy and taking another ferry to Uig (Skye). Takes all day.

With all due respect to those who object to a Sunday service on religious grounds, I hold the opinion that it is more important for islanders to be able to come home for the weekend, and return to their place of employment in time for work on Monday. The current system is a recipe for depopulation.
Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 23:55


I quite agree. Religious freedom as enjoyed in this country does not mean imposing the strictures of one faith or sect on the rest of us. It would be interesting to know the true numbers of sabbatarians in Lewis and Harris.

Hyper-Borean from The first day

you really have me thinking now AL...:)

IL from harris

I can only agree, the few are denying the rights of the many and if this were occurring to any other religious group there would be an outcry. It would be wonderful for relatives to be able to come home for weekends. Perhaps a anonymous referendum might settle the problem once and for all.

Ann from Glasgow

Sabbatarianism has gradually seen it influence recede over the years. I remember a time not so long ago when the childrens swings in Stornoway were chained up on a Sat night, to stop them from playing on them on a Sunday. Does this still happen? I heard that it didnt any more. Of course some wit pointed out that it wasnt so much for the spiritual good of children, as much as a way of stopping the drunks on Sat night from doing themselves a mischief by playing on the swings.... :-) MM

MM from Mull

Seven, Hyper-B? One for each day of the week, including Sunday? And, by the way, isn't there an official church in/for the UK? Maybe I should send a text message to Rowan...

mjc from IN, USA

"The vine that can, with logic absolute/ The two and seventy jarring sects confute." There is not one official church for the UK mjc, but no less than four. The Church of England is established in that country and there are Churches of Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Technically the Church of Scotland is not established nor is it of the Anglican/Episcopelian persuasion. I think the Church of Ireland is Anglican but not established. There would be some territorial problem with the Republic although they do have a university in Dublin. To my shame I know nothing of the Church of Wales although your pal Rowan was a Welsh Bishop prior to his promotion. Add the various other churches to the mix and you can see why I feel that religion should be left out of all areas of civil administration from the state down to the community council.

Hyper-Borean from Omar's tent

A few like living in the past, maybe someone should show them an electric light, the telegraph, radio and the gramophone or even dolby digital surround sound. Maybe they are frightened of something. l remember when our local picture house (The Plaza Southfields) only showed X rated films on a Sunday. Times they are a changing....

D Cox from Mainland

and as I have said before any ferry or plane that runs on a Sunday is ONLY available to people WITH CARS!!!!! I find it really selfish of car owners to keep demanding more planes and ferries without also demanding the island transport to make them AVAILABLE TO ALL, at the present time ONLY people with cars can access the first ferry off the isle of Lewis and all the islands I have visited do not have any public transport running on their island on a Sunday, why are car owners so selfish in their one way thinking, people without cars cannot access the Sunday sailings between Berneray and Harris on EITHER side of the sound of Harris, if you want more ferries and planes then there must be back up transport so they are available to ALL,

island threads from ness lewis

Good point, IT. However, the car owners are probably not so much selfish as unthinking, or perhaps merely absent-minded. And if anyone were to suggest you go on Saturday, pitch up tent on the pier while waiting for the Sunday ferry (which may never come anyway), you let me know and I'll initiate a punch up.

mjc from IN, USA

Maybe only sabbatarians are permitted to hold taxi licences.

Hyper-Borean from Secular seculorum

I'd be happy to just be able to get the early ferry during the week, if there was transport just 1 or 2 days that would be nice, the first bus from Ness gets to Stornoway over an hour after the ferry has left, thanks for support mjc,

island threads from ness lewis

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