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16 October 2014

Arnish Lighthouse

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Great Bernera

Visited Great Bernera last Wednesday, and returned with more than 170 pictures. I'm not going to put them all up, but here is a choice selection.

Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 15:21


You've a very good eye AL ... All pictures well-composed, a couple fairly lyrical ...Do you do anything special with your pictures afterwards ...?

soaplady from must get out myself ...

Soaplady, I took half those pictures from a moving vehicle...

Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway

thanks fort he lovely snaps-- you islanders are so lucky to be surounded by such lovely scenery

carol from over here

Re: pic 3. Arnie, do I get a prize for noting that there is no groatie buckie hidden among the mussel shells?

mjc from NM,USA

In a comment I just submitted (hopefully it will disappear in thin air), I called you Arnie. Of course you are Arnish!! Not long ago, I called Nic (Nic on Coll) Nick!! I must not be eating enough spinach!! or broiled rattlers...

mjc from NM,USA

Shouldn't that make them moving pictures?

Flying Cat from watching and waiting...

Well Arnish, you sure couldn't tell ...!!

soaplady from a cloud of astonishment

Wow, you went all over the place on Bernera. We've got a croft in Kirkibost that we're going to be building a house on - and hopefully retire to in a few years. It's a lovely wee island with an eccentric landlord and interesting but friendly local characters.

Heb Life from wistfully thinking

I think your photographs would look lovely as a Calendar, especially the rope and mussels, and also the boat and cottage. Fantastic, thank you

Squidgy the Otter from Isle of Coll

"Eccentric landlord," Heb Life? He charges below market rates? Anyway, why move from where you are to Quirkybost? I would have thought that one western isle would be like any other (eh, EH?!)!! There used to be a school house going quickly to ruins in Berneray, but no one wrote to me when I publicly made an indirect offer of a pound for the wreck. The authorities probably thought my offer was so generous that it bordered on the ridiculous. When Donald Trump takes it over, they'll wish they had jumped on my one time offer.

mjc from NM,USA

Arnish, did you try the home-made cheesecake in the Breaclete community centre. I once ate 6 slices and I'd walk a thousand miles for another.

Malkie from Glasgow

MJC, please note that we are discussing Great Bernera, a few miles west of Callanish. We are NOT talking about Berneray, the island in the Sound of Harris, just north of North Uist. I hope you are aware that issues of "who owns what building" in the islands are extremely fraught, even if you're talking ruins.

Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway

Oh for goodness sake...

Flying Cat from humour pill dispensary

Thanks Arnish for setting me aright. Obviously, poor me, I thought Bernera was just a nomenclatural variant of Berneray, where scallops come afloating into one's back garden, and people get banished from the local store for insulting the cole slaw (or some such). Whether in Bernera or Berneray, I am all for peace in our time, no more land riots, no title burning, and as many causeways as needed for economic development. Arnish, I am always amazed how you get around the islands: you clearly have the traveler's genes. Good for you. I am also somewhat envious: there seems to be so many nice places to visit on the islands.

mjc from NM,USA

Oy Malkie. A thousand miles should get you to that cheesecake slice. An ability to walk on water (some stretches might be tricky otherwise) would help.

mjc from NM,USA

There are lost and lots of nice places to visit in the USofA...our nice bits are tiny and insignificant by comparison...

Flying Cat from Cheshire Grin

Yep, mjc, eccentric and aristocratic (goes hand in hand, doesn't it?) and yes... he does charge rent well below market rates, but that's another story. The wee piccies on my blog page is that of our waterfall on our place in Gt Bernera, to give you an idea of what a lovely place Quirkybost is... And from my place in G. Bernera - I can see SoapLady's place!!! (waving to her...)

Heb Life from can't blog on two islands at once....

Please note that the Cairn in pne of the photos commemorates the Bernera Riot. This was the opening shot that led to the Napier Commission and Land Reform. It was NOT built to celebrate land raiders. Land raiding was a distincltly different practice confined to Back district.

Oscar from Edinburgh

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