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7 November 2014

Arnish Lighthouse

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Month of Decisions

Here we are then, in the second half of January, in eager anticipation of a couple of decisions which could seriously alter life in Lewis as we know it.

Before the end of January, the Scottish Government will decide whether it will approve the planning application for the North Lewis Windfarm.

Before the end of January, Caledonian MacBrayne will decide whether to sail from Stornoway to Ullapool on a Sunday.

I have pontificated at length on either issue, so am just listing them here.

Although Uist is outside my remit, I am just amazed at the formidable mess that has been made of the suggested move of the mainland terminus for ferry services from the Southern Isles. There is some wrangling going on, as convoluted as it is unnecessary. I would think that shaving 3 hours off a 6 or 7 hour ferry crossing would be welcome, whether you're in Barra or the Uists...

Better close with some images of Ness, which I took this afternoon as I was out photographing another war memorial.

Ness War Memorial, Cross

View behind the War Memorial

Low sun over houses at Cross

The road through Cross

Sheep in croft between Cross and Swainbost

Loch between Cross and Swainbost
Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 23:42


Hello Arnish, I thought I'd tell you that I too take photos of war memorials, although I haven't got very far with my research. I used to take study groups to the Western Front. It always strikes me when you see memorials with tens of names on them in a place with only a handful of houses. I read once that of all the countries that fought in WWI, Scotland sent the most eligible men, per head of population. It's very sad to think of these small island communties losing their young men. Have you ever seen the memorial in Strontian? It's a cracker. Good luck with the research!

Stromness Dragon from The Side of the Road

Gus Wylie's book of photographs shows the exact setting of your photo of Cross save for two little girls on their way to Sunday School. It shows how little the scene has changed.

calum from lewis

I put a comment on here two days ago but it's got lost

calum from between a rock and a soft place

CalMac bottle it again!!!!!!

swampy from Derbyshire

It once was lost but now is found...

Flying Cat from amazingly graceful

Oh yeah, FC? You must be trying your hand at fiction writing. 'course it could be a case of "now you see it, now you don't." Aaah, that Barbados rum...

mjc from NM,USA

So Caledonian MacBrayne are still dithering? What a surprise. And what is the latest news about the impending job losses at Stornoway Airport? Are they closing down? Will you all soon be prisoners on a Sunday?

Coral from Ullapool

re the planning application for the North Lewis Windfarm - its very very surprising to see the way the news about ministers knocking back the plan has been leaked - I say leaked because really the decision hasn't been announced yet. Does anyone else get the distinct feeling we are being set up for an attempt to re-run a Donald Trump type moment and drum up some sort of public outcry by the anti-peat-carbon-sink lobby?

sid from glasgow

Goodness me, what can have engendered such a sceptical position?

Flying Cat from rhetorical Q

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