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16 October 2014

Arnish Lighthouse

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Hebridean Celtic Festival

It would appear that the Hebridean Celtic Festival, billed for 11-14 July this year, looks set to attract record numbers of visitors. The previous years were equally record breaking, and the HebCelt office on Cromwell Street says that 2007 looks to be no exception. This in spite of the close proximity (in terms of time) of the festival to Elton John's gig over in Inverness.

The main challenge is to accommodate everybody that wants to come. The festival website has more information on this issue, including contact points for people who have a room to spare.

In addition, I strongly suggest that anyone as yet without accommodation consider staying outside Stornoway, and organise a vehicle to get to the gigs and back again. Public transport ceases at 8pm on weekdays, and 11pm on Friday and Saturday. The concerts commonly finish after midnight. For those unfamiliar with Lewis it may be benificial to know that distances to the town are never more than about 25 miles, with the district of Uig the sole exception at 35 miles distance.
Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 17:19


public transport runs after 8pm with buses to point and tolta after 9 and 11

rick from point

Is the transport different for the festival time then? Apart from over to West side we have at least 2 more buses after 8pm and although the other bus company dosn't run after that time Graham's mini bus still runs out to new valley (past the camp site for any staying there) and the bus that comes this way to portnaguran goes around melbost at least a couple of times after 8pm. Just ask for a bus timetable from the bus station when you get here and if theres no bus then the taxi's are very good.

tanith from point

why arent the organisers running shuttle buses from the concert venues to a central point near accomodation etc cheers

tricia from

. Festivals - yes please. We have just had a bash over the weekend. On Saturday there was an event afternoon / evening festival held in the grounds of Torosay Castle here on Mull. Capercaillie, Kila, Adimh, Sheamus Begley and friends, Aidan O'Rourke also with friends, loads of things going on as well as various choirs and the pipe band. A big barbeque, local ales, stalls etc. It was part of Feill Chaluim Chille running from 8th to 10th June around Argyll. I was down at the event on Iona on Friday - again perfect weather and great fun with a lot of visitors of all ages and performers from The Isle of Man and Ireland. We don't get this sort of big bash so people don't know what to expect, but for those who attended I would think it was a great day out. More please.

pondhead from Mull

Oh look, there's pondhead, come up for air....

Flying Cat from blogsnorkelling

In answer to Tricia: Stornoway is only a small town, and the majority of festival-goers stay in the town itself. Most of it is within about 20 minutes' walking distance of the centre.

Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway

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