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16 October 2014

Arnish Lighthouse

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Most dangerous job in the country

I'm once again going to blog out of area, but I think the topic is universal around our coasts.

A week or so back, a fisherman was retrieving his creels from the bottom of the sea near the Isle of Eigg (south of Skye), when he had a mishap with the hauler. This is a small winch, used for pulling the creels up. After stopping the hauler for disentangling some rope, loops of rope caught the controls of the machine and it started up unexpectedly. The fisherman's hand was caught in the hauler, and as a result he lost three fingers. These were put on ice whilst he was transferred to hospital in Glasgow. Efforts to sow them back on again were not successful.
The fisherman has returned home, blessing his luck.

The rope could have yanked him overboard, or he could have bled to death. Fishery is the most dangerous job in the country, according to some statistics, and it is a sadly recurring theme to hear of a fisherman lost overboard, never to be found again.
Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 17:31


I think I'll stay off the frozen Fish Pie for a while remembering the expression ' a finger in every pie'!

calumannabel from Ross shire

This is indeed a subject that needs to be brought to the fore,.Very little thought is given to the potential risks taken by the men who bring the fish to our tables daily,we somehow don,t associate the meal thats in front of us with the risk someone took to bring it to us.Having some personal experience in creel fishing ,I have to commend Arnish Lighthouse for bringing this matter to the fore,hopefully your blog will open the eyes of the general public to the dangers our fishermen face at sea,. Nice one,.

The New Point Bard from Point

Calumannabel !!

mjc from NM,USA

Some of us were very well aware of these risks already, as anyone in the isles would be. Does ib really disseminate knowledge on such a huge scale among 'the general public'? I doubt it.

Flying Cat from The Sunroom of Eternity

FC, IB isn't just for people living in the isles. It is also aimed at those interested in life in the islands. Some may live hundreds of miles from any sea (like our friend MJC) and may not know about this. And even if people already do know, a reminder is sometimes necessary. However, you're entitled to your opinion :-)

Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway

Previously known as (The Point Bard). My comments were made in acknowledgement of the initial blog posting by Arnish Light,and to add my support to the thread as I have first hand experiences off the hazards that come with this particular job.But it doesn,t stop there,my intention was also,or my hope was also that any families who have lost loved ones at sea in the tasking of bringing this food to our tables,are aware that we as a community are not blind to the sacrifice the fishermen make and made for both you and I over the years.And in showing our awareness to those families who lost loved ones in the fishing industry at sea then "just maybe" ,we can show ourselves as the caring community we so readily assume we are,.and I for one register my heart felt thanks to all those involved and affected by the loss of a loved one,but also to those who still continue to do this on our behalf on a daily basis,.So the use of big words doesn,t always do it,and thanx Arnish Light for picking up on the fact that there was more in my comments than some others could see,.

Thevitalspark from Point

Four syllables is big? Language paucity alert....

Flying Cat from in a fluff

paucity \PAW-suh-tee\, noun: 1. Fewness; smallness of number; scarcity. 2. Smallness of quantity; insufficiency. Just to be clear on a few things,I have no problems understanding any of the words used in any comment made in this blog,.But one wonders if the object here is to attack the word power of other members who choose to comment,.Will this be the order of the day,or can we actually manage to show bit of respect for a topic that has affected the lives of many over the centuries and undoubtetly will go on doing so until there,s nothing left to fish for,or the end of time .Whichever comes first,.

Thevitalspark from Point,.

Dearie me this is called taking oneself too too seriousleeee!!!! Obviously we, the fishes and probably the very nature of the planet are indeed going to hell in a handcart, courtesy of the humans. So let's eat drink and be merry while we may...and no-one does it better than the live-hard-play-hard fishermen.

Flying Cat from puncturingpompositee

Methinks I misplaced my codpiece. Where are me glasses?! I say, FC, let the chips fall where they may.

mjc from NM,USA

Handcart ,handcart, we"ll have none of that,this is the age of the train,.

Thevitalspark from Point

Age of the train? In Lewis? Stornoway (or Lerwick or Stromness) Central Station? Did I miss something?! Rickshaw is more like it. Would rickshaws be allowed on Sunday, or would pedalling be deemed work?

mjc from NM,USA

Was Rick Shaw in Casablanca? mjc, cooking, washing up, laying and lighting a fire, reading novels, making beds, switching on the washing machine - all are work on the Sabbath. The parental units met a lovely English woman in the north of Skye whose neighbour is a lady in her eighties, who would not light a fire on a Sunday, even in the foulest of weather: she, being a heathen, went in and did it for her, which was quite acceptable!

Flying Cat from Cheshire Grin

Is that so, FC? Some very "orthodox" Jews have the same attitude re: Sabbath. Gentiles do come in handy...

mjc from NM,USA

I think for an eighty year old ,she was a very astute lady,maybe she was an "in the cupboard" heathen,she obviously knew that they weren,t going to let her freeze and "wood" (sorry), light her fire so why spoil a perfectly good "con" and "come out" so to speak .No ,the lady had style ,and a slave,.

Thevitalspark from Point,.

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