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17 April 2014
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Arnish Lighthouse

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First Minister

Jack McConnell paid a visit to Lewis on Monday, as I reported in my last post. He experienced the airtraffic control problems at first hand, suffering a half hour (or so) delay, as the one controller had to take a break.

Mr McConnell also brought a drugs dog to Lewis, which will be used to sniff illicit substances on people and in goods coming to the island. Roxy will be deployed at the airport and in the ferry terminals. A handler, a local police constable, has also been trained.

Drugs are not a major problem in the island, but they have not left it unaffected. Cocaine, cannabis and heroin have all been detected in small quantities. I hope the presence of Roxy and her handler will act as a deterrant - illicit drugs is something that everybody, the world over, can do without.
Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 13:54


No more high flying from Stornoway then. There are still secret tests being conducted, regarding the pain relieving properties of cannabis, wow that's cool man..

Tws from Smokey Joes Joint

Oh please Arnish not another animal blog..I thought at least you could be trusted to steer clear of falling into the trap.

Flying Dog from Barkshire

Obviously Mr Lighthouse is to be commended (up to a point!). How on earth did Tws miss the chancetunity to make with the Roxy Music references? I'm very disappointed. Legalise all drugs and take away a)the criminal element and b)the illicitness of the pleasure (if that's what it is) and BoB's your uncle... pass that cannabis cookie....

Flying Cat from in the sky with diamonds

And I cannot agree with Flying Cat, for the simple reasons that the effects of many illicit drugs are too serious, both in the short and long term, for them to be allowed in the open market. Cannabis can have long-term psychological effects, right up to psychosis; heroin can be fatal at the first shot, as can cocaine. No.

Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway

Alcohol. Cigarettes. Pusillanimity.

Flying Cat from looking at a thistle

I seem to be corresponding with a frog-eating cat that flies, knits and blogs. Please could Roxy come round to check my Lofty Peak (Flour of Scotland).

Annie B from the usual

And the "legal drugs" don't destroy hundreds of times more lives... Smacks of Hippocracy to me. I have worked with many hundreds of people from casual users to full blown addicts. Advised parents and organisations so I have at least a rough idea what I am talking about. I gave up because of pressure from the local health authority (not this one) to spout rubbish at clients. What a joke this is, 4K in 64 busts that works out at 60 per bust. I used to know people do that much trade on a night out (the 4k that is). This files totally in the face of logic, they cant have caught a single dealer.. Its simply an attention seeking, vote grabbing exercise. Just how many tens of thousands a year are the two officers plus dog going to cost us when we cant get to see a dentist??? Ridiculous. I see Arnish Lighthouse is blinded by the usual propaganda. The vast majority of deaths are caused by poor quality, contaminants and the unknown strength of the drugs being taken (and I have seen many deaths, not a single first timer by the way, mostly seasoned users with unexpectedly pure gear or abscess's causing blood poisoning due to contamination). The actual results of the cannabis mental health tests showed that the vast majority of people who had problems were already predisposed to mental health disorders, in the same way alcohol can, not to mention the innocent people who get caught up in the drunken rampages of drinkers, take a trip to A&E on a Friday night in any city.. Take the drug trade out of the hands of criminals, problem solved.. This way dealers are out of business overnight, deaths are almost eliminated, users get the support they need and crime for drugs will drop drastically. Oh, crime, support systems, medical care all different budgets, so one cant spend money to help the other because it wont help their targets or figures. You cant solve a drug problem by simply attempting to cut off supply, because you wont, Sympathetic counselling, education and medical treatment is the only effective route. The draconian ideas being followed here have been proven not to work again and again all over the world yet they still persist in taking this same tired old action. If you believe locking a user up or fining them will teach or achieve anything your badly wrong. From what users that have been locked up or fined have told me, the first stop after being released is to spend the allowance they just got from the prison service on a "fix" as many would go for a drink to celebrate that's IF they have come down from the drugs they were taking while in prison. Those that are fined simply steal more to pay the fine...Pointless. From another perspective, who do these bunch of fascists we call a government think they are dictating the how's why's and where fore's of our lives ... Oh forgot they don't get a slice of the cake so it must be bad...

Ex drug counsellor (yes really) from nr Stornoway

Can't think why it should be a problem seems purrfectly normal to me. Whatever that is! How very heartening to see the great commonsense comment from ex counsellor (not to be confused with a certain humourous old gent) - pity he/she isn't running the country.

Flying Cat from the booze cupboard

I have to queery the possibility that we may be breeding a nation of drug abusing canines,with goverment approval.Well,its a perfectly logical line of thought,why is greenpeace not on the case,it is not as far as I know an established fact that using dogs to sniff out drugs can cause any short or long term effects to the animal,and if I am the first to (em "bark) on this notion,"AMN"T I CLEVER", And then I want to know if the government are prepared to set up rehab for the dogs,and if not why not.They are notorious for setting us up,but we are but mere mortals,.

The New Point Bard from Point

I think the idea of a drugs dog and a couple of dog walkers is a bit of overkill. In Ness people still think a ten pound bag means a bag of tatties though the spikey plant Agnes Anne gave her mother for Mother's Day does look a tad suspicious.

calumavaline from Red Leb Cottage Habost

I am informed that the plant Agnes Anne her mother was "Cacti" am sure thats what she said .I " hope" thats what she said,.What does a ten pound bag mean in habost,sorry just curious.Don,t you just feel things are going to the dogs when the even the odd sack of spuds can,t be buried without some dog coming along and digging it out,.

Thevitalspark from Point,.

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