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16 October 2014

Arnish Lighthouse

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Petition to Number 10 against on-shore windfarms

There has been quite a lot of media coverage surrounding the petition to the Prime Minister not to commence road charging. With 1.1 million signatories, this plea tops the bill, but not in terms of likelihood of success. Whether the one below will remains to be seen. Thanks to the miracle that is the Internet, I have acquired the link to this petition to Tony Blair - whether it is successful remains to be seen. So far, 1,134 people have signed it.
Please note: only UK residents can sign (see petition itself for details)
Deadline: 23rd February 2007


The petition reads:
We agree with the need to find methods to prevent climate change affecting our environment but this must be done with the full support of the public. No attempt can be successful if it destroys the very environment that we hope to save. We call for support for renewable energy projects that are NOT divisive in nature. We call for greater subsidies to small/personal micro-generation schemes such as solar heating. The major mechanism for reduction in CO2 and other greenhouse gasses must be responsible cooperation with the public, NOT imposition of unwanted areas of policy that threaten many households. On-shore wind farms may (when subsidised with public funds) provide large profits to multi-national corporations but their contribution to CO2 reduction is small when weighed against the savings that are possible IF the public feel that they are part of the solution and not having to fight against it!
Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 20:09


I thought it seemed to be a rather a vague and poorly drafted sort of petition and an opportunity wasted. ( Personally I don't know too much about large scale solar power production but it might just require the landscape to be covered in different bits of kit, which is also likely to annoy.) If we are into poorly drafted things perhaps I can launch mine here on Island Blogging. "Sign up to the 3 kW challenge" It should be possible to limit home consumption of electricity to less than 3 kW at any time. Signatories to the scheme would pay a reduced rate for their 3 kW allowance or even get it free - but be charge a much higher penalty rate for going over the 3 kW or for a simple solution - blow a 3kW fuse and have their power cut off. Such a scheme would flatten out demand for power and electrical goods suppliers would be begged for low energy appliances. Was it Brian Wilson who suggested Scotland should be turn itself into a windfarm for England? Unlike Brian Wilsons idea, mine would anoy the power comanys by cutting demand, be less intrusive and possibly more effective and would allow everyone the oppertunity to partisipate rather than just dump the green burden onto places like Lewis.

pondhead from Mull

Pondhead, Have to agree with you about the wording, but at least it'll come to the PM's attention. I'm not expecting him to change his policy on the strength of a few hundred souls.

Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway

Hi Pondhead... In all the recycling sruff there is hardly ever anything about using less. I suspect all the Granny flats would become separate buildings if your 3kW rule came in. I think it is a great idea, how much does IB use? I feel better already about no weekend updates now.

Nic from Coll

Better to sign this petition: "levy a tax on energy inefficient light bulbs so that their long term financial and environmental cost is visible in their retail price" which has been signed by 2,548 people.

Cllr Angus Nicolson from Stornoway

So Mr Nicolson you want to tax the poor again? Before energy inefficient light bulbs can be taxed, surely the energy efficient bulbs must come down in price, or it is a tax on the poor, the old, in society. Is that what you want ?

Tws from Castle Ward

It is too nice a day to write a long comment, the closing date for petition is now 20th Feb,it seems to change from time to time, going for a nice walk now.

Luinneach from Luing

Friends who live in Sardinia have a 3 kW limit due to the grid carrying a small supply. Needs must for them, so they make choices about the electrical kit they buy, the construction of their homes and how they manage their use of power or the fuse blows. Few people here need to think like that. Living on a 3 kW supply is do-able, including running a computer Nic, but why would anyone chose to give it consideration without encouragement? Obviously energy companies don't want people to use less power and similarly politicians around here seem to see renewables largely as engines of growth for rural areas. Would our representatives position on windfarms be different if there were no community bungs? Why would anyone think of building a windfarm on a peat bog if this was really about carbon? No, this seems to be about money regardless of the fact it may be counter productive. Unsurprisingly energy consumption continues to rise. Little if any encouragement is directed towards funding domestic efforts at energy reduction. It would be interesting to get some bright sparks to do some sums and cost out the benefits of having a few homes choosing to restricting their consumption to 3kW rather than think they are dealing with the problem by surcharging all homes to pay for renewables. Cllr Angus Nicolson - good point. The petitioning number 10 things probable function is to give the impression that someone is listening. A petitions in a bottle thrown into the sea may be as effective.

pondhead from Mull

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