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16 October 2014

Arnish Lighthouse

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NHS Western Isles

The restructuring of the Health Services in these islands is progressing apace. The resignation of the previous Chairman, and the reassignment of the Chief Executive, followed in the wake of the appointment of an interim management team. Now, the posts of Medical Directors, of which there were three, have been turned into the more average total of one. The previous Medical Director, who was a prominent spokesperson a lot of the time, is no longer in post.

In March this year, the management team at South Beach Street (where the NHS Western Isles office is located) received a resounded vote of no-confidence at a public in Stornoway Town Hall. This had been organised by local councillors, who had received a barrage of complaints from members of staff. Under normal circumstances, these grievances should have been dealt with inside the NHS here. The breakdown of trust and communication with the management had been that complete.

Following the resignation of the Chairman and Chief Executive, the vote of no confidence remained in place. It would be reasonable to expect it to be lifted, but that is down to the staff who adopted said vote in the first place. The main names on my quitlist are no longer in office here in the NHS Western Isles.

Apart from the staff / management relations, there is also a problem with a budget deficit of over 2 million pounds. This has been shrunk from the £3m in March, but is still a whopping amount. Remains to be seen how that will be tackled. Cue Finance Director.
Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 16:29


A report in the Stornoway Gazette this week states that the 3 Medical Directors remain. Above post was written using information obtained AFTER the deadline for SG articles closed (Monday, 1pm).

Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway

I vote we sell every bit of medical equipment in the hospital and I shall buy vinegar and brown paper from emporioalanjohn and that should sove the problem. This is where the NHS is going wrong - no one recognises the true worth of vinegar.

calumannabel from finance director in waiting

Some people recognise the true worth of vinegar. As a cleaning agent it takes some beating, but, please note, scrubbers online, newspaper beats brown hands down when it comes to windows. Or maybe that should be Newspaper beats Brown.......but only if the Sun turns nasty. Oxymoron Alert!

Flying Cat from The Scrubbers' Cupboard Belowstairs

I agree with Calumannabel, my washing machine just loves to drink neat vinegar after a mouthful of soapsuds.

BoB from Lewis

Arnish, can i ask whatever happened to you wonderful webcam, I really miss it.

GrannyE. DBE.RM from Auchenshuggle

genral comment for arnish. you dont seem to be posting as much as you used to.

rick from point

Is Oxymoron a detergent that you get in the Shetlands. I've looked on the shelves in Somerfield's and the Coop but no sign

calumannabel from tigh tesco ness

Yes, I noticed Arnish's decrease in productivity. Missed the postings.

mjc from NM,USA

Solecism Warning Light activated! Look here, I know it is quite right and proper to say 'The Western Isles', but oop here in t'North tha says 'Orkney' and 'Shetland'. Oxymoron is that white powdery stuff which comes in a plastic tub and penetrates every known stain with pure oxygen. Don't know if they have such sophistications in Shetland. Bipeds set to find out in early May, if they stay sober. ish.

Flying Cat from wordfinder wonderland

We get solecism warnings over here too - Donald says drinking plenty of cranberry juice usually helps.

calumannabel from One Flu over the Cuckoo's Nest Lewis

It maintains the cytisus (var. prostatus) in tiptop condition too. Scranberrying = berrypicking in Shetland.........I hope this keeps Donald off the thesaursauce.

Flying Cat from gardy-loo laptop

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