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16 October 2014

Arnish Lighthouse

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Villagers oppose windfarm

The 47 villagers of Marvig, South Lochs, have expressed their opposition to the building of a windfarm in the Eishken Estate, not far from their community. The ballotpapers were returned by all residents, apart from two who were away.

Following a reduction in the number of turbines in the proposed windfarm from 133 to 53, councillors in the Comhairle nan Eilean Siar have reaffirmed their approval of the scheme.

The ballot was organised as the villagers felt that decisions were being taken without their views being sought. This has been a recurring complaint since the windfarm issue came on the scene in Lewis in 2004. Community council members have resigned over this issue in various wards in Lewis; Ness, Airidhantuim and Laxdale stand out as having featured some very lively debates between councillors and residents.
Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 22:50


Apparently objections have no real effect regarding planning. Recently every single resident of Kilmory and surrounding area objected to five luxury houses (holiday homes) being built on the Lagg field in the middle of the village. Five large modern building squeezed into that field will ruin the village but it's going head despite objections and the fact that there are protected trees in the field which are bound to be affected. Don't expect these objections to make a blind bit of difference.

Sunny from Arran

Sunny could well be right re. objections. What might make a difference with the Lewis wind factories, however, is how islanders may react if these schemes are forced on them against their wishes by the executive and the spectacularly out-of-touch council. That could turn very ugly indeed. I hope it doesn't end up like that...

Jimmy from Eilean Leodhais

Do you know if there has been an assesment of the amount of carbon which would be released if these turbines and access roads are to be constructed on peat?

Gill from Glasgow

There are 'assessments' of the CO2 emissions for both of the giant wind factories in the respective applications. Unfortunately they are pretty much meaningless, the Lewis windfarm's construction taking between 6 months and 7.5 years to make up for the environmental damage (quite a latitiude). Optimistic to say the least. And who's going to measure it any way, and how, and what if they're disastrously wrong?

Jimmy from Eilean Leodhais

the whole thing has been taken out of the hands of the locals, voices are just not being heard. there have been lots of meetings most of which have become very heated because the locals can not get through to the various "boards" (basically the well off folk who elected themselves so they could get a bigger share of the profits). councilors have heard the objections, but then when asked to vote on the go ahead of the windfarms have said there were no objections in their area. how does that work??!

Ninja from /afk

This is the amazing thing, ninja - it doesn't work! Councillors consult a few of their buddies in the community, [heavy hint - nepotism], then conclude that the majority of the people living in their council area are all for the windfarms. It's a quite amazing process, almost a kind of alchemy.

Jimmy from Eilean Leodhais

What do people expect? Keep voting for the same mob of sheep for the Council, and they'll keep on ignoring the wishes of the electorate. Nepotism rules, OK.

Guga from Rockall

Sheep? I thought they were all big tubes...........

Flying Cat from feeling confused and concerned

My soul had never been so moved, so estatic, as when I observed the beautiful and surreal lands of Lewis Island. We traveled there in 2004, and visited the stones of Callinish...what history! What beauty!...surely, these 'windfarms' will blow away the awsomeness of this area...can I, so far away, help you folks at all (alas, I am but like the locals, no 'pull' with the councils...)

Shyrlee Jester from Phoenix, Arizona

If the intention is to disturbing large peat bogs then this will not help fight global warming, in fact the opposite. I can only presume that somebody on the council thinks there is some money to be made with these wind farms otherwise they would be opposing them on environmental grounds.

Gill from Glasgow

Our beloved councillors are not opposing the windfarms on environmental grounds, but rather approving them on mental grounds.

Oich Oich from Lewis

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