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20 September 2014
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Was very pleased to note that the Galson Trust managed to gain the sum total of money to acquire the Galson Estate. One of the parties involved is the John Muir Trust, well known for managing Ben Nevis, Britain's highest mountain. JMT has put 10,000 towards the funds and will work with the Galson Trust to develop the estate.

It should be noted that the JMT is a leading opponent to the proposed windfarm for North Lewis; 70 of the 190 proposed turbines will stand on Galson Trust land, should the windfarm be built. The John Muir Trust has also stated that it will withdraw support, including money, from the Galson Trust if the windfarm is actually constructed.

A few weeks ago, a document was published by the Scottish Executive to the effect that marine renewable energy sources should be utilised, as well as those from wind. This is a development I applaud, but I am burying my head in my hands as it appears to be late, if not almost too late for the Arnish Fabrication Yard. At time of writing, an announcement is imminent on the future of said yard which is currently staffed by 2 people on a care-and-maintenance basis. Negotiations have been on-going between Camcal, the current operator, and a potential new operator. I sincerely hope this comes to a successful conclusion. Earlier this year, the Arnish Yard manufactured units for the Pelamis Wavepower generator units. These float on the surface of the sea, with the motion of the waves being used to generate power. The Pelamis units were for use in Portugal. If Arnish can stay open, they could yet become a centre for wave- and possibly tidal power generator units.
Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 12:38


At present the money given by JMT is a grant but in the event of the LWP project going ahead the Galson Estate Trust will be required to pay back the money donated by JMT, this does not mean that they will stop suppoting the aims and objectives of the trust and the withdrawal of support has not been discussed. Unfortunately UOG have little control of the LWP project which was agreed by the current landlord but this does not mean that other land management cannot go ahead with the help of JMT if the windmills come.

JS from Lewis

JS, comments acknowledged - thanks for correction.

Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway

JMT oppose the LWP project. UOG have said they need renewables to jusitfy the buy-ouy. LWP have already signed a legally binding agreeement with the previous owners of Galson to which UOG are bound. LWP fails to get the go ahead, UOG fails. LWP gets the go ahead and UOG are able to modify it - everyone is happy. LWP goes ahead as is, UOG are unhappy. Which is the best outcome for the islands?????

Me from Lewis

Listened to a very intertesting item on Rdio Cleveland yesterday morning. There are two wind turbines behind my father's house and they are only on a day a week. There was a huge fuss when these towers were built on the locals assented because they thought they would be providing green electricity for the National Grid. Apparently a spokesman says they are a last rather than a first resort and fossil fuel derived electric is drawn upon first. It would be a pity if Brian Wison's meccano set was used like this on the beautiful Barvas Moors!

calumannabel from in the car

I'm confused as to the statement about UOG saying they need renewables to justify the buy-out?, this has never been the case or the funding would never have been given by the scottish land fund. The buy out is about giving the community a say in the way the estate develops that benefits everyone through a variety of different projects such as housing, tourism, land management etc. Renewable is just one of these projects, and not just wind power, there are a number of options being discussed but none of these will go ahead without the support of the community. The best outcome for the Islands would be for those who are elected to represent the people (CNES, and the executive) to listen to their views and act accordingly.


I read in the Wee free Press that the JMT are giving the 10k as a conditional grant, if the conditions re the windfarm not being met then it would be a repayable loan. either way it gets the buy out on to the next stage.

Mark from Away down south again

win-win for UOG, JMT gets them over their immediate funding hurdle, no problem to return the money once LWP goes ahead with support of UOG. Smart thinking by UOG, naive thinking by JMT.

spectator from lewis

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