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16 October 2014

Arnish Lighthouse

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End of Summer

Summer is over, so much is clear. Although the heather is still blooming, as are the thistles, the dark mornings and short evenings are already here. When I went across the Barvas Moor yesterday morning, I noticed the grasses had turned yellow. Temperatures are dropping away and the ferry is back to its two-a-day-all-week-bar-Sunday sailings routine. Still a good complement of visitors about though, judging by what I saw congregating outside Somerfields on Saturday.

The Ferryloupers Blog pointed out that Kirkwall now has two-and-a-half supermarket. So has Stornoway. We have one-and-a-half Coop and one Somerfields. Like Kirkwall, the Somerfields used to be Safeways until nearly 2 years back, although our Somerfields has abandoned loyalty cards. The big Coop up Macaulay Road has expanded recently, and if they carry on like that they'll be able to join it up with their town centre branch on Cromwell Street. This is so wee that it doesn't have shopping trolleys, only baskets. On a busy day, you'll be joining the checkout queue at the frozen food department or (horror upon horror) at the Dairy section. On a quiet day you may only have to wait at the confectionery section.
Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 11:43


Would a cat like to shop at a coop I wonder? I like my chicks fully feathered for maximum roughage, unlike the bipeds, who seem to like their food as far removed from the cruel realities of liff as possible. The half-a-coop would suit barebraes................

Flying Cat from lipsmacking by a chicken shack

What makes FC think Barebraes would be satisfied with half a coop? She plans to put a full score of eggs (half New Hampshire, and half Rhode Island Red) under that Shapinsay Rocket hen next time around.

mjc from NM,USA

Dont you have the Butcher, Baker and candlestick maker coming around in Mobile vans any more? Taking the messages home from the van in a pillow case was always a novelty! A lot more eco-friendly than the zillions of plastic bags snagged in barbed wire fences....Where I grew up, the local shopkeeper recently had the audacity to open on the Sabbath, but a wee word in his ear from high above, soon closed his cash register with a mighty slam. And rightly so too....!!

Jean from roosting in Oban

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