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16 October 2014

Arnish Lighthouse

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Queen's Birthday

Her Brittanic Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is 80 years of age today.
Thrice hip, hip, hurray.

Hebridean PrincessAs per protocol, the official celebration will not take place until the middle of June. Rumour has it, not denied by palace sources, that the Queen has chartered the Hebridean Princess for a cruise round these islands. She might even call into Stornoway on the way.

The Western Isles are a favourite haunt of the royals. The Prince of Wales is said to have had a spot of bother in one of the local bars at the tender age of 14 when he asked for and was served a cherry brandy. The press cuttings from that time still adorn the walls of the relevant hostelry. Prince Charles is also known to frequent the island of Berneray, just north of North Uist. By all accounts, his late wife, Diana, Princess of Wales, did not share his fondness of matters Scottish.

The Royal Yacht Brittannia was taken out of service a number of years ago, and is presently moored at Leith Docks, Edinburgh. The Hebridean Princess, a regular visitor to Stornoway on its summer cruises, is said to be a cosey replacement. Local stories again tell of the Royal Yacht going up Loch Brollum (Eishken) and anchoring there, for the royal party to go ashore for a picnic. As she was there, a crewman who hailed from Lewis would be transferred to Stornoway at Her Majesty's expense for a spot of home leave.

I don't have a picture of it, but out in Laxdale there is a well, set into a wall along the main road, which was inaugurated by King Edward VI in 1902. Although the structure was ready by June of that year, the monarch was not able to come to Laxdale until September.
Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 13:03


Include me out of the three cheers if that's OK.

calumanushorribilis from Republic Cottage Cross

Ah yes, the lovely Heb Princess......what a joy it is for the ragged-arsed natives and the general hoi-polloi of Stromness, when the post prandial dee-jayed chaps and chapesses disgorge onto the street to stroll along the flagstones, casting benign glances upon ouir quaint stonebuilt hovels and piers as they go. I don't suppose we'll notice any difference if 'twere Lizzie2 of Englandshire and her many hingers-oan. Cannie wait.............

Flying Cat from under a large beefeater

Picnic under the windmills? How is she going to keep her hat on? What "at majesty's expense", Arnish? Probably taxpayers like you footing the bill. I bet the Heb. is cosy: again, the taxpayer's dime, I would suspect. As to Charlie boy [his Mother, with the interests of State at heart, plans to live for a long time and not step down - and I can't blame her!!] and drinking under age: he never had much sense -or intellligence- and at least one of his boys seems to be taking after him. I must take exception to Flying Cat nasty comments on Stromness though: my wife and I love Stromness and can't see what's Flying Cat's --uh! - beef. Hip, hip for the Boston Tea Party (half kidding).

mjc from NM,USA

Arnish, there was never a Queen Elizabeth 1st of Scots so how can she be Lizzie II? The sooner there is a Republic of Scotland the better. I don't appreciate my taxes being wasted keeping old ladies, their hangers on and pointless offspring in a manner I will never experience in a million years.

Sunny from Arran

Elizabeth 1 was the grand-daughter of a Welshman. Her line died out with her and England aquired a Scots king, and his son got a bit involved with a civil war in England (not sure whether Scotland was affected much). But then, if we'd been happy with our last English king we wouldn't have had Henry Tudor. Regardless of the nationality of the current monarch, she is a lot cheaper than the crew in Westminster, or Holyrood, and probably as effective. PS Am I the only one to admit to under-age drinking?

Nic from Coll

mjc - sorry, forgot about the Great Norte Americano Irony Bypass! (somewhere off route 66)

Flying Cat from the irony transplant ward

Answer to Sunny, have you thought it through, a Scottish Republic would be a bad thing for everyone, especially you Scots. Where would you get your financial support from? I don't appreciate my taxes paying for things you enjoy for free but we have go without or pay extra for.

woman on the edge from england

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