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16 October 2014

Arnish Lighthouse

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Towing the line

Following my post on Avian Flu some readers may wonder why I link to Health Board's press releases on this matter. My harsh criticism over the last few months is of style of management. I have never questioned the professional capability of the staff.

I have attended a Board meeting as an observer, as well as the two public meetings organised by two Councillors. It has therefore not come as a surprise that a non-executive Board member has been called to one side by the leading lights in this saga (the Chairman and the Chief Exec) to tow the line. This Board member had the courage to attend a hostile public meeting, and promised to relay concerns raised to the Board as a whole. When said member did this, the person in question was asked to stay behind after the following Board meeting and was read the riot act. In plain English: Tow The Line.

When attending a Board meeting, I could not help but notice that the Director of Public Health was asked by the Board's Chairman to "cut it short" in the middle of an important presentation with regards to the annual report of that department.

I think that says it all. My Quit List stands.
Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 19:28


Ahem . . . You "toe" the line because you put your toes on it, and then you get all nicely lined up, see ? Towing a line is what a tug does, or possibly a fishing boat. (Don't some people nitpick ?)

Septuagent from

My question is not why, rather HOW do you get your inforamtion? I know of no other health board who are so open with their information and definatley do not make the habit of sharing information they have given to GP's.

GrannyE. DBE.RM from Auchenshuggle off the shoulder of Lewis

Toe-ing the line. Syntactically irritated cat. Roots shoots and leaves.

Flying c/at from Orkney Mainland

Septuagent: I may be idiomatically challenged, but I don't have nits, thankyou. GrannyE: I have my sources. Info to GPs (which presumably refers to the Avian Flu piece) was officially linked to from a public website. Flying cat: where's the flea powder?

Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway

Powdered fleas...........mmmmmmmm. A deliacacy in the catworld.

Flying cat from Orkney Mainland

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