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16 October 2014

Arnish Lighthouse

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Fank Day

Well, here we are. With the special transports for the Fank, as seen in Stornoway yesterday:

This was the ferry on which the 2400 females were transported from Ullapool overnight. At the busstation I did catch sight of a special bus service, dedicated to taking the ladies to the fank.

I am not sure whether my directions were quite correct, but I think Dell Fank might be here ....

The Arran jumpers sailed past at the crack of dawn, or was that the crack of doom? Anyway, I went out with my beads and welcoming leaflets, and the craic was great. The special bus service roared across the Barvas Moor, and it was a job well done, even if I say so myself. Over to Calumannabel for the rest of the reporting.
Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 00:16


Calmac are evidently very perturbed that the women in a fit of drunkeness moved the funnels to the rear of the vessel this altering its trim. It took the crew two hours to remove all the washing that was strung out to dry - that is the crew that they didn't kidnap and take with them on to the waiting shuttle tractors.

Scoop McRory from Gazette News Desk

It's a Fank Jim but not as we know it.If you're here Arnish you are several miles adrift from the action - this looks like a Harris fank. Excellent photos though - thanks a million.

Tex L Ramm from Barvas Rotary Club

Great job Arnish - especially the snap showing the first coaches in the motorcade! Calum & Donald will surely be well-pleased with your meeting & greeting skills - although I'm a bit put out about the 2400 women coming in from the mainland I can tell you. Your fank snap is of course of the overflow fank where the South Dell sheep have been relocated. I wonder if the Gazette has a vacancy for a showbiz photographer?

Annie B from Lone Sheiling

I am really annoyed having travelled all the way from the USA to the dating extravaganza to find that it was all a hoax. I thought there were good people there in Scotland and it seems like you seem to like playing on the frailties of single peoples hearts. Please consider the harm that your actions might bring

Fadyen McCormack from Iowa

Can anyone please explain this whole fank-thing to me? I've only just found these pages and I can't make head nor tail of it.

Esther from Netherlands

Oh Fayden, it's so sad that you've not got pleasure from the fank, as it has brought joy to an awful lot of people.Admittedly there has been some confusion about the actual location, but the event has brought fun to the Scottish islands. In fact spontaneous subsidiary fank events seem to have taken place in various placess and April 1 Fank events could become a traditional part of the islands' calendars in years to come. If you want to make the most of the rest of your stay, Arnish Lighthouse's blogs are a mine of local information. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. There are a lot of dating websites on the internet where you might find the partner of your dreams.Good luck.

Fank fan from Lewis

Dear Esther It probably requires a long course of medication before we can even begin to explain what's been going on. A Fank is an area set aside with pens and dipping trough where sheep, lambs are wormed separated dipped and sheared. Last December my virtual cousin Donald and myself announced that we were going to hold a dating festival on our village fank site - and it kind of got out of hand from there. Today is the second last day and then we'll see who got paired off, take a hiliday and start planning for Fank 07.

calumannabel from Nes Lewis

Any chance of holding next years love in at that fank in Cuba so Fadyen doesn't have to travel so far?

. from .

I think you'll find that paricular Fank is for extranjeros only. It's a very exclusive resort altogether.

Flying Cat from Orkney Mainland

Too true Flying Cat but don't you think its a prime site for transforming into a Cuban love fank. I am sure the lovely Condi R would do a great job promoting the new love island make-over by publicising the discreet free flights between Lewis and Cuba. Cuba would be great because it escapes the usual moral inhibitions we suffer from - unbounded fun could be had after the makeover and its likely to be much more convenient for Fadyen to visit.

. from .

Cuba? How about Cuba, New Mexico, USA [No kidding!]? I bet I could rustle up some cattle pens. There is an awfully good restaurant nearby - El Bruno's, or we could do barbecue : roadrunners, rattle snakes, coons, tarantula, road kill, you name it, or you could bring your own guga and puffins (I'll provide the muffins). What do you say? Cuba is not far from Albuquerque's International Sunport. With 350 days of sunshine a year, I can almost guarantee good weather for the fank.

mjc from NM,USA

where can i find footage of the muirneag at sea on the day of the storm 11-11-2005, hope u can help good site.

duck dodgers from bragar

MJC - sorry, I made a mistake suggesting Cuba. The problem is we who live in the West of Scotland have bodies and wardrobes which are unsuitable for hot dry places. It is highly probable that my wellies might melt. Perhaps you might furnish us with some information about dress code in this Cuba, New Mexico: do you ware wellies? What colour of oil skins are in this year in New Mexico? Would I have to buy pointed boots with shiny metal trim to pull women in New Mexico? Dispite their looking very impressive I fear they would turn to rust if I were to bring them home - the same is probably true for the boots.

. from .

Wellies? Those fancy transient boots decorated with stars that they wear in the Shetlands? Nah, bring money and acquire your (real leather) boots here [compared to the UK, and at current exchange rate, you will feel everything is 50% to 75% off every day]. Oil skins? Oiled skins are more likely here. Pointed boots with shiny metal trim etc etc? Nah, we are more into electric cattle prods and branding iron [kidding. Our women are tough and don't put up with nonsense!! It's their way or the highway (Highway 66 as likely as not)]. So, come on over: you could have Rocky Mountain oysters as appetizers the first day of the Fank. As our Governor would say: Come on over y'all (but please forget the guga).

mjc from NM,USA

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