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16 October 2014

Arnish Lighthouse

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On Strike

Like in much of the rest of the country, council workers are on strike today. The library is shut, there are no buses to Point, neither to Tolsta. Both routes are provided by the Comhairle [Comhairle nan Eilean Siar = Western Isles Council for non-locals], and therefore subject to the strike. Refuse collection is also disrupted, but one of the local restaurants resolutely put its bins out last night. I won't name names. The Town Hall is also closed, which forced the Stornoway Trust to relocate its polling station to its own Estate Office in Percival Square.

Today is the day trustees are elected to the Stornoway Trust. This body was set up in 1923 to manage the Stornoway Estate. After Lord Leverhulme decided to part with Lewis and Harris, he offered the lands to its people as a gift. Only those in Stornoway decided to take him up on the offer. The people in the parishes of Barvas, Uig and Lochs by all accounts did not trust his motives, so got landed with absentee landlords, which was worse than Leverhulme. At least he had ideas to enhance the island's economy. The people living on the estate elect their trustees by secret ballot.
The Stornoway Trust estate stretches from Arnish in the south to Tolsta in the north, a distance of 15 miles. It also reaches from Tiumpan Head in Point [the Eye Peninsula] in the east to the moors in the centre of the island where nobody lives permanently.

The Stornoway Trust is currently involved with the first stirrings of windfarms in Lewis. They are involved with leasing land to windpower developers. A site near Arnish has been earmarked, and there was talk of a windfarm along the Pentland Road, which stretches from Stornoway to Breasclete near Callanish. The pre-requisite for any major developments in terms of windpower, the electricity transmission line from Ullapool to Beauly, and on to Denny (near Stirling) is very controversial. If that is not in place, then there is no point having a windpower development. The current electricity link (through Skye) has got nowhere near sufficient capacity to take all the power to the Central Belt.
Posted on Arnish Lighthouse at 12:38


I hope the windfarms go ahead, for the youth of tomorrow, for the local economy, for the environment. It's always someones backyard, why not ours?

Colin Mac from Lewis

Colin Mac. Naive. There will be few local jobs connected to the windfarms. Your backyard will become an industrial park, so won't move here, or will move away. Decline of North and West Lewis. Instead, they could be investing in research and tests in bio technology, wave technology, tidal power, offshore wind technology, geothermal power, solar power. Combine with more efficient power use, and mandatory insulation of homes. The "power gap" is solved, and people can be employed by these alternative sources.

Watching the decline from Lewis

So why did the gaels look a gift horse in the mouth?

hrossey from Mainland Orkney

Talking of buses to Point... what's happened to Isles Parliament, the satirical blogger? Has (s)he gone on strike as well? Should we send out a search party for the disappearing blog? Will the tourist signs return? Was IP a figment of my overactive imagination? We should be told.

Annie B from the usual

As a general supporter of wind power, I have to say that these massive stations are designed to get people against wind power. We all could produce enough energy to power our own little houses. But why such big power lines, the wind farm won't produce as much power as conventionals, and they don't need super dooper pylons. Surely its just a smokescreen to further development in the inverness area, as I presume they are needed to carry electricity the other way..

Nuclear power station in the cotswolds from windy miller

Why does someone called Denny need all this electricity?

Donald's Mum from Ness Lewis

I think I said it all in my arrival photo regard wind energy.

GrannyE. DBE.RM from Auchenshuggle off the shoulder of Lewis

i like this site

drew peakock from 30 Anderson Drive

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