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16 October 2014

Air chall

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Sin sin, ma tha!

Well, cha robh mi fada leis a' cho-dhùnadh a bha siud! Tha mi dol a dh'Inbhir Nis a-màireach, gus cèilidh air na lovely caraidean agam a siud.

Yay! Mach às an eilean son treiseag :) Beagan fois den t-sìth.

Is sin a h-uile rud a th' agam dhuibh -- duilich, tha mi air a bhith anabarrach trang le clasaichean, ach 's cinnteach nach eil ùidh aig duine an sin. Chan eil ùidh fiù 's agamsa. (Chan eil sin buileach fìor, tha ùidh agam ann an cha mhòr gach modal a tha mi a' dèanamh, ach a Dhia, carson a tha mi a' dèanamh 6 dhiubh?)

Right, over and out. Chì mi sibh!
Posted on Air chall at 18:32


Hi Air Chall, what's your view on the whole Sleat school debate? As a non-speaker but a supporter of our indigenous language I have to say I am in support of gaelic-only schools to help support the gaelic revival.

Davey from Stirling

Hi, there! Prepare yourself for an earful -- as it happens, I've got very strong feelings about this particular issue. Honestly, I have to say that I don't really understand the debate. Bringing up children bilingually -- which, with a minority language like Gaelic, can ONLY be accomplished through education through the medium of Gaelic (when there's no or little Gaelic in the household, at any rate) -- can only do good for children, and give them opportunities they wouldn't otherwise have had. The people here are on about choice being taken from them, but who would choose to send their child away to an inferior school where they wouldn't get the advantages that the school next door would provide them? Gaelic-medium education provides children with cultural and occupational opportunities (granted some might not take them, but at least the choice is there), and doesn't take anything away from them (they will certainly be just as fluent in English as they are in Gaelic!). An all-Gaelic school here would also strengthen the already growing Gaelic community on Sleat, as it is literally right next door to Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, the Gaelic college (home sweet home) - there, the children would be able to interact with people to whom Gaelic was an integral and vitally important part of everyday life, which is unfortunately quite a rare opportunity in the world these days! I think that a school like this provides an opportunity not to be missed, for the children of Sleat, for Gaelic, and for Scotland as a whole. So to make a long story longer, yes, I am in complete support of the all-Gaelic-medium primary school, and if letters to the Council do any good, mine will be in the pile that'll see this happen!

Me from Aren't you glad you asked?

de tha thu a' ciallachadh leis an abairt "inferior school"? nam b'urrainn dhut mineachadh a chuir air bhithinn nad chomain.

googoo from sleite

Tha mi duilich, 's e droch abairt a bha siud - 's e na bha mi a' ciallachadh ach gu bheil sgoiltean dà-chànanach a' toirt chothroman is foghlam (a' gabhail a-steach a h-uile rud a dh'ionnsaicheas tu, is chan e san t-seòmar-theagaisg a-mhàin) nas fheàrr dha na h-oileanaich. Chan eil mi ag ràdh gu bheil sian ceàrr le sgoiltean aon-chànanach (chaidh mi fhìn gu sgoiltean aon-chànanach fad mo bheatha!), ach chanainn gun teagamh gu bheil buannachdan sònraichte aig sgoiltean dà-chànanach dha nach urrainn a bhith aig sgoiltean aon-chànanach.

mise from an t-eilean

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