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17 October 2014

Student days

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Skye posting - fallen off the radar!!

Sin sin...Skye posting has fallen off the Island Blogging radar. What a sad story that is. Well I suppose there is an explation - given that a lot of us bloggers are SMO students looks like we hit students busy time - exams!!!
Well thats my excuse and I'm stickin to it. All well here on the island as far as SMO goes. I just bumbed into Broadford Fire Brigade doing their checks on hte building so I hope we will all sleep safely tonight.
Weathers not been up to much so I can't really give you an update on that...I'm no weather expert anyway so I'd only be talking sh#**!!!

Just a little picture to add colour to this amazingly interesting post!! This is me and a few old college friends at the new year. It's two years since we seen each other and I hope its not going to be another two.
Uill sin e
Posted on Student days at 20:48

Halo bho Inbhir Nis...a-rithist

Uill, seo mise ann an Inbhir Nis agus tha e a' còrdadh rium gu mòr an-drasda. Fhuair mi latha dheth nuair a bha an t-sìde dona ach a-nis tha mi air ais anns an oifis.
Tha mi an-dòchas gum bi mi a' tilleadh dhan Eilean Sgitheanach airson obair a dhèanamh aig an deireadh seachdain ach leis an t-sìde mar seo, chan eil mi cho cinnteach. Chì mi a-màireach ma tha, cho dona 's a bhios an t-sìde.
Chan eil mòran naidheachd agam, tha mi trang le obair agus chan eil mi a' tuigsinn a h-uile facal fhathast!!!
Cuiridh mi suas dealbhan a thog mi nuair a tha mi air ais aig an t-Sabhal Mhòr! Feumaidh mi falbh...tha mi a' dol dhan bùth a-nis.

For those of ye's without Gàidhlig...who I know follow my blogging so carefully (Jane, Nora?) How are ye's doing? I'm trying to keep the blogging to Gàidhlig at the moment cause its helping my writing...and speaking!! Things are good though, I'm in Inverness and we're having lovely snowy weather. I've photies which I'll post here when I get back to college.
miss yes

Posted on Student days at 15:31


Uill, uill a h-uile duine,
Tha mi duilich cha robh mi ann o chionn fada. Tha mi air a bhith trang le obair agus a-nis tha mi ann an Inbhir Nis airson tri seachdain.
Tha deagh naidheachd agam...tha 'Anna' ag obair a-rithist agus tha mi cho toilichte. Tha proiseact aig Magaidh 's mise an-drasta cuideachd, tha sinn ag iarraidh buidhean Gaidhlig neach-labhairt a thoiseach ann an UHI.
Chan eil guth ri radh ach feumaidh mi falbh air sgath gu bheil mi trang!!!
Posted on Student days at 10:42

Anna Bochd!!

Its a sad tale but Anna, (the car) has broken down! She went into the garage today after over heating on my way home from work and the diagnoses is the head gasket is blown.
Not good news!! The poor car got stripped (of her engine) and its on its way Inverness for repair. Now I'm carless and pennyless so its time to go to the pub for a pint to drown all my sorrows and wake up tomorrow with a sore head!!
Its been a gorgeous day here on Skye...
Posted on Student days at 16:54

anna - an car agam

"Seo 'anna', an car agam. Anna is mentioned in previous posts as she is my first car. Bloggers here are uploading beautiful scenic photos. I just thought I'd share with you my car and a dog. Enjoy!!!" >

Posted on Student days at 20:18


At last I
Posted on Student days at 13:50

its been a while...

well, I'm back on Skye after three weeks break over Christmas. I went home to Ireland for a week with the family. It was lovely and quiet, with lots of food and drink. The best type Christmas, in my opinion.
Santa was good to me; under the tree I found a digital camera, so once I get the hang of it I will be adding pictures galore on this blog. Hogmanay was spent in Edinburgh with lots of friends and booze fuelled antics. It was brilliant to be on Princes St. with the fireworks and lots of people. Definitely a good start to 2006.
Bliadhna mhath ur dhaibhse
Posted on Student days at 21:14

my first picture

Thanks to my friend Sine at college, I've just added my first picture. Sine took this photo of sunrise one day and I think it is absolutely stunning. Sometimes while living up here, I forget to look out and apreciate the beauty of the place around me. Well this picture captures one element of it.
Unfortunately today looks nothing like that...its blowing a gale and raining heavily!! I'm really excited at the moment cause its nearly Christmas and I love this time of year. I'm heading home to Ireland soon and I'm looking forward to sitting in front of the fire, playing with the dog and seeing all my friends.
thats enough waffling from me now.
Posted on Student days at 13:45

important business

well, being the constant traveller that I am...I'm leaving the island again this weekend. I've got "important business" to attend to in Dun Eideann (Edinburgh). I'm off to buy my first own set of wheels. After months of relying on others for lifts I've given in and decided its high time I put myself into debt and join the masses by getting a car.
Its not a big car...just an Audi TT convertable, sports runner...only kidding, its a wee Punto. I'm looking forward to being able to go visit friends who don't live on campus and being able to get to the shops, bank or post office when I want to.
Its a scary experience sorting out the tax disc, the insurance policy (my first in my name) and keeping the bank manager happy.
I'm excited though..I'l be driving back on sunday or monday on my own.
Should be fun.
Posted on Student days at 08:51


Tha e fuar an diugh agus nuair a dhuisg mi anns a maidinn bha an sneachd ann. The snow didn't last long but it has been a really bright and cold day. I've spent the weekend entertaining friends who came up to visit and it has been great fun but hard to get motivated back into study though!!!
On saturday night there was the TMSA Young trad tour which was amazing. Two of my friends from college were performing and it was just brilliant. The party went on right through til the early hours of the morning on sunday and the craic was mighty.
I am looking forward now to Christmas as I'm going back to Ireland for the hols and it will be great to sit in front of an open fire with the smell of baking in the kitchen....bliss.
Time to go do some Gaidhlig now though.
tioraidh an-drasda
Posted on Student days at 15:57

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