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16 October 2014


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I am SOOO lucky

Yup. Lucky lucky lucky. I was supposed to go away today (back to the other pub). I have been packing for some time. We got the call to say the boat was only coming once today (normally it calls here, goes on to Tiree, calls back here and then goes to Oban. This is especially important in the winter as we only get two boats in the working week and it gives a two hour slot for deliveries/workmen (we have Coll International as well now). One call makes loading the boat tricky logistically). Anyhow, today was going to be a one boat day.

We are there at nine. There is a lot of wind. The tide is high (Blondie). Actually the tide is very high, water is crashing over the pier where the pier ratings stand to catch the ropes from the boat. I wonder (very quietly to myself) how much I would want to be paid to do that today. A very few hardy souls are optimistically hoping the boat gets in. A few half-hopes it won't and the rest are just down to see the fun. The boat appears out of the murk a long way out and very slowly sails past the pier, it slowly turns round, creeping closer. The waves crash over the pier again and the boat zooms past the pier back to Oban with the wind behind it. And very wise too, some days are just too dangerous. We rush into the office to re-book for Saturday before Tiree finds out and fills the boat up first (passengers originally booked for Saturday get priority).

I have an unexpected free day. I ring the pub and explain, I feel guilty, it should be John's day off. The phone rings, it is the pier. There is a extra boat on Friday, would I like to transfer my booking. Yes please, thank you very much. The boat will be in at nine, I need to be there at 8-30. I smell a rat. The boat will go on to Tiree. And then Barra!! It gets to Oban at 8-40pm. Eleven hours 40 minutes on a Calmac ferry. Nothing to do but eat Calmac breakfast, Calmac lunch, Calmac supper and feel sea sick. I have never been to Barra, although sometimes I can see it on the horizon. If I am lucky I might have to drive off and back on again, I could stand on Barra soil. I could even order a curry as a change to all the Calmac food. I have decided. I am going to Barra. I am SOOO lucky.

Weather permitting.
Posted on NiconColl at 21:31

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