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16 October 2014


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winters here

The solstice is past and I've declared it winter. Aside from the increasingly dark nights, our infestation of daddy long legs and the howling gales outside - the main indicators are the return of my vests (which tuck into the pants - no thongs here!) and polo necks. Brrrr - it was only a few weeks ago that we were swimming in the sea...Its scary how quickly the seasons can change.
The last glut of tourists (all 5 of them) have hit the island with the advent of the Glasgow bank holiday weekend.
Soon the ferry will be on the winter timetable and then its back to sleepy sunday afternoons.
How do other islanders cope with the long winter nights? Inspiration needed!
Yours thinking of hibernation....
Posted on buttondiva at 19:32


We seem to deal with it by having lots of parties and all the clubs start in the winter. Monday night is Yoga then pool practice, Tuesday night - legs bums & tums, Wed - Life drawing workshop, Thurs - Pool league then Quiz, Fri - Swim & sauna, Sat - Pub Quiz, Sun - Film club. The weekends seem to be filled with diving lessons, walking etc. Throw in comittee meetings for Viking Trust, Corrie Capers, Access Trust, Roots of Arran etc. and attend / organise Halloween Party, End of season beach BBQ and Hogmany, not to mention private parties and the time seems to fly by! Are you coming to the Halloween party on 12th November?

Sunny from Arran

Good grief you people out there seem to have it all under control for sure. SO many activities for your new season. , it sounds like you live in California with so many wonderful activities in your wonderful islands way up there in the north Winter for us [ California ] comes on Dec 23rd. and then in two days after that the days start getting longer. SO I guess you can say we have winter only 2 days. [ that's long enough for me]. Although we do get a rainy season., and then I will be indoors for the next month., We don’t get snow but it does get chilly here on the coast. Here it is already October, and there is only about a month of beach weather left, as the days get shorter. Short lived is spring in the life of the world , enjoy the brave spectacle while it lasts. . And you seem to be doing it quite well on the other side of the world also. thanks for sharing

lawrence from california


thijs de schoenmacker from belgium

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