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16 October 2014


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Live and almost 8

Saturday night on Gigha and ensconced in front of Live 8 with a wee swally of vino blanco. The last time round I wasnt legal and the event had more edge - or perhaps I am getting old?? Didn't the acts spend longer performing. Queen were on for ages yet these young ones pop off after 2 songs or so. Is it going to make any difference? Who knows, but its given us all something to watch on the telly on a Saturday (beats the lottery show hands down - but did I win the bonus ball this week??).
The bonus ball competition run by the shop (in aid of the Trust) is the closest Gigha gets to legalised gambling - we have considered setting up a bingo hall in front of Coel Mara (serve folks right for complaining about housing going up...) but probably wouldnt get planning permission!
First blog from Gigha and cannae compete with Rhonie Rho - but who can (more power to yer elbow lass...)
Over, out and beyond hope...
Button Diva
Posted on buttondiva at 21:02


Alrighty Button lol no idea who you are, but isn't this blogging thing fab?! Saturday night in the pub with Live 8 was good wasn't it? All evening loadsa folk were saying "Ohh Paul McCartney was amazing!" and I'm like "Yuh right, FFS! look at his hair!" etc etc then he played old Beatles stuff at the end like 'Helter Skelter' and yup, gotta hand it to the guy, he had the crowd in the palm of his hand. The Kaiser Chiefs and Green Day were as close to anything I'd like on the day (but i'm a fussy wee so and so!) as for the rest of those young whipper-snappers...yeah like you said they're gone in 2 minutes! Live Aid v Live might be right about there being more edge first time..I guess it's for slightly different reasons this time...larger scale, more future orientated. with Live Aid it was blindingly obvious what was going on and the sense of urgency was there for all to see, and we all could do something immediately, this's very political and it may be difficult for a lot of people to see how their participation could change things. Who knows! I really hope that this mass awareness and in turn mass consciousness does affect things for the better, it just takes one thought followed by one positive action to get the ball rolling, so fingers crossed eh? A Gigha gambling emporium...aye lets propose to build a Caesars Palace up the road LOL! Mind you wi my addictive personality it might spell trouble! Are you sure it's my elbows that need added power?! lol Power to your elbow and more Button!

Rhoney-rho from Scaramanga's Secret Hideout on Gigha

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