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16 October 2014

Sunny - August 2005

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Too busy having fun to Blog

Sorry been too busy enjoying myself to get round to blogging. Thanks for all the responses. As Angus said, The Shiskine Sheep Stakes were hysterical; it was a great day and a brilliant party that night

. About The Arran Art Trail, I've made some amendments and sent copies out to everyone mentioned. Thanks for the comments about Marvins' seal, it is wood, I got confused while trying to type. As for the people who were missed out, I did put a letter in the banner & they didn't respond, however I've sent a copy to everyone listed in the Index so if they respond this time they will be included before I publish.

Thanks also for the comments regarding removing ticks; I've found covering myself in formula puts them off. The Ranger Service guide lines is to wear long trousers sealed with gaffer tape, strip outside, shake all your clothes out then put them in the tumble dryer which will kill them and to keep any you remove in a jar in the fridge so you can give them to your doctor if you get any of the symptoms.... This is obviously far too much trouble, so will stick to midge formula. Might try the tea tree oil although that might have the same effect as Vaseline.

I haven't looked at the blogs for a couple of weeks as things a very busy here! We've started rowing practice in The Viking Longship again, Tuesday nights; times vary with the tide, everyone welcome. You have to join to come out but it's only £15 for the first year then £10 a year after that and it's well worth it, I think we're charging £5 for visitors. We took The Longship out for the first time last Tuesday night. It was a glorious sunny evening. The girls had spent the last week filling the bottom of the boat with rocks for ballast for the new sail. After a week of hard labour however, the boys came along and pointed out that the boat had to sit about 20" further down in the water and despite being full of rocks it had only dropped 1/2"... So we had to row out into the Clyde, lift the decks and throw all the rocks out... Well it was a nice night for it! Don't know what the people on Bute thought though, all they would've seen is a Viking Longship pull up and start lobbing rocks at them.

It's been decided that lead ingots are the answer to the ballast problem. Alan is making them and apparently we've got about 50 so far, we need 105 so if you have any scrap lead please send it along. The plan is to use sand until we have enough lead but it would be great to have the boat properly ballasted before the invasion of Largs in September.

Friday night was the opening for Arran Visual Arts Exhibition at Lochranza Hall. It's well worth a visit with an eclectic range of arts and crafts by many of the islands' most talented artists

Whiting Bay had their Gala Day on Saturday and I was up to my eyes at work as we had a wee party for our first year in business.

Sunday was an incredibly warm clear day so Julie & I decided to walk from her house to mine via Goat Fell. We left Julies house in Corrie about 1.30pm and headed up the mountain. The theory was that although the Corrie side is much steeper it's shorter so we would get up quicker then we would descend down the Brodick side, as it's less steep but further so should take 2 hours up and 2 hours down. It actually took 3 hours to get up, then we had what was left of the lunch we had been stopping to scoff all the way up. Had a chat with friends who arrived shortly after us, they had been dropped off on the String that morning and had walked/climbed along the ridge of A'Chir, The Castles, Cir Mhor and over The Saddle to come up and over North Goat Fell to get to the peak, they made us look like a pair of utter wooses as they ran past us on the way down. We still took 2 hours to get down to my house. From the top we could see right into Belfast Loch and all the way to Mull! We waved to everyone on the surrounding islands, honest. We took lots of photos (actually remembered to take my camera for once!) so will be painting lots of views from the top of Goat Fell this autumn. We met another couple of blokes who were running down and stopped for a chat, they were on their holidays. I don't get the whole running about mountains thing; surely you miss all the good bits like the eagles, deer, snakes etc? We got to my house and lay about for a bit recovering then decided to go to the Sannox Beach Party which appears to have become a weekly occurrence, and had a great night.

Apart from that I've been busy with different committees, especially Corrie Capers & the Viking Longship Committees as The Capers start on Sunday! I'm running the Craft and Sand Sculpture Beach BBQ on Tuesday afternoon followed by The Viking Speed Dating and Cocktail Party on Tuesday night. Seemed like a good idea at the time... I should have the full Corrie Capers Schedule later today so will post it as soon as I've got it. It's going to be a really good week. Anyone who wants to enter teams for the cricket or Longship Races need to let us know ASAP.

The Brodick Highland Games are on Saturday followed by the Mountain Rescue Dance in Brodick Hall so this weekend is packed. I was going to try to nip over to Pittenweem for the start of their Arts Festival but I don't want to miss the games and dance here. So much to do & never enough time!

Anyone coming for Corrie Capers etc?

Posted on Sunny at 17:32

Corrie Capers Viking Festival


Viking Longship

7th August - Sunday 14th August. A Wild week long festival of family fun and celebration of our Viking legacy that has been setting The Isle of Arran on fire for decades. Eagerly anticipated every year by locals and visitors alike, this year we have really pushed the long boat out with a myriad of day-time activities and evening frolics for all ages. Take part in Songs of Praise, The inter Pub Quiz, Guided Walk, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Creative Beach BBQ, Corrie Cocktail & Speed Dating Party, bid for a bargain at The Grand Auction, compete in The Open Golf Competition, Cricket Matches or Bunkhouse Race, chill out at The Summer Fete, relax in a candle light cafe atmosphere and enjoy recitations and popular light music at the Stanza or cover yourself in woad and show us what you're made of at The Viking Games, Parade to Sannox and Viking Boat Burning and go crazy at Up-Hellia with The News Band and Ice & Fire! All proceeds go to the up keep of Corrie & Sannox Ports and the Viking Longship.

There's so much to choose from you might not know where to start! So here's the run down on this years' Capers, can't wait to see you!

Corrie Capers 2005

Sunday 7th August

Songs of Praise - Corrie Church 6.30pm Peter Wilson (Tenor) and friends sing melodies from Opera & Song.

Inter Pub Quiz Corrie Hotel & Sannox Bay Hotel 10pm sharp. Come along and help answer the questions.

Monday 8th August

Broadway Comes to Arran - Corrie Hall 7 for 7.30pm. BYOB £9. Featuring Peter Alexander Wilson (Tenor), Lynda Yates (Soprano), Susan Boyd (Mezzo Soprano), David Butt Phillips, Michael Bennet on Trumpet and accompanist Gordon Cree.

Tuesday 9th August

Creative Beach Afternoon – The Sandstone Quay Corrie or Corrie Hall if Wet 1pm-4pm £2.50 each. Learn how to make a variety of cards, Poster Design Competition, Sand Sculpture Competition, Decorate A Viking Shield. With Susan from The Arran Art Store, Marie Card Maker and Jan Local Artist. BBQ & Creative fun for All The Family. An adult must accompany children.

Cocktail Night & Speed Dating – Corrie Hotel 7.30 for 8pm Free Entry. Come and try our Special Capers Cocktails and Viking Canapés, also for those who wish Speed Dating in the lounge, 3min sessions all results confidential. A chance to Glam up (put sequins on your wellies).

Wednesday 10th August

Childrens Treasure Hunt – Corrie Hotel Beer Garden 10.30am. Under 12’s accompanied by an adult.

Corrie Capers Auction – Corrie Hall 6.30 for 7.30 start

Thursday 11th August

Golf Competition – Corrie Golf Course, 2pm-4pm £3. One club & putter competition everybody welcome.

Peggy Bulleys’ Sunshine Fete – 2pm at The Hermitage opposite Golf Course Road. Teas, Treasure Hunt, Coconut Shy and much more in a beautiful garden.

Cricket 6 A Side Tournament – Sannox Pitch 6.30pm. Licensed Bar, BBQ, Music, Kids Kwick Cricket, Beat The Bat. To Enter a Team phone Eric on 303 810

Beach Race – Register at the cricket pitch 6.30.Friday 12th AugustRangers Walk – From Corrie Hall 10.30am. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Walking shoes recommended.

Childrens Activities N.A.C Play Leaders – Corrie Hall Pre 5 11pm-1pm 5-12Yrs 2pm-4pm

Clay Pigeon Shooting – Sand Stone Quay 5pm. Tel Rab on 810 217 for more info, all ages welcome.

Stanza – Corrie Hall 7 for 7.30pm start BYOB £9. Actor Crawford Logan, Pianist Stuart Henderson, Soprano Lynda Yates, Tenor Peter Alexander Wilson. Popular light music and recitations in a candle lit café atmosphere.

Saturday 13th August

Viking Games – Corrie Hotel Beer Garden 1.30pm. Adults to take part contact Neil 810 273. Children turn up on the day. Skull Throwing, Shield Holding, Long Ship Pulling etc. Come and watch the fun.

!/2 Hour Power Boat Trips – 2pm-4pm

Bunkhouse Race – Register Corrie Hotel 3pm start 3.30pm.


Face Painting Corrie Hall 7.30pm

Parade to Sannox Beach – From Corrie Hall 8.30pm

Viking Boat Burning, Viking Battle, Bonfire, Fireworks & BBQ

The News Band and Ice & Fire – Corrie Hall 10.30pm-1am £5.
Rock n Roll Dance, Licensed Bar.

Sunday 14th August

Viking Longship Race - £30 for a team of 10 people 1.30pm for 2pm Start.
Register with Neil 810 273 or just come along.

Posted on Sunny at 15:34

Corrie Capers Speed Dating Extravaganza!

Can You Pull A Fast One?
Corrie Capers are please to announce
Capers Cocktail Party with Viking Canapés
And optional Speed Dating!
Tuesday 9th August 7.30 for 8pm
Corrie Hotel
All Results Completely Confidential
Don’t forget to Dress Up
(Stick sequins in your wellies)

Come & Have Some Fun, You Might Just Meet That Special Someone!

Posted on Sunny at 21:55

Embarrasing moment on the ferry!

I mortified myself on the ferry this afternoon. Julie and I had been up to Pittenweem for the Arts Festival and were on the ferry back this afternoon. We wandered into the bar, joined Martin and had a nice chat. During the conversation Martion said," Have you heard that Robin Cook has died?" I got a terrible shock. Robin Cook from Kildonan is an old family friend. I was thinking of his wife & children and the tears started welling. I asked what had happened and Martin apologised as he hadn't realised I knew Robin. He told me that he had collapsed while out hill walking and asked if I wanted to see the paper. I was thinking how I was going to tell my mum, I took the paper to look for the funeral announcement and Martin said,"It's on the front page." This suprised me as although Robin is well known I wouldn't have thought The Herald would put his demise on the front page. I looked down and there was a photo of The Politician Robin Cook. I burst out laughing and Julie and Martin looked at me as if I'd gone barking mad. So not only did I burst into tears in public but I did it by mistake! Boy do I feel daft!
Posted on Sunny at 22:08

More on Bad Drivers!

Here's my bad driver rant. I came back to my car last week to find it blocked in by a blue car that was double parked so there was no way I could get out. There was a lady sitting in the passenger seat so I asked her if she would move it. She said," Oh no dear I'm a cripple you know."......PARDON? I asked where the driver was and she said he was away to do their shopping. I explained that I was in a hurry and needed to go now. She said I'd been there for ages."...... SO? There' is no time restrictions on parking in Brodick, I was in a proper space and had been there for less than ten minutes. What did how long I'd been there got anything to do with their illegal parking. I asked where he was so I could get him to move the car and she got really stroppy so i went into all the shops till I found him and asked him to come and move his car. He said, "oh no, I'm going in the other direction." WHAT? I told him to move his car or I'd have it lifted. He said, "No, there's a cripple in the car you know." EH? I told him I didn't give a b*gger he was moving it now. He said,"You need to relax, you're on holiday." I wanted to punch him, hard. I explained that I wasn't on holiday and I was now very late for work. He eventually moved his powder blue cripple mobile with very bad grace and his cripple started shouting at me. What amazed me is he reversed to let me out then got out and left his car still double parked when he could easily have pulled into my space! Git! Aaaargh!
Posted on Sunny at 22:47

To Scottish Soldier

Hi Scottish Soldier, can you send that pdf on removing ticks to please?
Posted on Sunny at 22:58

How do we see blogs from the other islands?

Hi Mike, How do we see other blogs from the islands up north, is there a handy link I'm missing? If there isn't may we have one? Cheers!
Posted on Sunny at 23:05

I'm going to Ghia!

It's time for an adventure so Wendy & I have decided to go to Ghia for a few days, we're leaving on the Lochranza - Clonaig ferry this afternoon, might have to stay on Mull of Kintyre if we miss the last ferry. If anyone can give us any good info of where to camp or fancy a pint gimme a ring on 07789 035 351.

Will post photo of Corrie Capers when I work out how to download them. X
Posted on Sunny at 13:59

Back from Gigha It's Great!

Mike you should know by now I can't spell! Hi Button Diva! I was the maiden in the maiden carrying competition and I was shooting at the clay pigeon shooting, I won the ladies competition, I worked out that it helps if you keep one of your eyes open, top tip for next year! I was rowing in the longship too, and in the ladies cricket team and oh lots of other stuff! The Strongman competition isn't exclusive at all, anyone can join in you just have to be there at the start and preferably register at the hotel in advance. There is a letter in the local paper telling people how to register teams for the cricket and longship races and for the strongman competition etc. one of the competitiors was on a stag weekend the rest of the boys were local. I'll post info for registration here for next year. Let me know next time you're over and maybe we can meet up?

Gigha was fantastic! We met lots of lovely people and went on a pub crawl, got invited to a hen night and played poker! We also did proper touristy things. It's been lovely here too so it must've been somone else the rain was following. What a stunning island and great people, cheers! X

Will post full capers story when I work out how to get the pictures out of my camera and onto here, it was a fantastic week.
Posted on Sunny at 17:23

Roll on September!

Anyone else looking forward to the winter? The island is mobbed, there are massive queue's in supermarket, I have to book to get on the ferry and my house has become a free holiday home for my entire family!!!! I've had visitors consecutively for the last three months. Last Saturday the last of visitors had gone home and I had a lovely night in on my own planned. Just me, a good book and chocolate, no people, no alcahol, just peace & quiet, perfect! Then the phone rang and like a fool I answered it. My brother had a bit of an emergency. He lives in England now and has a time share at Aberfoyle. He and his wife and youngest daughter and their friends and their two daughters had driven all the way up to Aberfoyle but Sandy had forgotten that every five years the week changes so they had arrived on the wrong week..... You can see where this is going..... So I got an hour and a half notice of seven visitors arriving for a week.

Luckily I had stripped all the beds so there was plenty of clean laundry but they drink like fish and they party every night! Don't get me wrong I love a good party but after an entire summer of it my liver really hates me now as it is! They have been here three days and I'm shattered! This is a good thing though. Apart from the fact that I get to see my niece for a week I am already appreciating my single life again. Watching the married people bicker and seeing how much work children are makes me very very happy not to be lumbered! It's lovely to see them all but roll on September, I'm looking forward to getting my life back!
Posted on Sunny at 14:22

Battle of Largs

We are rowing the viking longship to Largs for Largs Up-Hellia on Saturday 3rd September, might have to go a day or two before depending on weather can everyone who wants to go let us know asap?
Posted on Sunny at 15:41

Arran Invades Largs Viking Festival


Arran Vikings will be invading Largs to reinact the battle of Largs this Saturday coming. The torch light parade starts about 6pm. We will be rowing our Longship along with many others from as far away as Ireland onto the beach at about 7.30 pm. Followed by the battle, boat burning, fireworks general carousing and a massive party! The festival is running all this week with everything from The Viking Village showing Viking Life to a Tornadoes display team! There are arts, crafts, food, culture and lots to do for everyone. For more info see

We need to knock together some costumes by Friday (nothing like leaving it to the last minute) any ideas please comment asap. X
Posted on Sunny at 13:01

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